Monday, July 28, 2008

Color combo challenge

I've been trying to do these color combo challenges. They have been fun! You get a new color combo each week and then you try to use those colors in a layout. With my room organized it makes it so much easier to join in on these challenges!

Here is color combo #81

and here is the layout I created.

Here is color combo #82

and here is the layout I created.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It was a LONG day!

6 years ago- My babies were born. Ashley first at 10:34AM, then Mason at 10:35AM and then Aussie at 10:38AM . Greg showed the kids these 2 pictures. One about 5 minutes after they were born and then one took a week ago.

This was supposed to be a fun day! But it was quite stressful for me! We let the kids open one present before church. Aussie got the train cars he really wanted.
Ashley got the Hannah Montana guitar that she's been asking for for about a year.
And Mommy picked the wrong present for Mason. He wanted the Speed Racer car with a 5 on it not a 6. (OK- I can exchange not such a big deal). He was trying to be grateful, but big tears were welling up in his eyes. He was fine after I told him we can get him the one he wants.
So then we went to church. Shaina went with us. (We make our visitors find their own snakes to handle in church.) LOL!

I wanted Shaina to see our church library, because it is so nice. But the kids were so hyper. They were climbing and throwing big bean bags at each other. I finally had to yell at them to get them out of there.

Then we quickly came home to make lunch for everyone before the birthday party. We let the kids open their big present. Shaina got upset and ran upstairs and slammed the door b/c Greg said she couldn't open the present. (I think it was a misunderstanding- b/c of something she said later, I got the idea she thought Greg threw away her present to give to the kids.) But she would NOT come down so we went ahead and let them open it, which is a game cube that we got off of Ebay. While they played, I made all the kids their sandwiches and then I said to everyone else- here's the stuff make your own. I'm some hostess huh? I even sat there eating my sandwich finding it humorous that I wasn't up and waiting on anyone. (Well that attitude bit me in the butt!)

I finished my sandwich went to Wal Mart to pick up the cake and it was the WRONG one! (So if I waited on everyone this wouldn't have happened right?) Anyway, it was a little after 1:00, the party was at 2:00 across town and she quickly made us another one. I just realized when I loaded the pictures that she put the names in the wrong order. She said them out loud the right way. OH well- It tasted great! Can you tell it is made entirely out of cupcakes? 1/2 were vanilla and 1/2 were chocolate. I tell you what- this is the way to go!

So we made it to the party 5-7 minutes late, but that was OK no one else was there yet.

We decided to have the cake first because it was so hot we were afraid the icing would melt. We found a secluded, shaded picnic area at the YMCA and had our party there. It was very sandy and all the kids got their hands dirty before we started the party. I had to get on to Aussie several times for throwing sand. We had to wash them up before we could get started. (It seemed like one thing after another.) We finally had the cupcakes and then we all went swimming. I didn't take many pictures. I was too busy cleaning up, watching the kids, etc. But I know my friend Doris got at least one FABULOUS picture. Go to her blog and you can see it.

They didn't swim long, the pool was SO busy. There were people everywhere and I was getting frustrated trying to keep up with just my 3.

Then Aussie got in trouble for hitting and it went downhill from there. He said it was the worst birthday ever! I was so emotional- just trying to get everything together, and little things happening left and right, I just broke down and cried. Thank goodness Dana was there to comfort me.

Ashley and Mason were trying to comfort me too. Austin was really asking a lot of questions like Why didn't I get many toys? Why did we have to sit at that picnic table? Why didn't we play any games? etc. etc. etc. He got a stern talking to by Greg and he fell asleep in the car. He still was a little grumpy when he woke up from his nap, but he came around and told me he was sorry on his own.

SO, since I got a heartfelt apology I decided to give the kids the rest of their little presents before bed. And that seemed to make everyone happy. Anyway- I'm terribly exhausted. All the kids except Aussie are in bed asleep. Aussie had a long nap. So he is beside me asking me lots of questions. (update...he is now asleep on the floor next to me.)

I'm going to bed! Wish/Pray for me to have a better relaxing day tomorrow.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cousins are here!

Thursday- Greg's parents and 3 of the kids' cousins traveled from Florida to visit for the kids' birthday.

They are all getting along nicely.
Shaina has become quite attached to Mason. And the two older girls are attached to Ashley. It is so nice to see Ashley playing with girls.

On Friday we went to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. It was neat. We gave the kids their first birthday present. It was a Teen Titans DVD, so they could watch it for the 2 hour drive. It is so fun to hear them all sing the theme song!!! They belt it out and usually Greg and I join in too. :)

However, it is even more fun to hear them try to sing it in Japanese.

The tour we took at Mammoth caves was the Frozen Niagra tour. Mason wanted to see more. I think it was a perfect length for the other five.
Then we got to go to McDonald's for lunch.
This is Shaina. What a big smile you've got there.
And Mason- a walrus.
Ashley and Kaitlin- What a sweet picture!
Ashley and Karley- I have not gotten one serious picture of Karley yet this weekend. She is such a ham!
Shaina again! "Take my picture, Take my picture now, Take my picture again."
Ashley- My girl!
Kaitlin- What a pretty girl.
Mason- Hangin' out! Watching the girls dance. I asked him if he would dance and he was out of that room so fast!
Then they all decided to have a slumber party. Ashley had a fit because she wanted it to be just girls and the boys had a fit because they weren't included. So we had them all down there. Aussie and Mason were the first ones to come back upstairs to their room. Mason does NOT like to sleep on the floor. He wants to be in his own bed. Aussie couldn't fall asleep, so he was poking Mason to try to keep him up. (squirt!) So he came upstairs hoping that I would let him draw. Then before I went to bed I peeked in Ashley's room to see Kaitlin sleeping in there. Hey she is pretty smart. Get everyone else to sleep on the floor then when their asleep come get the bed all to yourself. LOL!
We've enjoyed having our cousins here!

Pre-birthday fun!

It was 6 years ago today that I was absolutely miserable and scared to death of what was to happen the next day.

Today we had some pre-birthday fun.

First we went to Build a bear to get them yet another animal for their birthday. This time Nana and Papa got it for them. They are absolutely crazy about them! Mason got another dinosaur (a different one than last time.) and he dressed it in fisherman clothes with a fishing pole and then got a lunch bag to go with it. He named him Dino Roar. Ashley got the cutest Cheetah and dressed her even with underwear. She name her Miko. Aussie (OH MY)- He got the cutest purple bear dressed it up in a purple fairy DRESS. And he insists it is a boy. His name is Michael. He saw this character on the online Build-a-bear game wearing this same dress. I don't know why he thinks it is a boy. OH well! All the cousins bought an animal too.

We didn't eat at Rainforest but they all went to this wall when we entered the mall.

Then since we didn't have enough fun; we then went to Chuck E. Cheese.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today's update

Greg was playing rough with Austin and Austin kicked Greg in the back. Greg told Austin not to be so rough that he could hurt his kidneys. Austin looked very amazed! He said, I didn't know you still had kid knees!

I was cuddling with Ashley and she wasn't feeling good and I told her I would pray about it. About 30 seconds later, she said, "Um Mom your not saying anything." I told her that i was praying inside my head and not out loud. And she said, "But can God hear you?"

House update: I'm still keeping it up! I really cleaned the cabinets in the Kitchen. I washed our comforters and even mended some pants. It really helps to get things done when everything is decluttered and easy to find!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I had such a wonderful weekend! Dana had a free night at a local hotel. So we took our scrapbooking stuff and scrapbooked in the breakfast area of the lobby until 2 in the morning. The workers there suggested that we do it there. We challenged each other and I got quite a bit done.

This was a 30 minute challenge. It actually came together quite easily.

I had started several layouts that I was able to finish this weekend. These are them:

This was a make-n-take I made years ago at some convention. So I finally finished it.

This was a challenge. We needed to use these little paper samples and use them. I also took the little black circles out of her trash and used it.

Then I challenged myself to use these square titles. They are old scrapbook supplies, that at the time I thought were the greatest thing.

I think I probably need to add something like a title to this one.

I'm not sure when I did this, but it didn't get posted. It wasn't long ago though.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ode to Grandma Curly

Today, we went to Dalton and Braxton's house to play on their big water slide. The kids had a great time, and I got to take home a few scrapbooking goodies.

Right when I got home I got to work on this: I found these photos and thought it would look great on this.
This is about my Grandma Curly. In the last few days of her life I came to visit her. And I asked her a few questions. It was hard for her to talk much, but I did get a few answers.
I wrote a couple of the things she told me on here.
I asked her how she met Grandpa and she said, "A handsome man walked up to the door. (And her mother was there) but she kissed him goodbye anyway.
I asked her about her life growing up. She said in 1938-1939, they had $12/ month in the bank. And $4/month paid laundry and room rent expenses.
When talking to my Mom- we are not sure where these dates came from, since she was married in 1942.
I have a few other fun stories that I will need to scrapbook. She was a WONDERFUL woman and I still miss her a lot!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Steena and stuff

I came home from the dentist this morning to see Steena pulling my weeds. I just love her!!!!

Austin is doing fine. He told me that he didn't fall asleep and it hurt. But he really did do well. He told me next time they are going to have to find a better way to get his teeth out.

The tooth fairy is hoping Daddy brings home some money, because she is NOT prepared.

It's been a bit of a tough day. Austin was grumpy from his medicine and it was just a very tiring day. And Ashley doesn't like the attention not being on her. They all seemed to pick on each other an awful lot today, more so than usual and no marbles were given out today.

I'm trying to sort through some things that Steena needed me to go through. Last night I sorted my scrapbook paper by color in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep, so I got up around 2:30 and worked on it for an hour and then went back to bed.

OH... Steena is willing to have an organizational class. I was thinking (well really Dana's idea) that we should charge $10 per person. I would really really like to get at least 10 people here. I'm talking to Steena about making it a home business. Where the hostess would invite people and Steena would do an hour's worth of organizing a closet or something as she taught. So the hostess would benefit and so would Steena. Anyway, she is seriously thinking about all this. How many of you would be interested in coming to the class?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How many?/ Prayer Request

So how many bags/ big items did I give to Goodwill over the weekend?

It took 3 trips to go to the Goodwill center. I did not get pictures of the last load which only had 6 items in it but they were big.


So that means Renee is the winner with a guess of 53. Liana was so so close but she went over by one.

Renee I have a Scrapbook kit waiting for you. We need to meet up so I can give it to you.


Prayers Please!!!

Aussie is having 2 teeth extracted tomorrow. His adult teeth are growing in behind his baby teeth. I'm not so worried about the procedure, but I'm worried about the after effects. He doesn't do well with sedation. Apparently, this is different from the kind that he has had before, but it still makes me nervous. This is going to be the most expensive tooth fairy yet. Unfortunately, $250ish goes to the dentist and only $4 to Aussie. (By the way, I already got a second opinion and it needs to be done.)