Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Greg!

Two of my baby boys have the flu. It's not real bad, because they did get the flu vaccination. But it's enough to make them miserable. We didn't do school yesterday and I doubt we will do it today.

On another note: Today is Greg's birthday. Greg's parents gave him a family history of his great grandfather. I can't wait to get a closer look at it. I think he took it with him to work though. It had copies of the letter where he was drafted to war. There were a few pictures in their too. That kind of stuff is really valuable and exciting to me. I know Greg is treasuring it.

I gave him my stuff on Sunday. I really was going to wait but thought that I better give it to him then. First of all I lost the back of my cell phone about a week ago when I dropped it under my car. I didn't realize it was gone until I got home. It still worked but if I closed the phone too hard the battery would fall out. So it was annoying. I checked 3 Sprint stores to see if they had a back for my phone and they did not. But I was lucky enough to qualify for a free new phone. So while I was getting myself a new phone, I checked to see if Greg qualified too. And he did. So I got us 2 new fancy phones for free! These phones can hold music and Greg has been wanting a new MP3 player for quite sometime. So when he realized that, he got all excited and said he would transfer all his music onto his phone. AND that is when I decided to give him present early. I didn't want him to go through all of that because I bought him a nice MP3 player. It can even hold a movie on there. That's pretty cool. I thought that would be nice when he goes to the Red Cross and gives platelets. They do have TV's with DVD players there, but only a few seats get them. Also all the movies played on those TV's have to be PG or G. So Greg is running out of good movies to rent.

I'm tired again today, partly because I think I'm getting sick too and partly because the hose to my cpap machine wrapped itself around my neck and I pulled it out of the machine. UGH! I did get it back on to the machine but I don't know how long it took me to realize it.

My house is a mess and the cat is shedding like crazy! So I better get going.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Layouts created tonight

I had so much fun at a crop tonight!!! Here are the layouts I completed.

I need to go to bed- Yes you read that right. It is 4AM and I haven't gone to bed yet.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Wish

I don't have time to write tonight, but what more can I say? My kids are beautiful!!!

Oh- Aussie does NOT like the artist hat- so I was not allowed to use it on his valentines. And boy would he get mad if he knew I was posting this one with the moustache. So shhhh! Don't tell!
These are my kids on Sugar!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

layouts- girlscouts and more

Ay ay ay! I don't feel good today.

But Friday night was a blast!!! I went to a crop at a local church and I had so much fun! I only got 2 layouts done, but most of the fun of a crop is socializing anyway. Here are the two layouts.

They are having one this coming Friday too. I look forward to going back!

Monday- I made a tent for the kids in the Family room. The kids loved it. They wanted to sleep in it. So I said if they would read a book they could sleep in it.

Ashley fell asleep before getting in bed, so Daddy put her in her bed and the boys went downstairs to sleep in the tent. They got mad because we didn't bring Ashley downstairs. Oh well. Mason woke up about 5:30 or 6:00 and came and got in my bed. Ashley had woken up earlier and Greg took her back to bed and ended up sleeping in her bed. But Aussie slept in the tent all night long and wanted to do it again the next night. Greg had a lot to do at work today, so he was afraid to let them sleep there last night. I guess he was afraid he would be up all night. Anyway, we said they could sleep there tonight instead.

Today we went to Greg's office to deliver Ashley's Girl Scout cookies she sold.
The boys enjoyed helping out. They both want to join boy scouts so they can sell popcorn.

It is extremely windy here today! We took the kids to HCA cafeteria to eat lunch and then we came back home so I can rest. I am hurting so badly- please pray for me.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Yesterday was a busy day. My little Aussie was B.eing R.eally A.ggravating T.oday!! He would NOT smile for any of my pictures. Which of course made it a challenge for me.
He is pretending to sleep.
Mason was being a little ham! As you can see he is wearing my shoes. It would have been funny if someone got a picture of me trying to walk in his shoes.

I tried all kinds of tricks to get Aussie to smile for me. I would put the camera down by my side and try to click a shot when he didn't realize, but he caught on soon enough and would give me a face or look away.
I tried telling him if he didn't smile we would go to some resteraunt that only serves liver and onions and he would have to eat 6 bites. Nothing was working!
Ashley had fallen down and hurt her knee so Daddy carries her to the car.
We went to the Green Hills YMCA today, because it is so close to our church that I thought this might be a good alternative on Sundays. I didn't care for it for several reasons, even though I did have a good work out. 1. I couldn't find Greg. We can usually be in the same room while working out. 2. They didn't have a 30 min. cafe. 3. They didn't have Kid's club for ages 6 and up so the kids had to go into the nursery. 4. The locker room isn't as nice. 5. AND for the BIG one... Money was stolen out of my purse! UGH! They didn't have any locks left. So I was weary about leaving my purse in a locker. They did have some tiny lockers with locks available. So I took my camera, phone, licence, debit card and put it into one of those lockers. I had about $8 cash stuffed into one of the pockets in my purse. I didn't grab it, it was way down in there and I risked it. I put my purse on the bottom of the locker, put my clothes on top of it and my shoes on top of that.
After going to the YMCA we walked over to whole foods across the street so Greg could get some tea. He asked me if I had a $1. I knew I did because I had just seen it an hour ago. I looked in my purse and NO MONEY! NONE! It was definitely stolen. When I got home I phoned the Y and told them what happened and they said, unfortunately a purse was stolen earlier in the day. I'm glad it was only $8, but that is really frustrating! They took my name. I don't expect anything to ever come of it, but they needed to know. ANYWAY- I don't think we will be going back to that Y.
While Greg was getting tea, I SAW my opportunity and quickly grabbed my camera. HA! CAUGHT with a SMILE! Too bad it was blurry, so I quickly took another one.

Yah- back to normal little brat!
But Ashley was happy to pose for me.
And since we were so close to Trader Joe's I really wanted to go in it. I had heard so many good things about it. So we went there. There was a woman there holding a "?" sign on a pole up in the air. I asked her what that was all about and she said she was the question lady, if we had any questions we could ask her. So the next 20 minutes was following her around the store and asking questions. (real questions- not trying to be annoying.) The store was just another over priced organic store to me. Not somewhere I would make an extra trip over to get groceries. We did by some cookies, bread, tortillas and tea. I bought some cookies, I'm trying to remember the name, divinity maybe? Anyway they are mainly made out of egg whites and sugar. They are only 1/2 point each in Weight Watchers and they are yummy.
On our way out I snapped a few more pictures of them playing with the ship wheel at the entrance to the store.

And of course... He is such a stinker!!
I need to get moving. I have a few more things to say, so I may make another post later today.

A date night out on the town

I am finding it very difficult to find the time to post here. I hope it is just a phase I'm going through. I have so much to say. The problem with waiting several days to post is I can't remember all the really cute things my kids have said.

Anyway, let's start with my date on Saturday. A couple weeks ago, Greg emailed me and said, Get a babysitter for this Saturday, we need to be downtown by 4:30, have a nice dress clean. He has never done anything like this. I was SO excited! I didn't want to know. I wanted to be surprised. Our regular babysitter couldn't babysit because she was going to the Grammy's (how exciting is that!). So I got Laura (Ricky's daughter) to babysit.

Greg had won tickets to a little play, I can't remember the name. AND to a dinner before hand at the top of a tall building to "hob knob" (how do you spell that) with some of the VIPs.

It was a lot of fun. A lot of people loved the asian meal, I didn't so much (probably because I'm allergic to Iodine and couldn't eat half of the meal.) But I had such a great time! Here are some pictures from the deck at the top of the building.

Our state capital building.

After the dinner we walked across the street to TPAC. I enjoyed the play. I was confused a bit by it, but Greg filled me in on the way home. It was just a very pleasant evening. And I hope he surprises me again like that! {HINT}
Then when we got home the house was not in shambles. Laura had the kids clean up their mess and the house was neat. I love her!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ashley's Date

Today Greg took the kids to the Chinese Spring festival, while I went to search out History curriculum. I have to admit it's nice to be away on my own for a little bit. Then tonight Ashley and Greg went to the Father /Daughter dance with her Girl Scouts.
Since it was a special date. We let her have a little bit of makeup.
She was so excited!
I tried my best to give her a french braid.
And now my little Cinderella is ready for her date.
Even Greg dressed up in a tux for this special occasion. They had lots of fun. Ashley was asleep when they got home, so I look forward to hearing all about it from her tomorrow.