Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dyson Vacuum

Check out this contest over at 5 minutes for Mom. They are giving away a Dyson Slim Vacuum. Oh how I would love to have this. I need a vacuum cleaner, mine just doesn't work very well anymore. And I'm sure you've heard all about the buzz on Dyson Vacuums. So I'm entering the contest, because at least this way I have a chance at getting one.

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Honk if you're scrapbooking!

SO... Have you ever scrapbooked while driving?

Well I realized I shouldn't be doing it when I accidently honked at the person in front of me. (Oooooops)

Actually, I was swapping out a picture. I had the layout finished, except one of the pictures that I printed on stinky paper at home got scratched. So I went to Sam's Club and got it developed again. It is such a nicer quality paper than what I have at home. Anyway, at a stop light I decided to put adhesive on the back of my picture and put it on the layout. Yep- I guess I pressed a little too hard on the horn. The guy looked back and I put my hands up in the air and said, "SORRY". Am I a dingbat or what?

Anyway, this layout is my first design team layout. WHAT? Yes, you saw that right. Scrappin' Memories asked me to be on their design team. Is that cool or what? So here it is what do you think? After getting home I realized that in the original 5x7 picture I had cut off a little to the left taking off some of that red and green. I'll probably fix it when I get it back or go to the store next.

And after Dana gets to the store...I'll tell you what they got in. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I thought it was a snake.

So most of you know that I use a C-PAP machine to sleep. I've had it for almost a year and last night was the first night it scared me.

In my sleepy stuper, in the middle of the night, I slightly opened my eyes and thought that there was a SNAKE coming close to my face. I jumped up so fast and knocked my machine off the bed side table on to the floor. If it really was a snake it would have either bit me as soon as I moved or had been stunned and stricken down by this crazy woman's fury trying to get away from it.

Can you see me flailing my arms, gasping for air and fighting a hose attached to a machine?

Greg got up to help me, and all I could say was "Sorry, I thought it was a snake."

Thank goodness the machine still works.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Special Day!

WE are HOME! Yay! We made it home last night after a long day of travelling. The kids really did well. It took us 14 hours to get to Florida and 13 hours to get back.

Well today is a VERY special day!!! Today is Greg and my 13th anniversary. I'm very blessed to have a wonderful husband!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

2 pictures

Here are a couple of Nana's pictures from the Space Center.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Beach and Kennedy Space Center

What lovely weather we are having here!

Yesterday we went to St. Augustine Beach. It was so nice. The kids had such a great time playing in the sand and running away from the water. We will probably go back tomorrow.

Today we went to The Kennedy Space Center. That was really interesting, but I felt like we were rushed through the whole thing. We didn't get to see everything. I would have liked to walk through the space shuttle. But the kids had fun and we even found some plastic planets in the gift shop for Austin to play with. He was going nuts! He did this cute little dance. He has been carrying Saturn around everywhere.

We also went by Aunt Kiki's (Greg's sister) store to see her and where she works. It was nice to get things at half price. I wish I could have gotten Easter presents there, but the end of the month is coming upon us and we are quickly running out of money.

I am so tired and I better get to bed. I hope all is going well with all of you.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Austin's new friend

Austin has found a new friend. This is Stormy. Austin is smitten! The other day I asked him what he was doing and he said he was playing hide and seek with Ashley and Stormy. So he finds Stormy first and then he says, "Come on lets find Ashley." I said, "OK I'm coming" He said, "I was talking to Stormy."

He wants a cat so bad. It almost makes me want to get one, but not quite.

We went to Disney yesterday. It was loads of fun! It was extremely hard at the end of the day when they all fell asleep and we had to hold them and try to get them to the car. Greg held 2 of them and every now and then one would just lean backwards. Some people standing in line with us for the tram would help every now and then. When we got close to the tram and then couldn't get on- another couple said, "Here take our spot." We were so thankful! We lost Austin's shoe along the way. We got the kids in the car and Greg went back to look for it. I flagged down a security person and she went and picked him up and they found the shoe together. We got back to the house at 2:00 AM. AY! AY! AY! I was trying to keep Greg awake by talking to him, but I was falling asleep after each word. He kept slapping himself in the face- he really had me worried, but we got home safely.

Today we went to the St. Augustine beach. OH IT is SO beautiful here! WOW! The kids played in the sand and ran into the cold water and then ran away from it.

Tomorrow we are going to Kennedy Space Center. I've never been there. I am looking forward to it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break

Oh what fun! We are in Florida this week. The drive here was very long, 14 hours, but it wasn't too bad. The kids did amazingly well. Please pray for our safe return.

Tomorrow we are going to Disney World Magic Kingdom for the day. It'll take a little over 2 hours to get there.

Today- Greg took the kids out on a canoe ride in the river behind his parents house. Actually, none of them liked it, but they sure looked cute. Then Greg and his sister took the canoe out further. They saw a great big snake and then they saw 2 dolphins. Neither one of them had a camera on them. At first Greg got a little nervous when he saw the fins -- for a few short moments he thought they were really close to some sharks. YIKES!

Then we took all the cousins to Picture People to get a picture. We got a couple good shots. Then we went to Chuck E Cheese. The kids went wild but had a great time. While my MIL, SIL, all the 7 of the kiddos and me took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, Greg and his Dad went to hear N.T. Wright speak at Flagler College. Greg was so tired when he got back, we barely talked. I did get out of him that today was one of the best days of his life.

I've been taking pictures, but I haven't loaded my pictures to my inlaws computer. I don't know that I will, so I'll put pictures on here when we get back to Nashville.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tennessee Scrapbook Part 1

This is what I have been working on over the last few weeks. It is for a homeschooling project. We were to compile information about TN and whoever got me is compiling stuff about their state. And so I made a scrapbook as my main project. And for the record I am so counting these 20 pages in my scrapbooking goal. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nashville Tour

What a wonderfully busy day we had today! We toured Nashville with the kids.

I am dooing a homeschool project that is really cool. I am putting together a box of TN stuff and sending it to another family and in return I will receive a box from another state. I have SO MUCH stuff to put in this box. I want to put together a little scrapbook of where we went and what we learned to send to the other family, however I printed out 100 little pictures. I'm not so sure I can make it a "little" scrapbook. I'm sure going to try though.
I'm so glad Greg was with us. There would have been no way I could have taken the kids everywhere we did by myself. I might try to post some of the highlights here, but first I need to make my pictures smaller.
DON'T FORGET TO SET BACK YOUR CLOCKS! If you don't you will be late to church.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reading and talking and talking and talking!

Alrighty- Post 4. Just trying to get caught up.

I am SO proud of Austin!

I was making some flash cards for the kids. Mainly for Ashley b/c she has a hard time with rhyming. I want to show her how the rhyming words have the same ending. As I was making them Austin came in the room and started reading all the cards. He read over 200 of them on Thursday night. So I decided to start making the words more difficult. He would get frustrated on some of them and say, don't tell me and he would work them out.

He would sound them out like this: "t...rrr... when 2 vowels go a walkin' the first one does the talkin'...ay...tray"

He even sounded out the words, cheat and wheat and lunch and wish.

I was so excited, I told Austin that I was so proud of him. And he said, "I'm so proud of myself!" How precious is that? I bought him a train tonight, because I thought this was a big deal and deserved a reward!
In the car Mason started irritating Austin by calling him a genius (over and over again). Mason really likes to push his buttons and take it too far. I told Austin that what Mason was saying was a really good and nice thing to say and that he should tell him thank you. He thanked him and Mason continued. So Austin said, "I just don't need to say it anymore."

Today- I couldn't keep up with Austin! He was actually driving me crazy! I know it is a good problem to have, but that much talking was making me insane! He was talking non-stop and asking all kinds of questions that I had no idea about. He found a picture of the solar system and he told Greg and me that it scared him, because he is afraid that the Earth will bump into the sun or that Jupiter will bump into Earth. He wanted me to find a better picture and then he started asking all kinds of questions. I mean questions like why do we only know about these planets? Or Why is Jupiter so big? Does anyone live on these other planets? Why doesn't anyone live on these planets? Can you tell me about what is past Pluto? Can we talk about why these planets are cold? and on and on and on....nonstop.

Hey Gayle---Was Greg like this?

I admit it...I turned on the TV so I could get a break, but I just knew he would be around the corner in no time telling me that it isn't good to watch TV all the time. (He's done that!) He did come around the corner giving me possibly a 7 minute break and started in again. Can we look up trains? Can you believe I finally got a break when I took them to Chuck E Cheese tonight?

Anyway, I'm exausted. I've been getting tired earlier. Obviously- I've stayed up late yet again to write on my blog. Goodnight!

At the Park

After school on Thursday, I met Dana and her boys at a nearby park with a playground. She wanted to get a good picture of her boys, I hope she was able to get it.

Mason wanted to throw rocks into the lake. He is so fascinated with the water. Austin and Ashley on the otherhand really just wanted to play on the playset. We had to take turns b/c the lake and the playset were too far from each other for me to watch both.
Austin and Braxton didn't want to get dirty, so they stayed at the playset, while Mason, Dalton and Ashley made it to the little creek. It was VERY muddy. I'm glad in a way that I had my CROCS on so I could wash them off easily, however when that mud oozed in through the holes and around my toes it was pretty nasty!
Mason and Ashley found sticks and pretended to fish.
And as you can see little Dalton fell in the mud. He actually fell in the mud about 3x! He is such a boy! He is so cute! He enjoyed it, didn't mind being muddy at all.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Hermitage

On Wednesday we went to The Hermitage (Andrew Jackson's home) with my friend Jill and her daughter Izabelle. I had never been there before, I really enjoyed it (Especially the wagon ride). I learned quite a bit. I learned Andrew Jackson was good to his slaves unless they disobeyed and then he was quite strict with them. I learned about his faithful servant, Alfred. What is really neat about him is that he lived on the property and stayed on as a tour guide after the home was made into a "museum". This is where he lived.
We took a wagon ride tour. Austin, Ashley and Izabelle got to sit up front since there was no more room in the wagon. Mason was a little disappointed in having to sit in my lap, but he didn't complain. I learned something very interesting about horses. Did you know they go through cycles like women do? The horses that were pulling us had PMS. I asked if they tend to get PMS at the same time like women living together do. And she said, "yes, plus these two are sisters." Anyway, they were a little grumpy and knocked one of the tour guides down earlier in the day. The owner of the horses was also our tour guide and she kept them in line well.
These are 2 of the slave houses. They had about a 20'x20' room per family dwelling. Many of them had five and sometimes as many as ten children living in that small area.
Then we toured the mansion. It was really incredible seeing everything. But it was hard on the children. (my children that is) They were being so good, but we were told not to touch anything or talk loud. That was quite a task for 3 four year olds. They were happy to get out of the house and I was too. I know that my children made some of the tour guides nervous, even though they were being very well behaved.
Then we walked through the gardens and saw the little graveyard where General Jackson, his wife and family members had been buried. This big gazebo looking grave is where the president and his wife were buried.

The kids were quite hungry and tired, so it was time to take them to eat. They had ran and ran all over the grounds laughing and exploring. As we were leaving, Austin said, "I never want to come back to this place again.".

Look at his face. Does that face look like he didn't enjoy himself? He's doing a little happy dance on the cellar door.

I'm glad we went!

Purity Tour

OH my it's been awhile! And I have lots to say...I will probably break this up into 4 posts.

Monday we took a tour of the Purity Dairy Plant with our local Moms group. I have to say I was slightly disappointed. I thought it would be touring the whole plant and seeing how the machines work, but it wasn't. They said they used to do that, but since 9/11 they had to stop for security purposes. So our tour consisted of going in a room watching a small "funny" movie, opening the curtains to see the workers packaging the ice cream bars and then into another room to eat some free ice cream. The kids asked if they could come back again sometime, so they must have enjoyed it. Check out the boys milking the cow: