Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of the year stuff

It was Great in 2008!


Here's to it being Divine in 2009!

Happy New Year!!!

The weather here is so weird!

One day you need to be bundled up because it is so cold. Then the next day you could wear shorts. It's perfect flu weather. That's probably why Ashley has gotten sick. 2 nights ago, Ashley threw up all night long. She didn't have a fever. We thought maybe she ate something bad. The next day she felt fine and had fun ice skating. Then she threw up again last night. Today she hasn't felt good most of the day. Nana, Papa, Kaitlyn, Greg and the boys all went to see a movie (Bedtime Stories). Ashley didn't feel good and she wanted to go home. So we stopped at a redbox and rented her a movie. She chose Kirby. She wanted me to watch it with her. And she made sure that I understood that she wanted me right there, and made sure to tell me not to get on the computer. It was SO BORING! I fell asleep! So I guess one good thing came from this- I got a nap.

Ashley seemed to be doing well later in the evening. I just LOVE this outfit she has on. It's a pass me down from another triplet Mom. We LOVE getting these clothes. I don't know how long it will last, but I'll accept them for however long as we can!
Mom- I was looking at this picture. My first thought was April. Then my 2nd thought was Kim. Then my 3rd thought was she looks like me. Can you see them in her in this picture?
Well someone is setting off fireworks now. I hope it doesn't wake up my family. My in-laws are leaving early early tomorrow, I hope it is not bothering them.
I can officially say- Happy New Year now!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First time ice skating

Today was the FIRST time they went ice skating.
Here they are with their cousin Kaitlyn.
Oh how I didn't want to go. I was just going to watch, but that first time of them going around I got nervous and ran and bought me a ticket and skates. I got out on the ice for 2 minutes and then I tried to see if I could get my money back, but they wouldn't let me. I did NOT like it!!! Anyway, Greg got a system down where he would take one kid at a time around the rink. The other two would practice going from one exit to the next right in front of me (approx. 10 feet), while waiting for their turn. They mostly held the wall. But Aussie was really getting the hang of it and started not holding the wall. He wanted to go around the rink by himself. But I made him wait for Greg to be with him.
He looked like he was running on ice. It was very cute.
Mason was the most cautious, but he started getting the hang of it too. And I think Greg said, Mason was pulling him along.
The place was packed and I did not get very many pictures. These are the only ones that turned out. The others have someone darting out in front of them as I was taking a picture.
Tomorrow I think we are going to see a movie. I think I can handle that. :)

A successful day

We had a very successful day today! The kids did great in school and didn't play video games until school was completely finished. We are reading a book called The Year of Miss Agnes. And in the chapter that we read today, Miss Agnes had the kids draw a picture. First they measured all around to make a frame and then they filled in the inside, leaving no white spaces. So that is one thing we did today. Here is Mason's picture.
Here is Aussie's picture.
And here is Ashley's picture.

Here is another picture Aussie drew.

Greg's parents made it here safely. We got a picture of the 3 generations of brown eyes.

Then of course we had to take a picture of the blue eyes.

Then we had MUCH MUCH MUCH excitement at bedtime. Mason is saying, "YES!"

Can you tell why?

He lost his 4th tooth. One on top. That gap is so cute.

And then the meltdown came from Ashley. She has had this wiggly tooth for WEEKS and it won't come out. She is the only one who hasn't lost a tooth yet. Last night we tried again to pull it. I even got the tooth floss stuck around her tooth. It just won't come out and it hurt her too. It broke my heart.

Cat burgular

Well I tried desperately to re-create what happened the other night so I could get pictures, but I didn't quite get the picture I wanted. Introducing the CAT BURGULAR...

I was putting away my jewelry in my new jewery box. And the cat reached in through the crack in the door and snatched my necklace. I wish I could have gotten a picture of her holding it. It was quite funny.
And here are some pictures I took Sunday.
Aussie and Daddy
Ashley and Daddy
Ashley and Mommy
Ashley. Her eyes are so beautiful!
I rarely get a good picture of Mason because he always closes his eyes when the camera flashes. But I got one today!
And all three of my beauties!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Passion is mine in 2009

I about panicked when we were in the car and I realized I didn't have my camera with me. My camera is almost always with me. Greg asked if I wanted him to turn around, but I said, no. I almost said yes. I asked him if he wanted to go back and get bikes for the kids, thinking I'll run up and get my camera. But he didn't get the clue and said, he didn't want to go back home.

So I braved the day without my camera. HA!

We went to the park today and let the kids play outside. It was such a nice day. It was warm and windy. Greg got cold. He must still have some of that Floridian blood in him. But to me and the boys it felt great. Ashley was a little cold at first, but after running around she didn't want her jacket on anymore.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day setting up all the VIP littlest pets and webkinz online. I think for 3 full days the kids have been playing computer games all day. So that's why we wanted to get them out today. My computer is no longer MY computer. I think I'm going to have to come up with some kind of schedule.


I have come up with my word for 2009. 2008's word if you remember was CREATE. And I think I have had a creative year. So I will say that it was successful. 2009's word is going to be PASSION. (Oh some of you can get your minds out of the gutter.) I want to have a passion for everything I do.

  • Passion for being a great teacher

  • Passion for being creative

  • passion for losing weight

  • passion for being a good wife

  • passion for praying

I just want to be more passionate about the things I love and do a better job at them.

SO my motto is... Passion is mine in 2009.

Do you have a word picked out yet for 2009? Do you make resolutions?

-----------------The kids were playing with their littlest pets yesterday. They put them in a ferris wheel. Some of the pets couldn't stand up in it, so they would fall out. But the little deer hung on. And Aussie made his first pun knowingly.

He said, "He's hanging on for DEER life."

We laughed!


We also had another funny moment later in the evening with a pun. I'm going to try to set it up again, so I can get a picture and post it tomorrow.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dedicated to Renee

Renee- Parts of this reminded me of you. I sure hope things have gotten better and I hope this makes you laugh. You will need to turn off the Christmas music on the right before playing this.

Christmas Day- The first real day of Christmas.

What a very special day! Happy Birthday Jesus! We made our annual Birthday cake for Jesus and we took it to church today.

I must have gotten caught up in the moment, because I certainly didn't take very many pictures. WELL...let me rephrase that. I took 44 pictures. If I had a film camera that would be a lot of pictures, but having a digital camera- 44 pictures is really not much. Digital cameras give you the freedom to just shoot shots left and right and not have to worry about setting up the perfect shot. Not that I don't do that too, but on a day that presents are ripped into it's just easier to take random shots.
Today the kids woke us up at 7:00. “Can we open our presents?” I said, “Do you think you have presents? I don’t want to get up until I know for sure you have presents, why don’t you go downstairs and find out and then let me know.” I listened to them. I do wish I could have gotten Mason’s reaction on camera. I can imagine his eyes getting big when he said, “WOooooow!” And Ashley said, “OH YEP there’s presents.”

They all seemed very pleased with what they got! We got several games for the game cube. They each got a Bakugan- whatever those weird things are. They each got 3 Webkinz. (They were buy one get one free at Walgreens). I'm wondering if he actually hit Mason with those Hulk gloves.
Ashley got this pony from Gramma. She LOVES it! They got Twister the original game and lots and lots of Littlest Pet Toys. They were very spoiled this year! Can you tell?
Anyway, Aussie said, at lunch, “I wish we could be more SPOILED !” That made me laugh!

We had lunch at church. They do this every year. People who don’t have family around get together at church for lunch. They provide the meat and drinks and everyone brings a side or a dessert. It was especially yummy. I ate way too much. We sat with some people we didn’t know and what a coincidence, they had triplets. Their triplets are grown now in their 40’s. But that was very interesting talking to them.
All those late nights up wrapping presents and blogging really got to me today. I took a long nap when we got home from church. Then I got up and made 10 loaves of bread. YUMMY! My MIL gave me a Friendship Bread starter that had to be made today. You are supposed to keep a starter and give out 3 bags to friends. But I knew I wouldn't keep up with it, so I just made all of it.
And here it is almost 1:00AM again. Why do I do this to myself?
I really hope you had a fabulous Christmas! We sure did!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Memories Day 24

Aussie loves his shirt I made him. He wore it all day.

Greg took Mason to the doctor today. It looks like his ear infection is trying to come back. So he is on a stronger anti-biotic.

We opened a couple of presents tonight.
We all got new night clothes to wear tonight. Ashley got Tinkerbell PJ's and a Robe that lights up. She also got a white tiger that she really wanted.
The boys got Mario PJs and Ocarinas that look like the Ocarinas from Zelda.

And Daddy got some Mario PJ bottoms too.

They played around and said they were going to stay up all night to catch Santa.
BUT... They didn't make it.

And Santa came and went without being caught.