Saturday, June 30, 2007

Aussie draws

I am so proud of Aussie. At McDonald's yesterday, he looked at this book and then he drew pictures on a napkin.

This is really the first time he has drawn anything really recognizable and he did such a great job!
I showed Greg and he said, "Did he draw these all by himself?" Yep he sure did!
He is so proud of himself too! It has given him confidence to draw other things.

Check out these drawings:

He first drew the cat. The whiskers are on one side and the tail is at the bottom. The lines on the body are the stripes and spots on the cat. Then he drew the bunny, and then the fish in the water.

Then he drew this reindeer. (The fifth leg is really it's tail)

We are just so proud of him!

I made my goal!

YAY! It went through! I made my goal! WOOOOHOOO!

I had fun scrapbooking tonight. A church by my house is having an overnight crop. I decided to come home and sleep, but I plan to go back tomorrow. It's really strange being the "goto girl" or the "expert". I'm not used it. Most of the girls I hung out with from Scrap It are all REAL EXPERTS!

I wish we could have a Scrap It reunion!

Ok- I need to go to bed. I was so excited last night I couldn't sleep very well. Tonight I hope I can relax and drift off into la la land peacefully.

Hopefully I'll have pictures to show tomorrow.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I can exhale now!

Phew!!! It has been a crazy week. I can finally take a deep breath. I had my first show last night. My friends were very generous to listen to me practice. I definitely need to get better at it, but it was a great show! Doris and I thank you for those of you who ordered under her name.

There were several incentives to sell a certain amount in June and even though I qualified, I was down to the last minute trying to get the order in before 10:00 this morning. I still don't know if it is going to count for June or July. After all that hustle and bustle this morning I sure hope it got in on time. Anyway, my order said finished at 9:58AM and then it said processed at 10:02AM. I guess I'll find out tomorrow--at least I hope so. This means nothing to my customers, their stuff will still come quickly, it was only for me.

This morning we were out of milk and juice. So I got the kids in the car and headed to a small grocery store near by. They were still in their PJs. Milk, Juice and Bacon...that's all we need. Each of them got their own little cart. It was cute! But it would have been cuter if they didn't run and hit me in the back of the ankles with them. And when they are excited they are loud! And when they are already loud and not getting their way they get even louder! No doughnuts! No we don't need lemons! No we don't need those mexican-chinese critter things!

So it is time to go and they get upset because their carts are not full. (eyeroll)

I caved into some cookies, in which Ashley dropped on the floor at the checkout and lost 2 of them. Then we get in the car and had cookies for breakfast. It was just one of those mornings where you just said, fine eat the dang things. So each had a cookie and the rest of the cookies fell out and into the van. (and smooshed)

Then we run home...I do my order downstairs and get them dressed...and off to the bank and then to the dentist. (leaving my cell phone at home) What did we do without cell phones? The boys did great at the dentist. Ashley acted like she had been traumatized! I even got in the dentist chair and had her in my lap and she wouldn't let the woman brush her teeth. So then the kids were playing in the waiting room, while I was setting up their next appointment. Austin did something, Mason started crying. I said something to Austin and he smarted back to me. I grabbed him and took him into the bathroom to have a little chat. What I didn't know was when I grabbed him I poked his eye. He has a little mark under his eye where I made it bleed. I felt/feel horrible! So I took them to McDonald's for lunch!

Have you had one of those days? It was exciting and frustrating all at the same time. I'm so glad to have a few moments to myself. Greg has the kids outside playing. Ahhhhhhhh!
Now I think I'll go scrapbook!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

just a little of nothin'

Wow! I've realized I have been so busy I haven't even taken any pictures. Good grief-What's going on with me? I'm gonna have to get that camera out tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...We are going to see Charlotte's Web at Providence. I'm looking forward to seeing it. comes the rain again. It's rained here everyday for 4 days. We really needed it. But I really don't like thunderstorms, because that means I have to turn off my computer.

I guess I better go c-l-e-a-n. Maybe if I spell it out I won't know what I'm doing. That's what we do with our kids right? They need to go to b-e-d or we will have i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m after dinner.

yeah- I'm still here....I don't think it's working.
hmmmmm....maybe I'll take a little nap on the couch and then get up in 15 minutes and clean.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

business cards

"The new phone books are here...The new phone books are here"

So are any of you Steve Martin fans? That is a quote from one of his famous films, The Jerk. I love that movie! Anyway, that is how I feel today.

"My new business cards are here...My new business cards are here!"

In all my working life I have never had a business card. I am so tickled! Of course I had to edit it to put it on my blog. I'm also creating a nice sticker to put on the side for texture and color.

You know the best form of advertising is word of mouth. If you know anyone who likes Usborne books, please send them my way. I'm sure I could come up with some nice incentive for you for doing so.

And since 75% of them are under $10.00, order them for birthday gifts, baby showers, the unexpected wedding shower (jk), teachers, grandkids, homeschooling Moms and of course for your OWN children.

Hey don't be surprised if I give you a business card! :) If you don't want it just give it to somebody else.

Let's laugh at our dear friend

Oh I thought it was about time to update.

Last night I had a great time. Dana and I went to Scrapn' Memories and scrapbooked. It was so good to just get out and be creative. The only thing I don't like is that it just closes way too early. I really get my mojo going around 9:00PM and then to have to turn around and clean up to be out of there at 10:00, well it just stinks!

Yesterday was pretty funny. Dana and I dropped our kids off at VBS and we headed to Target and Kohls to run some errands. Since I'm making a little bit of money, I thought I would buy some shirts. Oh it is so nice to have new clothes. It just makes you feel all good inside. Anyway, while we were there Dana's phone rang off the hook. I mean if she wasn't on it, the phone was ringing and 1/2 the time she is on it she is looking at her phone to see who is calling in. It is absolutely insane! So when I called her yesterday and she didn't answer, I just went into this crazy spiel. It was something like, "Hello, this is Michelle from Grand Central Station. We realize that our line has been crossed with your line. We want you to know we are aware of the situtation and we are looking into trying to fix it." So later on in the day, I call her again and she doesn't answer. So I decide to expound on the last message. In my head I can see her laughing, because she knows how crazy it is. So the next phone call is something like this:

Uh...Helloooo...this is Michelle from Grand Central Station again. I just spoke with our service men. And they said they see no end in sight to the abundance of calls you are receiving. We are really sorry for the inconvenience. We suggest changing your phone number and go through the extra steps to keep it private. And Only give out the number to a few select people and not to anyone whose names begins with Q or R.

Yes silly-crazy-come on you know it's a joke conversation.

So much later in the day I call her again. (hmmmm...Gee I wonder if I'm contributing way too much to her phone ringing.) This time I was serious, saying I know I left 2 smart alec messages, but really this is what I wanted. I get a call back from her. She said she didn't get the the smart alec messages from me. I said, "you didn't?" She said, "no her phone is crazy and she just didn't get them." So I said, "you didn't get a phone call from Grand Central Station?"


Dana: Yes, how'd you know...That was YOU? I have been calling all these unknown numbers on my phone thinking this company had the wrong person and I thought I would be nice and tell them.


Ok so to her defense...She listens to these calls while kids are running all around her and the phone is cutting in and out and she is only getting part of the conversation. Then on top of that, she has a new phone that she hasn't programed any numbers into it. So almost ALL of the numbers coming in are UNKNOWN to her! LOL!

She comments to me with one word..."PAYBACK"

ROFLOL!! Really Dana I wasn't trying to fool you. I can't believe you didn't realize it was me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Good day....................need bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Date nights

Hello Friends!

Today after church we spent most of the day cleaning because we actually had a babysitter come over. WOOHOO! We had a date. Greg and I went to see Sweet Charity starring Molly Ringwald. I really enjoyed it. The dancing was really fabulous. Not much of a story, which I tend to prefer those that have rich plots, but still enjoyable.

We even had a date last night. We watched Little Miss Sunshine on the couch together. That was a great movie, sad but funny at the same time.

My back is getting itchy again. URG! It is really starting to peel now. The stop itching gel works, but it only works for 4 hours and then needs to be reapplied. And guess what? I can't reach it. It's a pretty funny site when I'm really itching and there is no one around to scratch it. I find a corner wall and wiggle around to try to relieve some of the itch. Most of the time it makes it worse, but for some reason I keep going back to doing that.

Someone suggested an oatmeal bath. I haven't tried that yet as I thought I was healing, but I guess I should give it a shot.

Tomorrow is my BIG Kick off Usborne Show. I'm doing it with a friend of mine who signed up around the same time I did. We are having it in our church annex. Right now I have one friend who RSVP'd to come. So I guess I'll do some calling tomorrow. That is my least favorite thing to do. I just don't want to bother people or make them feel uncomfortable if they don't want to come. However, I'm the type of person who would forget and would appreciate a call. So if I want to be successful, I got to do what needs to be done. And on that note: I am finding it very difficult in writing about it on my blog. I want to talk about what I am doing and ask questions etc. But yet, I also think that I would look too pushy. So I guess I will ask 1 question. If you have or have been part of a small based business- how do you advertise? The good thing is that I REALLY LOVE these books, so that will be helpful. But who do you talk to? When no one is "biting" what do you do to get noticed? Ok that turned into 3 questions-sorry. I would love your input on this. You can comment here or email me at

So does anyone want to come to my show tomorrow? I promise to be on my best behavior! :D And I'll even have strawberries with chocolate sauce. Mmmmmmmm!
It's at 7:00PM at Woodmont Hills Family of God in the Annex (the white house in front of the church) Or if you want to check out the catalog online you can go here to look and order. And what's really great is if you want to send a gift to someone you can send your order to a different address. Over 75% of the books are under $10.00. Go check it out.

Alright time for me to get some beauty sleep. Goodnight.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Father's Day Present

Ok so Jill asked how am I doing?

I'm doing ok. My sunburn is not quite as bad. It still itches some, but it is not nearly as bad as it was. My hubby is forbidding me to stay out of the sun for awhile. I don't blame him.

And Sara said to talk more about the garage. Well first of all Sara, I am excited to just know that you read my blog. I had no idea. And what more can I say about the garage. It is fabulous! And it is still clean and orderly. Today the trash man actually TOOK all the trash that we left out there (finally). Now if bulk pick-up would actually come then we would be set.

Ok onto today.

I'm worn out.
When I picked up the kids from VBS, we went to the mall to eat lunch and get Daddy's father's day present. (side note: oh shoot! I have my Dad's card and forgot to mail it.) I had planned that we would eat at Chic-Fil-A because I had 3 FREE kids' meal coupons. So we get to the mall, and somewhere in between VBS and Chic-Fil-A the coupons fell out of my pocket. UGH! So I am standing there with VERY hungry children, whom I have promised to eat lunch. So I had to pay full price. UGH UGH UGH!

Anyway, our lawn mower broke and so I planned to get Greg one for Father's Day. I had planned in our budget that we would pay $250 for one. So I get all the information, with all three kids "helping" and find the one I want to purchase. And I did! I was excited!

Greg checked the online bank statement and freaked. Hey no problem right? I PLANNED and BUDGETED for this. HA! I didn't plan for all the Home Depot trips he took earlier in the month for mulch and garage supplies. So I was terribly disappointed but the lawn mower had to be returned until next month. (With no rain the grass is dead anyway.) So Greg went to the store to return the $250 lawn mower and got what he REALLY wanted for Father's Day. Get this....

He bought $1.00 sunglasses at the dollar store.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007


So...What's worse than a bad sunburn?

An allergic reaction and a sunburn.

So What's worse than a bad sunburn with an allergic reaction?

An extremely itchy, bad sunburn with a kitten jumping onto a bare back and scratching all the way down it.

I have decided this kitten is either getting de-clawed or is being put up for adoption. I think we are all sick of her.
Lovely positive stuff here huh? Sorry!
The only thing that is helping is Benadryl. But it is knocking me out! One is not quite good enough, even though that is what I'm trying to get by on. But when I take 2, I can't function doing anything else.
Please pray for healing!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Scrapbooking Fun

Alrighty here are the layouts I completed today:

This is the one I was talking about yesterday that is way outside my box, but it does show how I actually doodle. Which I think is actually pretty cool. It was lots of fun to do! (Unfortunately I missed the deadline of the OLW challenge.

This is one that I did today using Kelli Crowe's new line for ScrapInStyle. I love it! It's so not like the usual things I do either, but it sure was fun!

This is another layout I did that is simple, but I like it. Someone at our crop today had some little Irish papers that she was giving away and I just happened to have some Irish pictures with me. You need to read the title in an Irish accent.

And here is a picture I took of my kids at Chuck E. Cheese on Friday.

We had a great day today. It's so bizzarre how time flies when you're having fun!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

birthdays, pool, scrapbooking and MORE scrapbooking tomorrow

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad! The 8th is Mom's and the 9th is Dad's.

Today the kids and I met with my Marvelous Multiple Moms and kids for swimming at the Y. They have a really neat little pool, where the deepest is 3 ft. Great for my kids age. The kids were so excited that I only got half of me covered with sunblock. So I have a really nasty sunburned back. Yeaouch!!!! All of them were wearing swimming life jackets. Austin started to learn how to swim by himself with that on and he was SO proud of himself. But then the lightning came and we all had to get out. They want to go back tomorrow. It was quite a feat watching all 3 of them by myself. Very very scary at first, but after we laid some ground rules things got easier.

Then tonight I went scrapbooking. I started on a class idea, but I couldn't finish it because I didn't have enough of the right supplies. It's rather challanging coming up with a layout for everyone to do; and I'm not sure that it is my favorite thing. This will be my first time teaching a scrapbooking class, so we will just have to see how it goes.

Then I did one layout that is completely out of the box for me. I'll have to take a picture of it and put it on here. And since it happened to have "STOP" on it, I am going to enter it into the OLW contest. Anyway, I know doodling on your pages is in right now. And I wanted to doodle like I did when I was in school. It is a very unique type of doodling where everything is connected. Anyway, anytime I would doodle I would always put 3 things on my drawings. One would be a clock (usually because I was bored and I was watching the clock). Two would be a STOP sign (usually because I just wanted class to end). And Three would be a #2 pencil (I guess representing being in school). So I did a layout of all my quirky doodling with a picture of myself on the page. For some of the rest of the doodling I wrote about things that I love or like to do. I'll try to upload a picture tomorrow. I'm happy with it, but it's weird.

I'm hoping to get a lot more done tomorrow. DO YOU REMEMBER what tomorrow is? You locals are still invited! We are having a scrapbooking crop and yard sale at my church from 8:00 to 5:00PM. Call me for directions: . I probably won't be there until 10:00, since it is almost 2:00 right now. I guess I better go to bed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


First of all Steena said she is for hire. So if anyone is truly serious about cleaning out a garage or room or rooms, let me know and I'll hook you up. She has 3 requirements: 1. Children need to be out of the house 2. Pets need to be out of the way too 3. Have a 2-liter Dr. Pepper on hand for her.

Next: Aussie stories

Sunday there were no children's classes and the kids had to come to big church with us. They did pretty well, but they were still very antsy. When we got home Austin said, "It was longer than the Sound of Music." We will have to tell our preacher that one.

Then we were talking about choosing a spouse when you get older and Austin said, "What if 2 girls want to marry me?" I said, "Well then you would have to choose, What would you do?" And he said, "I guess I would just do Eenie Meenie Minee Moe"

Today we went to see Open Season at the theatre. Every summer Regal Cinemas put out free movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This was great! The kids had a good time and sat through it with no problems. I don't know what comes on next, but we will probably be there.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The CARS are in!

Alrighty- so here are the pictures of my clean and organized garage.

This is the back wall. All the containers on the top are empty!!!

This is the left side and my favorite. These are all my holiday boxes. I LOVE that I can find my Easter and Thanksgiving boxes without having to go through 11 Christmas boxes stuffed in a corner.

This is the right side. Even the cabinets were cleaned out. I know exactly where the hammer is without digging through Greg's toolbox. All the gardening stuff is together and all the car stuff is together. EVEN underneath the steps was cleaned out. It had paints and wallpaper rolls from the previous owner.

And this was the hardest thing for me to get rid of. It belonged to my Grandma Curly.

I miss her! I cried a little and am tearing up now. I know I would never use it, but my Grandma was all about sewing. She sewed many of my clothes when I was little. She had 2 sewing machines and this was her favorite. I remember sewing on it when I was little. I would literally sew clothes onto my barbie dolls. She was the best Grandma in the WORLD!

Ok- so on to the final product. Check this out! It was tough, but we got both cars into the garage.

And I owe it all to my friend Steena, who came over and said, "Let me help you clean out your garage." She is a master organizer and extremely hard worker!!! She helped us to organize things in a practical way of how we would use them. She is amazing and I wish I could think of some way to thank her in a very special way. Can you think of what we can do for her? (remember we a low on money)


AY ay ay-- I need a babysitter for 2 hours so I can sleep.

It's GONE!

It's 1:37AM

Both cars are in the garage.

We took 2 van loads to Goodwill.

4 bags of clothes to a friend who is having a baby.

The Garage looks GREAT! I'll share pictures later (today).

We still have a HUGE pile of trash on our front lawn that we need to take to the dump. Do any of you local people know where one is?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Out it Goes.

We are REALLY cleaning out the garage. Not just move stuff here and put that there. I mean Macro sorting then micro sorting. Everything has a place type of cleaning.

Which means TONS and TONS of stuff is going to Goodwill. Lots of nice things that I had planned on selling. Out they go.

So if you want to come over tomorrow after 11:15 and get some stuff come on over.

Most of it is toys. We have a kid's bike and tricycle, a table, coolers, a drink cooler that has never been used, rug, christmas dishes, christmas decorations and much much more. And LOTS of kids clothes and some women's size 16-18 dresses.

I will be taking the kids to Christ Church to play after lunch and then Greg and our friend Steena are taking it all to Goodwill. I have too many emotional attachments to things, so I just can't see it being packed up and going out.

Email me by Sunday 11:30AM, if you want something .

Good night.

Mason's addendum to Greg's prayer

Greg came home after having an excellent day and was all giddy and sing songy. When we sat down to dinner. Greg started to say the prayer. Since he was in such a good mood, his prayer was very poetic. This was quite funny:

Daddy: Let’s pray for the food. Dear God in Heaven…Thank you for my 3 beautiful children, who shine like stars in the nighttime sky. And thank you for their beautiful Mommy who is like a…

Mason: Chicken!

Daddy: How is she like a Chicken?

Mason: She's like a Chicken.

Daddy: Yes, Lord. Thank you for Mommy, who is like a mother hen who gathers her chicks up under her wings to protect them.