Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hit the Books layout

I did a quick layout today.
It was a sketch challenge. I'm not really good at sketch challenges, but I thought I would give it a try.

You can find this challenge here.
Here is the sketch:
And here is my take on it:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Learning about Bees

Today we went on a field trip to look at bees and see how they work.

I learned that the fuzzy bees are male and they don't have stingers. You can actually pick these up. (Not that I would but you could)

When a bee finds some good nectar she goes back to the hive and does a bee dance and points the way to go with her body for the others to find it.

The male bees are mainly there to eat and to mate and they die after they mate. When they have too much too eat the females kick them out of the hive and don't let them back in. And so eventually they will die without food.

When it is time for a new queen they feed one of the eggs with extra nutrients. When that queen hatches, if the queen that already exists is feeble it will be attacked by the new queen. If the old queen is a very productive queen then it lets off a scent that says anyone who wants to come with me come now. And it will leave with several following behind and set up camp somewhere else. The whole thing was very fascinating to me!

I loved the little bee suits they had for the kids to get a close look.

And we got to bring home some of the honey too. YUM!

Oh and here is a layout I did today:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Treyton layout

I want to hold this little fella again! This is a layout I did the other day and put the finishing touches on today.

OH NO it's WET!

Warning this is a "girly" post.

Well I'm not sure if I've ever done this before and I'm sure I'll NEVER do it again. Thursday- I managed to wash ALL of my upper under garments all at the same time. No big deal unless you have to be some where and your undergarment is WET! I looked for dirty ones, old ones, fancy ones...I had none and I HAD to get out the door. So what do you do? I can't put it on, my shirt would have 2 huge wet circles. I know some people can where bandaids. HAHA HA HA! yah right like that would work for me. Greg suggested saran wrap! HA!

So what did I do? Well I really wanted to put it on my antenna. Certainly it would get dry by the time I got to Franklin. But I knew that would be uncouth. So I was driving down the road with my bra in my hand holding it in front of the air conditioner. (It's still summer, I'm not putting on the heat.) I was trying to be discreet- but when you have an over the shoulder boulder holder it's very difficult. I don't think anyone saw me...but I certainly wasn't looking to find out either.

So now my bra is damp and cold and I still have about 10 minutes to get there. AHA! The sun is I dare put it on my dashboard? I seriously thought about it. OK so I even tried, but the strap grabbed a hold of the windshield wiper control turning on the wipers and I got embarrassed so back down into my lap it went.

But then the sun shined on my leg! YAY! so I was able to have the air conditioner blowing on it and the sun shine on it and it happened to get dry enough to wear by the time I got there.

So if you ever have a wet you know what to do. :)

Gas shortage

We have little to NO gas in Nashville because of IKE. The news says they think things will even out by next Friday.
Anyway on my way home yesterday I saw a gas station that had 1 pump working. There was a LONG line but I decided to wait it out. I got in line. Thank heavens for a DVD player in the car for the kids to watch. We were probably there for at least 40 minutes. We were the 2nd people in line when the pump ran out! UGH! So I checked a Shell station close to home and they said a truck would be coming in at night. I went home made dinner, got the kids to bed, etc. Then Greg and I watched the last 3 episodes of "24" Season 1. ( NOOOOOOO! I didn't WANT it to be Nina!)
Then at 1:00AM Greg went out to get some gas. Guess what? There was still a long line waiting to get some. I think he waited 40 minutes at 1 AM! AMAZING! Anyway he was able to fill up.

Monkeys monkeys and more monkeys

busy busy busy!

I realized why they were being so bad. They were sick! The boys had strep throat. UGH! So things have gotten so much better now that they are feeling better.

Sunday we went to church and BOY was it windy! WOW! The kids acted like monkeys in a tree at church.
They found this BIG caterpillar. It doesn't look so big in the picture, but it is the biggest ones I've ever seen.
Then we went to Wendy's for a pitiful lunch. Wendy's used to be so much better- what happened? Or is it just the Wendy's we went to on Sunday? But the boys got monkeys in their kids meal and Mason got really creative with them.

I just LOVE Mason's eyelashes!