Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Last Sunday for Memorial Day Weekend I had all of us dress up in red, white and blue. We rarely are dressed to go together, so I tried to get a family shot. This is the best out of the TWO we got. And of course what kind of a day would it be if I didn't get resistance from somebody? Look the other two are trying to get him to smile.

So I finally get the smile and he is not looking.

Oh well!

Then Monday Greg had off work. I can tell you without even asking him that Greg doesn't like days off. He will be OK when we go on vacation, but on any other day it makes him very tense! (Even on vacation I'm sure he will call to make sure everything is OK, check his voice mail and possibly even his email IF someone hints at needing his help.)

Anyway, back to Monday. Greg had plans to make a movie of the kids, work on his writing stuff and I don't know what else. I had plans to have a picnic. The kids fiddled around and Greg decided to do a cooking show with Mason around 12:00ish aka lunchtime. But OK I can go with the flow. I get our lunches packed, we wait for the brownies to finish, and off we go to some unknown place to have a picnic. I picked a place close by, which was fairly packed. No picnic tables were left. That doesn't stop me though, I'm determined to have this BEAUTIFUL picnic. I put blankets down on the ground. I pull out our lunches. I finish my lunch and am enjoying the beautiful weather, and snapping pictures of my family. Then it started to rain. OH it's just a little rain. I could sit there, because DAGGUM it this is our Memorial Day Picnic and I am Happy! But Greg grabs everything and we are in the car before I know it. We went back home and finished our lunch. Greg was tense to say the least and so I told Greg in probably not so nice of tone to go to work. (probably more like get out of here.)

***Hey I never said that I was a saint!*****

So the rain stopped and I got the kids in the car and off to the YMCA to swim. WhooooHoooo we are excited! We get there and it is closed. UGH! So I promise the kids I will take them Tuesday and I take them to a nearby playground. Mason fell off the play dinosaur and hurt his back, and Ashley stubbed her toe and Aussie hit his head. So I declare it movie night. Off to Blockbuster to rent a movie. I thought we all agreed on Teen Titans in Tokyo. We go in and I get it and then one says, I didn't agree to that. Let's see one we haven't seen yet. OK- 3 movies later, one for each and a handful of movies on sale for half price (for our trip to Florida) and we are on our way home. They ended up watching 2 Pokemon movies. They begged for that second movie. I gave in knowing that it is summer and they don't have school the next day and I let them START the second movie around 9:30.


But HEY it's Memorial Day weekend and we certainly had a memorial'able' day!


Thank you to all of you who serve or have served our country! Thank you families for standing by and being split up for long periods of time so your spouse/father/mother can be serving our country. May God bless all of you and your families!

Lost Tooth

My baby lost his first tooth this morning. He pulled it right out himself. Of course it was hanging there for days and he wouldn't let anyone touch it. Now I know some of you are saying wait a minute, I thought he already lost 2. Well technically, they were pulled by the dentist and were never loose. When this one got loose on its own we were very excited! We didn't know if it would ever happen.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I'm sure to those in the south, when you hear the word tick, you probably think yes those are anoying little things.

But to someone from the north.... THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

Aussie had a tick on the top of his head. Greg got that one. I had a small one on my tummy. Greg got that one leaving the head for me to get out. (Thanks honey for sharing that responsibility with me.)

And the next day Ashley had one on her hip. She flipped out. The legs were moving. She was saying call Daddy call Daddy.

But Dad was at work so Mommy had to do her best. I grabbed the tweasers and went to work. When it didn't come off in 2 seconds, Ashley was panicking asking for me to call Dad to come home.

Just be still, Daddy said this could take from 3-5 minutes.

I GOT IT! And I got the head!

She broke down and cried even harder after I got it off.

They are horrible little creatures!

Friday, May 29, 2009

End of the School Year Celebration

Oh wow I'm behind yet again! And it seems the only time I can write is late late at night.

Last Friday, we went to a friend's house to have an end of the "school" year celebration. They have a lovely house with a huge yard that is surrounded by woods. The first thing my kids saw were the precious tiny kittens.
This little kitten had the sweetest mew. I think if my husband didn't have his head on his shoulders then we would have convinced him we needed to take one home.

My kids heard the others talking about the zipline and off they went into the woods.

Ashley had no fear! I on the otherhand was freaking out watching my baby jump. She wanted to go backwards, but I told her I was just not ready for that. Mason is afraid of heights so he would have nothing to do with it. I thought Aussie would do it, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it either.

I tried to go around and get down to where Ashley would end and if not to "save her" atleast get some good pictures. But as I was walking around I saw a huge what looked like an ant pile except it wasn't ants coming out of it. It was spiders. I'm a WIMP! I admit it. I went back to the starting point where some boys were talking about a tick they just saw. UUUUUUGH! And then a girl spoke up and said casually, Yah-we pulled off 5 ticks yesterday from my sister.

I said we had to go back and get bug spray on.
And on our way back we ran into this: It was small-but not something I was very happy about. We managed to get around it and got back to the house. In which I immediately called my husband and asked him to get off work now and come play with the kids, because I am NOT going back into those woods. Thankfully, he has a job in which he can do stuff like that as long as he makes up his time.

I told the other parents of the snake that I found. They said if it is a solid black or a solid green then it is fine. look I took a picture of it. EEEEEk! That is not a solid color.

Before I go on with the rest of the day, let me say that I stayed up to weee hours of the night to research and find out just what kind of snake this was. If I would just look at the patterns, I would have said this was a rattlesnake. But I did my research. I enlarged the head. Apparantly, if the snake has slither eyes then it is poisonous, but if it has round eyes like this one then it is not. What I believe this to be is a gray ratsnake. To tell you the truth it doesn't make me feel any better.

So I told the kids they had to wait for Dad before going back into the woods. Which really wasn't a problem there was lots of fun things to do.

Mason asked a boy if he could try the scooter. I was close enough to hear the conversation. Mason just wanted a turn and the boy wasn't to willing to let Mason try.

"It isn't fair"

I just asked the boy if when he was finished if my son could try it.

It's amazing how other children act toward adults so much nicer than when asked from another child.

"SURE" and he immediately got off.

OK- I didn't mean for him to get off at that moment but whatever.

Mason tried it for a little tiny bit, saw what it was like and gave it back to the kid.

I thought this tree stump was really cool! They had hollowed it out. I didn't go in it, but the boys said that there was a dog bed in it. They had put a board on top and a slide down the other side. That must have been SOME tree! I wonder what happened to it.

Then Daddy came to the rescue!

I left to go scrapbooking and gave instructions to take pictures. He did good.
Ashley went back on the zipline.

Here's a close up.

And it appears Daddy let her go backwards.

Then they had a camp fire.
And they toasted marshmallows (or burned them).

And then made YUMMY Smores! In which the boys took one bite and then gave them to Dad.

Friday, May 22, 2009

First Adventures

Today the kids woke up writing and drawing story books. They were opening a library in our house. They have been creating ALL DAY and have LOTS and LOTS of books. So I decided to write a book too, to put into their library. Enjoy! (Sorry some of the pencil lines didn't scan very well.)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We had a really great day yesterday!!! And we even did school. We are reading the book Detectives in Togas and the kids and I are enjoying it.

After reading and doing our Math and Language, we headed outside to play in the sprinkler.

Mason was more interested in shooting everyone with the water gun instead of getting wet himself.

And here is Ashley and Aussie saying you can't get us.


They all wanted to get me!

I told Mason if he got me he was asking for trouble. He shot me then ran inside the house. A few minutes later he came out saying SORRY!
Too late! I picked him up and ran through the cold sprinklers. I used him as my shield, so mainly he got wet.
Aussie asked me to play with him. I said I am playing. I'm playing with my camera.
He said if I would play with him, he would let me take his picture.
Everything was great until after their showers and I saw just how bad Mason got sunburned. I felt so bad! I thought about bug spray, but I didn't think so much about putting on sunblock. Poor fella! He seems to be just fine this morning though.
And now...I got to get ready to take these kids to music class.