Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On the Farm

On our way to Chic-Fil-A tonight we passed a barn with some horses. There was an advertisement for McDonald's on the roof of the barn, which I had not seen until I looked on our way home. Austin had asked me why McDonald's was on that barn. I said, "I don't know...Did you see McDonald's somewhere?" Well then Mason piped in and said, "Maybe the song is right! Maybe it is Old McDonald's Farm!"

Thought that was cute and had to share. Good night!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Family and Birthday

SO much to share! I wonder if I can fit all these pictures I resized on here. Let's see...
Friday was the kiddos birthday. Gramma, Grandpa, Uncle John and Aunt Beth came to visit. They took the kids to Build- A-Bear for their birthday present. The kids loved it! Ashley got a kitten and named her "CAT", Mason got a penguin and named him "PENGUIN" and Aussie got a bunny and named her "HELLO BUNNY".
We ate lunch at Opry Mills mall. The kids ate Burger King and I had the BEST salad from Chili's.
This picture is of my Mom and Ashley.
Everyone pottyed before leaving the mall. So on our way home I hear with an urgent cry, "I have to go to the bathroom!" Crud! What do I do? I'm literaly STUCK in trafic! I can't pull over, the exit is at least a mile away with bumper to bumper trafic going 10-15mph. I said, "Can you hold it?" "NO---Turn around and go back" Yah right! Well all I can say is Thankfully they made it to WalMart!
On the way to Wal Mart, I talked to the kids about what cake we would get. I said that we were only getting one cake and we all had to agree on it. We all agreed on a dinosaur cake. But when we got there they didn't have it. URRRR! So the debate continued. It was REALLY cute listening to them pick the cake. They really picked up on using the word "agree". The conversation was something like this:
"I agree on this one"
"I don't agree on that one but I agree on this one"
"Do you agree with this one?"
"Aussie agrees on this one and I agree too."
" I can agree on that one."
"We can all agree on this one."
(of course it went on a lot longer than this)
In the evening Mom and Beth made yummy Sirloin Tips and Salad for dinner. Then we had CAKE! I L O V E birthday cake!!!! I'm glad it is all gone or I would eat and eat and eat! We sang Happy Birthday to each child separately. They each picked out their own candles at the store.
They were spoiled with presents! Mason got this hamburger toy from Gramma. You know Mason is all about some food!
But one of their favorite toys were the Littlest Petshop pets. They put them in the train and dragged them all around. They all played so nicely together. I was so happy they were sharing with everything they got. Saturday they got up early and played and played and played!
We went swimming Saturday at Mom and Dad's hotel. The kids did great. They all were swimming by themselves with life jackets on. Mom got pictures but I was in the pool so I didn't get any.
Then Sunday morning after first service my family had to leave to go back to Ohio. So we took some pictures before they left. This is my Mom and Dad.
This is Aunt Beth with Mason. Does he look like he belongs to her with those big brown eyes?
This is my brother John and Beth with the kids.

Uncle John with Aussie

Uncle John with Mason

Mom hugging Mason

And my FAMILY! Aussie is holding up his doors. Yes, he is back into wanting doors again.

I love them! They don't stay long enough when they come.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Birthday Party Re-Scheduled

OK- I decided to re-schedule the kids' birthday party. There were at least 3 other events going on the same day and I only had 1 YES. So it is re-scheduled for August 11.

My family is coming in town today, so we will have a nice family birthday party on this Saturday.

To my friends who read this blog...I only invited kids/families of kids close in age to mine. I don't want to leave anyone out if you want to come. Just let me know. I would rather ask than to have someone think, "Why is she inviting me?"

We will have a fun treasure hunt, they will pick up pieces along the way and by the end of the game each will have a pirate outfit on.

It will be lot's of fun!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Smart Alec!

My Almost 5 year old boy who starts with an "A" is a real smart alec!!

So Aussie says: Mom, do you sell Littlest Pet Shop Books yet?
Me: No, sorry honey my company doesn't sell those books.
Aussie: Why not?
Me: Because we sell good educational and fun books.
Aussie (using what he has heard me say several times): You sell books kids LOVE to read?
Me: Yes. Good educational and fun books.
Aussie: Well I love to read Littlest Pet Shop, Thomas and Rugrats!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Word of Advice!

One must check stuffed animals for holes BEFORE washing them.
As I was sewing "Pirouette" back up, Ashley was telling me that Pirouette does not like my nails squeezing her and that it hurts her when the needle goes through her. I tried to explain that she will be MUCH happier when she is fixed. But Ashley proceeded to then TALK for Pirouette...
Ow.... OW.... OW.... (with every prick of the needle)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've finally got a layout done in time to submit to the OLW (One Little Word) challenge. The word this time is SIMPLICITY! So without further ado here is my layout...
The journaling around the layout reads:
*This is everything in my life that is simple.
*Every picture on this page represents the simplicity in my life.
*Triplets (do not)= simplicity.
*Our life is extremely full, this layout shows Everything in our lives that is simple.
*My life (does not)= simplicity.
*But we do enjoy life.

This and That

Well so far so good. Aussie is eating. So hopefully the medicine took care of it. Thank you for your prayers!

Oh last week sometime, we met Dana and her kids at the zoo. I love these 2 pictures. The first one is waiting for Dalton to come back from the bathroom and the 2nd is them racing off to the playground.

And the kids are getting more comfortable with Kiki. I can't say that I am, but here are 2 pictures of my scardy cats now holding Kiki. Even Mason doesn't want to get rid of her. They all say they love her and then they torture her by putting her in boxes and trapping her under clothes baskets. I'm surprised they haven't thought to put clothes on her yet. I know I did that with my dog, "Buffy". And I would stroll her around in a stroller. I'm sure it won't be long.
Oh Today Aussie had another funny! I decided to get the kids another Rugrat movie. There is a thrift store nearby that I can usually get old videos for $1.00. Unfortunately, it has a new owner and they had no movies. So we walked up to Goodwill and found a few good movies. So today, Aussie said, "Mom have you changed your mind about Rugrats? Do you like them now?" And I said, "No, I still don't like them, but I think you are old enough now to know what is right and wrong." And Aussie said, "Yes your right, these videos can be for Kindergarten. We can watch them and then tell you what they do wrong in them." HA HA HA! So all you other homeschooling Moms...have you incorporated Rugrats into your curriculum?
Then tonight Austin wanted some milk. So I gave him some with a lid on it and he said, "I'm going to enjoy this milk upstairs." I just thought that was really cute how he said that.


WOW! I have an incredible Secret Sister! This is amazing. Look what she sent...
These are all easy readers for the kids for homeschooling. How exciting!
And she sent me this great book of Stories from the Heart. I haven't read any of it yet, but it is full of wonderful authors. I look forward to some time to relax and be uplifted with these stories.
My Secret Sister has been so awesome! I'm gonna have to step it up on the one I have.
BTW Secret Sister....Honestly, I probably wouldn't read the CM book. So go ahead and sell it on Ebay. Thanks for asking.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The "perfect" song

Yesterday, Greg was watching the children and they were putting on a show for him. He made a little stage out of a laundry basket and some big blocks. Ashley would hide behind the play house and would shout out, "Now presenting Ashley Greene." Then she would get out and sing a couple of songs, like Doe a deer and Row row row your boat. Then she would take a bow and say "Thank you Thank you".

Next she would say, "Now presenting the magnificent Mason Greene". Mason would come out and do a song and everyone (Daddy) would clap.

Then Ashley presented Austin. Austin got up there and did a little dance, swaying his arms in front of him side by side. And he sang, "poo poo and pee pee yuck...poo poo and pee pee yuck." Well Greg started booing him off the stage. Austin was NOT too happy about being booed off the stage. And asked Greg seriously, Why he was booing him. And Greg said it was a gross song or something like that. But Austin again very seriously and offended said, "But this is a very important song! It teaches you not to pee or poop on the floor." (hmmmmm...Gayle and Steve does this sound like anyone you know? "swallowfish dive") So Greg reconsidered and let him finish his song on stage.

Greg told this to me and I just died laughing! This is SO MUCH like what Greg would have done when he was little.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Busy busy busy

Hello out there!

What a VERY busy day! I left the house at 8AM and didn't get home until 4:30PM.

The kids started soccer camp today. They are so cute. Tomorrow I will have to take some pictures.

Today, I signed them up for Co-op. School starts August 10th. Ay ay ay! But their class looks really fun. I will be helping with 5th grade Science.

I had an errand to run downtown, so we had lunch with Greg at Wendys.

Then I dropped off some books in Brentwood.

Then we went to Target to get the kids' soccer balls and look at ALL the toys they want for their birthday.

Then even though I really didn't want to be out in the heat, I took the kids to Edmondson Library playground.

I was SO tired and just wanted to go home.

Then I went out to Panera Bread for a MNO. I was hoping someone would show up, but she didn't. So I was slightly bummed, but it was still nice to be out.

But then I came home to a husband who had a scowl on his face. I knew exactly what that was for....I forgot my cell phone at home. I didn't realize it until I was on my way home.

I want to go to bed, but I think I need to do dishes.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Incredibles

On Tuesday I took the kids to OpryMills Mall to see Rugrats. The kids loved it, but I hadn't felt so antsy to get out of a movie in a long time.

I wanted to check out the Disney Outlet store for Birthday present ideas. When we got there they were having a semi-anual sale. The prices were "incredible"! So I let the kids buy Incredible PJ's/costumes since they were only $2.99 each. They REALLY wanted to put them on and I said they could put them on in the car. But Austin said, "Then can we come back in?" I said, "No." And he said, "But then NOBODY will see us!" I said, "OOOOOOHHHH". So I took them into the bathroom and let them put them on. It was the funniest thing ever! And I (who nearly never is without my camera) pulled it out and took pictures. Everybody got a hoot out of it! And I went back later that night and got several birthday presents!


The cutest thing happened yesterday.

We went by Scrapin' Memories and I picked up several of my layouts that had been on display. Tammy had several big frames that she bought from a store going out of business thatwould be perfect for homeschooling. You just click in a poster board and shut the frame around it. When I saw them I asked her if she didn't need all of them if I could buy one from her. So yesterday she let me buy one. So I had a big pile of stuff that I was putting into the car.
Ashley said, "You got a lot of scrapbooking!"
And Austin said, "You deserve it Mom!"


Monday, July 09, 2007

Thank you SS!

Look at these WONDERFUL things my Secret Sister sent to me. Thank you SO MUCH!
I LOVE paper! Why do I love paper so much? I don't know. But my kids love it too. And this stack from my SS is JUST for ME! Maybe since it looks like a little book they won't notice that it's actually blank paper!
And look at this cool Devotional Book. I didn't have anything yet for our daily devotions. This will be perfect!
Thank you again! I truly appreciate them!

Good news!

Well good news- at least for right now. I misunderstood the doctor. Aussie is taking steroids now to reduce the size of his tonsils. He has been doing great today! He has been eating everything he can get his hands on. He ate all of his pancakes, chicken, noodles, etc. He told me his throat is feeling much better. PRAISE GOD!!!

Anyway, on to the misunderstanding... When I had talked to the doctor on Friday, I thought that Austin would be taking this medication and that will help him in the mean time until he has surgery. Well...if this medication works and he doesn't have a flare up again, then that's all we need to do! There is a 60% chance that just the medicine alone will do the job. If when he goes off the medication and he does have a flare up then he would need to have surgery. And there is a 40% chance of that happening.

Secret Sister

UGH! I lost my previous post!

Secret Sister- I got my package and I love it! I'll expound on it more tomorrow.

Thank you!

Whoa way passed my bedtime!

Friday, July 06, 2007

It's his tonsils!

It's his tonsils!

I'm very surprised at how fast we got results. The appointment was at 8:00AM this morning and we have results at 8:30AM!

Greg hasn't talked to the pediatrician yet. She will make an appointment for Austin to see an ENT doctor. His tonsils are enlarged enough that it is making it hard for him to swallow food. He is able to drink. So for now I need to add some Carnation Milk to his drinks so he can get some nutrients.

Greg said Austin did real well at the hospital. He was able to drink and eat the barium. He had a hard time eating it, but he got enough in him to get the results.

I'm so glad to have some answers!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Update on Aussie

I want to thank all of you who replied. All of you gave good suggestions. Things have been crazy here, so I don’t even remember if I responded to anyone.

Anyway, we took Aussie to the doctor today. I had planned to take him and made the appointment. When he woke up he started throwing up Stomach acid. He felt miserable and I didn’t want to wait until the 10:45AM appointment. So I took him in and just said, “Whenever you can fit him in please do so”. It didn’t take long until we were seen.

I was a little upset that our regular doctor had a full schedule and we were going to see another doctor in the office. After examining Austin and giving him a strep test and it coming back negative, our regular doctor knocked on the door. I don’t know if the doctor we were seeing asked for her help or if she just showed up. Either way about it, it made me feel so much better she was there.

So we don’t know yet if he has scared himself enough to cause gastritis or if there is something wrong with his esophagus. Tomorrow, he has an esophogram at 8:00AM. I’ll keep you all updated. And I truly appreciate your prayers. ( I truly don’t know how he is going to drink the barium!)

Oh and today was a little better he did drink some milk and water. He is trying to eat a lot. He is asking for everything in sight. But most of it he spits out after he has chewed it until almost liquid.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4th

Happy Independence Day!

Good grief! What a day!

Aussie continues to chew up food and spit it out. He is even afraid to swallow liquid. We will be taking him to the doctor tomorrow. Greg thinks that there is something more to it than just being afraid. You know maybe there is something wrong with his tonsils or something. It's very frustrating. I go from being so upset because Austin is upset to being downright angry because he won't swallow.

Today- the kids planted their flowers. They picked them out last night. I can't remember the name of what Ashley picked. But Austin picked black eyed susans and Mason picked cone flowers. One of Greg's workmates gave Greg some advice as to what flowers to plant and then she even brought him some zinnias. So this has been a wonderful project for Greg and the kids.

Then we went to Lipscomb for some July 4th festivities. The kids played in the bouncy house and maze and went down the big slide. Austin said he was hungry- so we catered to him and got him some french fries at McDonalds. Greg said he ate quite a bit, but I didn't see it. I just saw him holding it in his cheeks and then spitting it out. NASTY!!! But the kids played on the playground a good long time and then we came home.

We were going to watch the fireworks tonight, but we were too tired and just wanted to be home. But we did get to see several on our way. And when we got home someone was letting off really nice sized ones in our cul-de-sac. Austin and Mason were afraid of me being outside. They partly watched from the garage, but Austin begged me to come in.
And here is a just a cute picture from lunch today. This is my little quacker! Yes- guess who taught him that?
Uh-Oh it's past 11:00PM-- goodnight!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Concerned- please pray/offer advice

I don't know what to do...I have a worrier!

Aussie worries about everything!
The last few days he has hardly been eating because he is afraid he is going to choke. He is getting some food in him or I would have already called the doctor. Greg and I have tried to read and explain how our throats work to him. But he is still scared. He is chewing up his food and keeping it in his cheeks until he finally spits it out. I found an article on the internet written for kids about choking. It tells how it happens and what we can do to prevent it. I will read this to him tomorrow. He is VERY smart. A little bit too smart for his age. I wish he didn't worry so much!

Then tonight he begged and begged us to watch the news so he knew that there would be no tornados coming. I didn't let him watch the news, but I assured him over and over that there will be no tornados tonight. He prays to God, but sometimes he tells me that he thinks God doesn't listen.

What do I do with him? He's only "almost" 5.

Please pray for Aussie. And also pray for my brother and his wife, who are flying back home from Bulgaria today/tonight. They have been in the Peace Corp. for 2 years and I'm so glad to have him back in the U.S.!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007


How dare he even say it?

Someone told Greg today that Kiki would stop being so rough with us IF she had another kitten her age to play with.

Shoot..........I'm just counting the days until she is fixed and declawed. I think she will calm down then. At least I am really hoping so!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Well I think there needs to be a routine around here and it's gonna have to start with me. I'm going to take this in baby steps. But my first thing I am going to do is have a set wake up time and bed time.

As much as I like to stay on the computer until way after midnight, I think I am going to set my bedtime at 11:00PM. And attempt to sleep until 7:00AM and GET UP! Of course there will be special events that keep me up later, but I need to start this.

I think it will help me feel rested all day and then I can start adding other routines to the plan.

So all of you out there who are organizers and clean (what's a nicer word than freaks?), I need some help with scheduling. What does your schedule look like?