Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today is going to be a GREAT day! I woke up to an email that said I won the Kids Cooking Activities Ebook from http://www.hail2thesnowqueen.blogspot.com/. I'm so excited! Mason has really wanted to get started in cooking lessons. This will be something special I can focus on just him.
Saturday- my little girl (who doesn't like to be called little) lost her 2nd tooth. Look how proud she is!
Instead of getting a note from the tooth fairy she got a special note from Princess Midna. This is what it says:
Well hello Ashley,
First I want to congratulate you on winning Twilight Princess. I bet you would never guess that one of my very best friends is the tooth fairy. She told me you lost a tooth today and I begged her to let me come in her place.
She gave me 3 important rules:
1. Never be seen. I have to say I was disappointed. I wanted to introduce myself to you. But she said it was very important to obey the laws with the humans.
2. Never touch the human. Only the tooth could be touched.
3. Beware of the cat.
The tooth fairy only gave me enough power to pop in and out of your room. She said that when she let others work for her many times the tooth refuses to go into the next world. So if the tooth remains give it to your Mama. She can save it as a keepsake.
Congratulations! Save your money for something special. And keep your teeth nice and clean. The tooth fairy told me she doesn’t give as much for the dirty ones.

Much Love,
Princess Midna

I had a pretty excited little girl. She was confused why the tooth was still under her pillow until we read the letter to her.
The really funny thing is when I went in to put the note under her pillow, I acidentally kicked her princess chair. Immediately, it makes a "wishing/princess" sound da...ling and says, "You make a very fine princess." I had to laugh at that!
Ashley carried her note to church with her on Sunday and showed anyone she could.
Friday night I got to scrapbook! I created 3 layouts and a necklace pennant. I forgot to take a picture of the pennant- phooey. I used Jenni Bowlin papers in the pennant and I wore it to church on Sunday to show her. I thought she might be proud to see someone wearing her designs.
I am taking a class that my friend Doris is teaching at Get It Scrapped!. (When a title has a punctuation in it- do you still put a period at the end of the sentence?) Anyway, we are getting inspiration from different rooms or places in our homes. The first lesson was on getting inspiration from your Kitchen. I created these 2 layouts:
I have been wanting to do this idea for a very long time. It's called Design tip #1 and the journaling reads: My Mom always taught me to decorate in groups of 3. I think I may have taken that to the extreme.
I actually used a little aluminum foil on this layout.

This layout I tried something very different for me. I mod podged tissues to the patterned paper. It's hard to tell in this picture, but it gives it a really nice texture. In these pictures, the kids are playing with a tissue that Greg gave them. They had a lot of fun making a mess.
This is for her 2nd class. We got inspiration from our cars. When I looked at my odometer in my car it said, Trip A. I thought this was pretty cool, because Ashley is Triplet A (the first one born). So I used Trip A as my title. The little odometer below the title has that she is turning 6.5 (years old).
Today is class 3 and I can't wait to find out what it is going to be about.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary! and Window Shopping.

15th Wedding Anniversary
Crystal is the primary material for the fifteenth anniversary with glass as the modern material and watches as the alternate modern choice.

So does anyone actually give these suggested anniversary gifts to their spouse?

I think 15 years is a big year to celebrate! So Happy Anniversary to US!

Tonight we will celebrate at Logan's Steakhouse

(with our children)

I even have a coupon!

OH there are so many things I would like to have right now. But for now I'll have to window shop. Why don't you window shop with me?

My camera broke. I can still use it, but I have to hold the batteries in while I snap the picture. So I'm dreaming for a nice new Canon.

This is an external hard drive. The home computer runs slow and I can't put any extras on it because we don't have enough memory. So this is needed.

Next...I want my own laptop. I thought the computer at home was mine. But the kids use it. It sure would be nice to take my computer places with me. So while I'm dreaming, I would like it to have internet connection wherever I go.

I want to take a couple of classes on picture editing. Those don't cost too much. So I might be able to do that.

And to have a nice big flat screen TV, with a DVR and nice cable package.
OK- I guess my window shopping is over. I have a little one who wants to play on the computer.

Just Catchin' You Up

Wow this picture is really good considering it was taken from Greg's phone. I'm impressed.

Anyway, Saturday we got to go on a date. We were again invited to the First Night Supper Club. (Free for us) We had an interesting dinner- again not my taste, but I'd still go back. We had lamb. Please just give me a hamburger or pizza. Anyway, here we are standing on top of this building downtown. I actually was able to get close to the edge- but not for long, my knees were feeling weak.

Here is a picture I took from my camera before the batteries died. Then after the dinner we went across the street to see the play Rabbit Hole. It was really good. It was about a family, whose 4 year old child was killed in a car accident. For such a sad subject it was handled very well. You don't see the child, the play starts about a year after the accident. And it is about how they handle it. There is even quite a bit of humor in it. I recommend it!

Then guess what? Sunday night we had another date. (Yes- talk about a huge babysitting bill.) We went to see Jersey Boys. Now this was FANTASTIC!!!! I think this is the best TPAC show we have seen yet. It is about the Four Seasons band. The music was great, the play was great. Most shows I am looking at my watch wondering when intermission is, but this show had me engaged the entire time. LOVED IT! And I definitely recommend it!

I already blogged about Monday- where my poor little girl was sick. Thank goodness it was only a 24 hour bug and so far no one else has gotten it.

I thought these M&M ice cream things were too cute not to take a picture.

Today- (Wednesday) we stayed home all day. The kids were being very inventive. They dressed themselves up as something (I don't know what). But they were proud. And it was all fun and games until the masking tape had to come off.

{{{{Poor Mason}}}}

I actually got to scrapbook today. I probably should have been cleaning. But the bug hit me and I created this:

I was challenged to use something from the Kitchen. See those little pastel thingies on the tree? Those are cupcake liners.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Walgreens savings THIS week! All for $4.61

You simply MUST sign up for the ChoysterCash free couponing 10 week course!!! If I can do this anyone can!!!!

Real quick for beginners: You can use Manufacturer coupon WITH Store coupons (Walgreens).
WAGs ---- Walgreens coupon
Pulley---- A coupon attached to the product that you pull off and use
RR----- Register Rewards Walgreens and now Kroger will print off extra savings toward your next purchase if you buy certain participating products.

I'm so excited to share my savings I got this week at Walgreens!
The colors don't mean anything- just can't easily draw lines on a blog so I made each product with the price I paid a separate color.


3 Kit Kat’s (just a treat for my poor children I dragged along with me) $1.50 sale
2 pkgs. Energizer AA batteries 4 pack
Energizer Lithium AA 4 pack

· 7.99 Sale
· 5.29
· 5.29
· -4.60 Wags coupon
· -.50 pulley
· -.50 pulley
· Buy 3 packs Energizer Batteries -$15.00 Rebate
· Extra 10% by getting Walgreens gift card instead of cash -$1.50
· $1.72 tax
· = $20.29 – 22.10= {$1.81} Free + I get money back!!!
13 cans Hunts Tomato Sauce
· .80 each x 13 = $10.40
· -5.33 WAGS coupon
· Buy $10 of selected ConAgra Products -5.00 Rebate
· Extra 10% by getting Walgreens gift card instead of cash -.50
· .96 tax
· = $11.36 - $10.83 = .53 for 13 cans
2 Campbell’s Chicken noodle Soup
· 1.39
· 1.39
· -1.20 WAGs
· -1.00 coupon off 2
· .26 tax
· = $3.04 – 2.20 = .84 for both
2 Right Guard Deodorants
· 5.99 prof. strength Sale
· 4.99 (not on sale and probably should not have bought it now.)
· -1.00 coupon off 2
· Right Guard Professional - $5.00 Rebate
· $1.02 tax
· = $12.00 – 6.00= $6.00 for Both
2 Bayer Aspirin
· 2.99
· Extra package attached for free
· -$1.00 coupon
· .28 tax
· = 3.27 – 1.00= $2.27
Band aids with medicine on them (I needed these)
· 3.99
· -1.00 coupon
· -1.00 pully
· .37 tax
· 4.36 -2.00 = $2.36
24 ct. Aquafina Water
· 4.49 Sale
· -1.00 coupon
· .42 tax
· 4.91 – 1.00 = $3.91 (Will be reimbursed)
Electronic Heel Smoother Pedicure set
· 7.19 Clearance Sale
· -5.00 coupon
· .67 tax
· 7.86 – 5.00 = $2.86
Sunday newspaper $1.75
Used $10.00 RegisterRewards
Total Out of Pocket = $36.11
Total I’ll get back in Rebates (online by the way) = $27.50
All together $36.11 – 27.50 = $8.61 For everything on this page!!!!
Oh and $4 will be reimbursed so that makes it $4.61 for everything on this page!!!

Now on top of that...I got 2 Free Rentals from Red Box

1. Bolt (I LOVED THIS) I want to see it again. It's for kids.

2. Twilight - SO many people recommended I see this. I think it's best for the pre-teen crowd. It was cute, but simply not the type of movie I really enjoy.

A roller coaster

Today has been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs.

I would think that I had a very successful day except for my baby girl is sick (throwing up and diarrhea). I have a VERY hard time cleaning up puke, I'll do it if I have to, but I either gag and have dry heaves or actually throw up myself. (shoot there we go again!)

So far I've been blessed to have Greg here to clean it up every time today. I got her on some Phenergan (sp?) and it helps her for 4 hours and then you can pretty much predict she will get sick again. This is her first time taking a pill. I gave her a choice between the pill and a suppository. It's been hard for her to swallow, even though it is tiny, but I couldn't even imagine the alternative!!!!

Aussie was very proud of himself today. He made a treat by himself. He stacked 3 Ritz crackers, putting peanut butter on each and placing a few chocolate chips on them. He made them for everyone. He told me the directions to make them if I wanted to make them, and then he came back and said, "I forgot to tell you to use a knife to put the peanut butter on." That made me giggle! Then he asked me if I wanted him to draw the recipe for me. I said, no I didn't need it, but now I change my mind. I'll have him draw it out for me tomorrow. That will make a great keepsake and scrapbook page!

It's much later than I wanted to stay up...I had to help Ashley between starting and finishing this.

I want to tell everyone about my Walgreen trip this week. I typed it out already in Word, so I'm going to post another entry and copy it into my blog. I'm really tired so I will post the links in the morning. If you haven't signed up for the free couponing class with ChoysterCash than you really need to! Check out my next post to see what I learned and how well I did JUST this week.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Identical twins....or not

Today I was asking Mason what else he would like to eat.

Mason: Oats.
Me: Oats?
Mason: Yep, Just plain oats.
Me: You are just like your Dad
Mason: Yea, we both have brown eyes, we are both silly, we are exactly alike, we both have the same color h (pause).....well I have big hair and he has a little.

(If you don't know my husband...he is balding in the front.)

Bwahhhaaahahaaaaaaaa! (That is a mighty laugh by the way)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My lads and lassie

Why is it that I can't get all of them to co-operate and look at me or smile at the same time?

Money Saving Sites

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

With our current economic status, people are looking for ways to save money. I have been reading several money saving blogs. One of my favorites is ChoysterCash. She is offering a free 10-week couponing course right now (once a week). She is about to introduce week 4, but you can start from the beginning at any time. Go here to sign up.

AND let me know if you sign up because she is offering $1 for every 3 people you can get to sign up for her class.

I'm really enjoying it! The first week is on how to get FREE stuff from Walgreens.

Search & Win

Another one of my favorite sites is Swagbucks. All you have to do is use their search engine and you can earn points. There are several different things you can choose from, but for example when you earn 45 points you can get a $5 giftcard for Amazon. AND if you sign up under me, both of us get the points you earn. Typically you will earn about 1 point a day. So my suggestion is use it for everything even sites you know the address to and when you get your point, you can go on and use Google or whatever you normally use for the rest of the day (since it is a better search engine.)

Here are the money saving sites that I subscribe to their RSS feed (some are better than others- but I'll let you be the judge of what you like best)

$5 dinners
Once A Month Mom
Deal Seeking Mom
Fun Foods on a Budget
Jane 4 girls $800 annual budget
Mommy Snacks
Money Saving Methods
Pay Less for Food
Queen of Free

Also in Ms. Cheap's article last Sunday she had some other sites listed. I liked CouponMom.com but for some reason wasn't able to get an RSS feed on it. And I really like RetailMeNot.com to get codes to save you on just about any online store.

So there you go....happy saving!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Couldn't resist!

I'm SO SORRY...but I couldn't resist!

Here's a warning for tomorrow...
Have a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Over The Weekend

Friday my future daughter in law came to visit. :) Yes, Kadence's Mom had to go to the doctor and wouldn't be able to get back to co-op in time to pick her up. So she asked me if I could bring her home with us. I told the kids late Thursday night that she would be coming over. HA! My little Aussie- the one it's like pulling teeth to get him to clean up- was cleaning up everything. Running around the house saying, hurry it has to look nice for Kadence. Anyway, I thought WOW we should invite her over more often. But I changed my mind! Oh Kadence was a joy! She was no problem at all. But I had a very jealous sister! And boy did she make a scene! She cried and shouted to her brothers (while Kadence was there), "You like Kadence more than you like me." It was horrible! I tried desperately to get them all playing something they would all enjoy. I pulled out Twister. Aussie put his hand on Ashley's foot and it all went downhill! She wasn't there for very long, but I was happy when she was picked up. I don't know what I'm going to do with this little jealous behavior.

I got to scrapbook Friday night. These pictures just don't give these layouts justice. I have to admit, I really like them. I was so proud of myself for doing them all by myself. I say that because many times when I go to a crop. I get advice from others and a lot of times it becomes a collective inspired layout. And I always come home LOVING it. I love the advice of my creative friends. But Friday night- I had my own MOJO on and didn't need any advice.

MOJO- I don't know where it came from but many of us scrapbookers use it. It means when everything is just clicking into place.

And of course it is fun to say it in a deep drawn out voice-- Mooooooooow Jooooooooooooe! And I learned what E6000 is and I like it and need to get some. It is a strong glue that will even hold metal on your layouts. So we were also having fun saying that. Think Wall-E/Raymond with a southern, I mean hick accent.... E six thoooooooooouuuusaaand. We have a lot of fun at these crops!

Saturday, was a really nice day! While Greg took Aussie to Chinese school, I took Mason and Ashley to the Y for Zumba! They had a 30 min. Zumba class for kids. It was so cute! So when that was over I took them to Kids club and did the hour class of Zumba for adults. OH I LOVE IT! She is my favorite teacher so far. Since I've been taking Zumba classes, I find myself doing the merengue and salsa just about anywhere, while I put away the dishes, in the restaurant bathrooms waiting for my children. I've been caught a couple of times and I just giggle. You can check out this video I found on YouTube to get an idea what Zumba is like.

Then Greg and I actually got to relax and watch a movie. I love Redbox! We got The Dark Knight. I teased Greg the other day because he couldn't find the movie. I told him it was because he used to work in a library. He rolled his eyes and said, "Right!???"
Yes, it was under T for The Dark Knight and not "D". LOL! I guess working in a library will screw you up for the real life. JUST KIDDING!

So onto today- another good day except I forgot to take my Adderall and couldn't pay attention in church this morning.

Aussie is in this stage where he either doesn't smile for the camera or he tries to turn his head before I snap the picture. But HA! HA! HA! He's not very good at it yet and I got this great shot!

Anyway, we went to Las Palmas for lunch. We haven't been there in awhile. I had a yummy chicken taco salad. Not that it helped much with this particular lunch, but I learned a trick for eating less salad dressing. Get your dressing on the side. Dip your fork into the dressing BEFORE picking up the lettuce. You use a lot less and it still tastes good.

After lunch we went to visit a friend who is in Alive Hospice. Please pray for Mike and his family, he has a wife and 2 young children. Click here for his blog. He is not doing well. He was heavily sedated when we went to visit, but I believe we were still a blessing. When I had my babies, I was on a morphine drip and I remember knowing people were there, but I just kept falling asleep. I would be so embarrassed and would wake up and say, "I'm so sorry, I'm just so sleepy". Anyway, I took that approach with Mike. I just told him, not to worry about trying to answer us but we were just there to tell him we love him and we are praying for him and his family. I have this passion or urge in me that makes me want to sing to people in their last moments. I know my Grandma appreciated it. I feel like it is very comforting. So my kids joined me and sang to Mike. We sang, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children and we sang a request from Ashley, I'm Gonna Stand on the Rock. It was beautiful seeing and hearing my family sing with me. I thought that they might get shy, but they did it and I was so proud of them. Mike used to lead their Bible class. They had just moved up in that class when Mike started getting really sick, so they didn't know him as well as some of the other children. Mike sure had a passion for leading those young children. I asked his wife, Michelle if he had any favorite songs. And she said, I think, I'm gonna stand on the rock is one of his very favorites. I'm so glad God put that song in Ashley's heart to sing, because I probably wouldn't have sung it on my own.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunday part 3

Part 3... My friends call this predator park. It is close to a library and a lot of people come and sit on the benches and watch the kids. But Greg was with us and I didn't feel threatened at all. And the kids really had fun jumping, running, climbing, and swinging.

Mason plays tic tac toe with Dad. Nobody wins.

Ashley is surfing on the crocodile.

I love this picture. I know she's partly cut off, but I really like it.

Ashley is getting good at tic tac toe. She played Daddy and beat him.
So I guess Daddy wasn't too happy about that. :)
Climing Trees:
They were acting like monkeys in a tree.
This one reminds me of the VonTrapp family (Is that how their name is spelled?)
Trying to take a group picture with 3 kids is hard!