Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Wow! I thought I had already posted this. I've been so busy lately. Actually, things have calmed down some. Enough, for my husband and Aussie to come down with something. I think it is just really really bad allergies. I hear that last week was one of the worst for outside allergies here.

Anyway, this was a couple Sundays ago. (All of us Greenes in our Greens)

Usually, the boys don't want to dress alike anymore. But this day was really cute! They went in to church saying they were "identical twins". And Ashley always wants to look like me.

After church, Greg went to his once a month play writing thing-ama-jig and I took the kids bowling. The church had rented the whole bowling ally, so we went and had pizza and bowled 2 games. They even gave us some tokens. So each kid got to play 2 games. They always want something out of this type of game and they always ask to play it. But since I know it is a waste, I never give them money to play. But since they all had their own tokens they got to play and see that it really is a waste all on their own.

They had a great time bowling. Mason was SUPER!!! He even beat me on the second game. Some of you know that I broke my finger bowling many years ago, and I haven't been able to bowl very well ever since. But 114 is pretty good for a 6 year old that doesn't bowl but maybe once a year.

His first game I think he got a 108.

Aussie was fun to watch. He really liked playing. He would throw the ball instead of rolling it. He wasn't quite as good, but still not bad!

Ashley- well in the south we say....Bless her heart!

See that? Yes those are guards up in the gutters, so that your ball won't go into the gutter. Ashley's really talented! She is one of the only people I know who could get only 0 - 1 pin just about EVERY time with the guards up!
At least she had lots of fun, and she made up her own rules. We were on a team and our scores added together to make us in first place. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Crocs Giveaway

I love the new look of all the Crocs.

I would love to have this one. It is called Patricia.

Deal Seeking Mom is having a give-away for 10 pairs of Crocs.
I'm hoping I'll win.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I'm going over my receipts and I see that I was undercharged by about $15 last night at CVS.

I can totally see what happened.

I had caught $5 of it last night and told her about it, but she said no you get that too.

This is what happened, my first transaction last night I forgot to use my coupons. DOH!
So we returned those 3 things and did it again with the coupons.
It was a deal where I got $5 back in ECBs. (ECBs are like cash coupons that you can use on your next purchase.) That is what I caught. I said, "well I shouldn't get this because I am going to get it when we ring it up again." That is when she said, no I still get this too.

What I didn't catch until now is that when she returned my items, she gave me back full price. Which would have been OK if she had kept the 2 ECBs that I paid with. But she didn't, she handed those back to me to use again.

What to do?

I think I'll call the manager and try to work this out over the phone. I just happened to be over in the area when I went to this CVS, I don't usually go to this one.

YAY!!!!! Just called the manager. He thanked me for calling, he said he wasn't going to ask me to come back in. He said he would talk to the supervisor who worked last night and make sure that all the people know how to do these transactions. But I get to keep the $15 and my conscience is clear!

Do you check your receipts? I've caught SEVERAL mistakes since I've been couponing for about 1 month now.

Usually they are in the favor of the store. I use to NEVER check my receipts.

I hope you start looking if you don't already!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going Green!

So today is Earth day, atleast for another hour, and I've done my part on being green.

It was another beautiful day today.

I've been trying to save money in different ways. And I have been thinking about doing this for awhile. But after reading this from The Grocery cart Challenge blog, I decided to hang my clothes out to dry. I have a really lousy dryer. It takes at least 2, but mostly 3 cycles to dry a load. And I am quite pleased with the results of hanging my clothes out. What takes at least 2.5-3.5 hours to dry in my dryer took 45 minutes to dry in the sun. Now I didn't have most of my laundry line directly in the sun, but it still took a shorter amount of time and I was able to get a lot of laundry done. It's kind of relaxing too.


Tonight I went to Walgreens to get a few things and I did SUPER!

2 distilled waters on sale for $.69 each
Raisins on sale for $1.99
4 Nature Valley Bars 2/$4.00
*I used 4 coupons .50, .50, .50 and .40
* making it 4/$6.10 or $1.53 each
4 Oscar Mayer Bacon on sale for 2/ $4.00
4 cans of Pringles 2/$ 3.00
*I used 2 coupons $1.00 each
*making it 4/$4.00 or $1.00 each
A digital timer for $4.00

Then I used a coupon for a FREE Walgreen bag and 15% off my entire order and 20% off Walgreen brands.

Then I used $18 in Register Reciepts

My total came to $3.18
*in which I used my gift card, that I received from the rebates I did last month, to pay.

As my 6 year old son, Mason would say, "BOOYAH!"

Then we went to Pizza Hut.
Even homeschoolers can participate in their Book it! program.

Each month if the kids read x amount of books or if x amount of books are read to them then they receive a FREE personal pan pizza EACH month.
So we ordered 4 personal pan pizzas and we all drank water. (I have to say I'm impressed that the water tasted good- I'll have to remember that from now on.)
We used 3 Book it! coupons
So I just paid $4.14 for mine.

But our adventure didn't end there. Next we went to CVS.
This could have been another really sweet transaction if I had it together. It was still good, but it could have been better.
I'm not sure I can even explain all of this without my notes.

First transaction:
3 Tressesme items on sale 3 / $10 then you get $5.00 ECB back.
***I used 3 coupons making it 3/$7
***I used one previous ECB for $4.99
paid $2.47 received $5.00 ECB

Second transaction:

3 Aveeno products each on sale
Aveeno cleanser $7.00
Aveeno Skin relief lotion $6.00
Aveeno moisturerizer $7.00
***Deal is buy $25 and get $10 ECB. However dummy me, thought it was $20. So I need to go buy 1 more to get my $10 back. Thank goodness by using the CVS card it keeps track of what I have purchased.
***I used 3 coupons $1, $2, $2
***Then I used the $5 ECB I just earned in transaction 1 and a previous $5 ECB.
paid $1.01

Third transaction: I got nervous with so many people in line I didn't think what I should pay for next. (I will be more prepared next time!)

1 Crest toothpaste $2.88 received $2.00 ECB
1 Oral-B floss $2.88 received $2.00 ECB
1 Edge shaving gel $2.89 received $2.89 ECB
1 Bayer 4 ct. $2.00 received $2.00 ECB
1 Gas-X thin strips 18 ct $5.79 used $1.00 coupon
1 Glide tooth floss 2-pack (our favorite) $7.49 received $2.00 ECB
1 Benefiber (can be snuck into cooking) $9.29 used $2.00 coupon
1 Gas-x (URG! in the wrong place I thought it was $5) $12.49 used $1.00 coupon
***buy $20 worth Benefiber/Gas-x/Maalox receive $10 ECB
***Used previous ECB worth $7.98
total $37.08

Fourth Transaction:
Lucky Charms 2/$6
Fiber One Carmel delight
Fiber One Honey cluster cereal 2/ $6
***used 2 coupons $1.00 each making it 4/ $10 or $2.50 each and received $4.00 ECB
2 Loreal eye shadow (B1G1) $7.99
***used 2 coupons for $2.00 each making it 2 for $5.99
***used the Benefiber ECB worth $10
***used the Edge ECB worth $2.89
Total came to $2.03

All together the total was $42.59 .

***I used a gift card so OOP was $32.22 and I still have $12 in ECBs.
***I'll return that Gas-X and get the $5 one and that should give me back $7.00

***So it is LIKE getting all this stuff for $13.22


But the best part of all this is I met a new friend at CVS. :) Go read her entry on her blog here , it's about me. :)
I was slightly frazzled as always with 3 kiddos running around and trying to think hard on how to do the CVS transactions. Please read her blog, it's cute.

Jessie- It was really nice to meet you too and I wish I could have chatted with you more- (I'm interested in if you like how you keep your coupons.)

I probably found her blog through Money Saving Mom. I do remember seeing Vanderbilt in her blog name (Vanderbilt Wife) so I thought she must live close by. I remember thinking I could probaly get some good tips on the local stuff from her. It was pretty funny to run into her. (And Jessie- you are a celebrity in my book.)


UGH!- Greg's home and I haven't done the dishes.....gotta run!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

***Warning Picture Heavy***

Easter turned out to be a gorgeous day! The kids came into our bedroom WAY TOO early and said excitedly, "Happy Easter!" Greg told them to go back to bed that it wasn't even 6:30 yet. They were too excited and said, "But it's Easter." So I told them they could go down and find their Easter baskets. I loved hearing them run around looking all over. (Their little feet pattering across the floor, their voices filled with excitement saying, "over here". ) I loved it! Aussie's was found first under a table in the Livingroom. Ashley's was found next, in a box in the Foyer.
And Mason didn't find his until I gave him a clue that it was in the Kitchen.
I have to say that I am super proud of them. Each of them gave up something for Lent and they stayed true to that promise for the entire 6 weeks. There was one time that Ashley got upset that she forgot, but it happened to be a Sunday- which most people who practice Lent say that Sundays are not part of the 40 day fast. But they had gotten Littlest Pets in their Happy meals at McDonald's, so they didn't even think about it until after the fact. And I stayed true to my fast too, of not playing Webkinz. That was very good for me.
Austin was VERY adament about picking out his Easter outfit. Mason wanted to be slightly different from Austin, so he had a white shirt instead of blue.
And Ashley picked out her Orange dress to match. She had grown out of her white shoes the week before, so I had her try on some others to find out the size. I found a fabulous pair of white shoes at the consignment shop for only $4 in perfect shape. She tried them on in the car and loved them. On Easter Sunday morning...they didn't fit. So she wore white tennis shoes. Oh well!
So a friend of mine and her twins came to church with us this morning.
After church we went to Pizza Hut. I had planned for a ham lunch at home, but my friends are vegetarians.
Then we went to the park to have an Easter egg hunt and take some good pictures.
It was BRIGHT!
The kids had a GREAT time!

They even posed for pictures.

HE even posed for pictures!

They played on the playground.

And they played by the lake.

And we even got some pictures of us and our family.

All was good!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Planting a tree

We also planted a tree last Saturday. Ashley was my big helper. Mason and Aussie came out after we were pretty much finished digging the hole. Mason helped cover the hole back up. Aussie was upset that he didn't get to dig, but he found a lot of happiness with the worms. (He may like ballet and purple fairy dressed teddy bears, but He is a BOY!!!!)
He even wanted to keep some as pets. So he put some dirt and grass into the bottom of this milk jug and he has 3 or 4 worms in there. They are in the GARAGE! Ashley didn't want to get close to any of those yucky worms!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday Easter Weekend

Saturday was a wonderfully busy day. First thing we did was go to the Y. The kids had an Easter egg hunt and Aussie got to see the Easter bunny. It was quite chilly. They had long sleeves on and then we put some sweater coats on them.
Then we went to our church to do a Resurrection trail. It was wonderful! Each station had a little token the kids could take with them that could remind them of each section of the Bible we read. The first station had a piece of fur which represented the donkey Jesus rode. One station had praying hands that represent Jesus on the mountain praying, etc.
But the station that really got me and moved me was station 7. The kids had Greg write notes and then they signed them of something they wanted to be forgiven for. Then they nailed them to the cross.

They had big long nails there for the kids to pound into the ground. I couldn't even explain to the kids what they were for. Greg realized I was emotional and picked up and told them what it was for.

And then unfortunately Greg's phone rang. The alarm on our house was going off. So we left immediately. We got home as the police showed up. Everything was fine. We were unable to go back and go through the rest of the trail.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of some beautiful tulips blooming at church.

This picture just screams Spring to me. Oh how I love tulips!

Then later in the evening we did some more Spring celebrating and colored some Easter eggs.

They named their eggs. I really wanted to eat one, but how could I? I would make Starry lonely if I took the one I made away from it. Or Stripes would be upset that I ate him. Anyway, I had to wait a couple days before I could eat one.

That evening Ashley dressed up as the Easter bunny and gave us a picture in our Easter baskets that she drew.

Ahhhh....I have more, but it must wait. I must go to bed.