Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Just a little snow

My Mom always wants pictures and well I'm not very good at getting them to her, so thought I'd blog some pictures for her. Here in Tennessee we had an ice storm.  The whole state seemed to shut down. Schools and businesses were closed for over a week. From what I understand some schools are shortening their spring breaks because they were out too long.  I guess that is the good thing about homeschooling.  We had a few days off but we were still able to have school at home. We are actually supposed to have freezing rain again tomorrow. Yuck!!!

Anyway, we had a day where we got a couple inches of snow.  On that day, Ashley, Mason and I went outside and made snowmen.

 This one is my snowman.

 Naughty Mason!

 But of course Mason has to sing! He sings almost ALL THE TIME!

Poor Ashley's snowman fell.  So she helped decorate Mason's

 And here is a rare moment when all three kids in the same vicinity.  It's not uncommon though to see Mason and Aussie rolling all over each other.
In other news, my cat apparently opened up a Facebook account.  She is very punny!
 The next three pictures is of my amazing find!  I have wanted to get this retro diner for Ashley since before Thanksgiving. It is very hard to find!  Some people are selling this $110 toy for $200-$300 on Ebay. So Friday we were rushing through Target before school and I spotted it.  Ashley was with me. I wish it could have been a surprise but there was no way I was leaving it until I didn't have her with me.  I grabbed it.  The price under it said $64.99 which was actually for something else. So when I got to the register and it rung up for $110 I asked them to check the price.  They had to honor the $64.99 price!!! WooooooHoooo! I did a happy dance right there at the register! The clerk got tickled at me! So Ashley used some of her money and the rest will go towards her Easter present.  I let her have it early and viola here it is:

She is tickled about it!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December weekly catch up again!

Today was full of crafting.  I went to Doris' house and left the kids with Greg so I could work on Christmas presents. I found a Groupon for an arcade.  So he took the kids there today. My main project today was to turn this old trunk
into a Minecraft chest for Mason.

I also started making some cat toys but had to finish them up at home because I didn't have any fabric glue with me. But because I had to finish them up at home, my cats were going crazy.  They knew I was making something for them and they insisted on an early Christmas present.

I'm working backwards, yesterday, 4 of us got haircuts.  You can only really tell that Mason did. The woman who cut our hair may have done a fine job but we will not be returning to her for various reasons.

 I didn't get a picture of Ashley.  Maybe I'll get one tomorrow at church.

On Thursday I took the kids to Sky High during the Homeschool hour (1/2 price).  They had a blast!
The foam pit

They all played dodgeball. Ashley was pretty good at it.  She was always one of the last ones standing.
pretty awesome shot!!!

Wednesday, we mostly hung out at home.  Mason had an orthodontist appointment.
Brotherly love!

Tuesday, Ashley made a hovercraft. This was actually a Christmas present I got Aussie last year that he never put together.  Ashley loves crafty things and this was perfect for her!

And I worked on another piece of art
I also worked on a sewing project. I'm hoping to finish it this week.

Monday Ashley had an audition. She is on the waitlist so we don't know if she will get in or not.

Sunday, Greg took the kids rock climbing and to Jenni's (very expensive) ice cream, while I stayed at church for my sewing class.

And this is Lucky. She is the softest cat! She is a much happier cat since Greg put in the cat door. She and Kiki don't really get along. You would think Kiki is the queen but this one came in and took over.

 Very regal!

Ok...Must....Go...to Bed! I have church and sewing class tomorrow!