Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am a macho guy!

So how many people do you know who can break a finger while running in place?

I am such a dork!

Monday I was working out at the Y doing the 30 minute cafe (similar to Curves). The stations are very close together. It has a machine and then a running mat and then another machine all around in a circle. The idea is to go around 3 times for a 30 minute workout. Anyway, on many occasions I have hit my hand on a machine beside where I am running. But on Monday, I was carrying weights. And the tip of my little finger hit the machine next to me and got caught between the machine and the weight. It HURT! WOW! It bruised up immediately.

So this is self diagnosed, but I think my finger is broken. It is at the tip of my finger so it wouldn't need to be reset. I put a splint on it. I just don't want to spend the $$$ to get it x-rayed when all they would do is put a splint on it.

Today I was looking up how long I should wear my splint on the Internet. And I came to a site that said that all finger injuries should be checked out by a doctor. It said, "Yes, there's probably some macho guy in your neighborhood who says to tape the finger up and it'll be fine, because that's what he did. He's an idiot."

hmmmmm....I must be the macho guy who is an idiot. But at least I used medical supplies and not duct tape.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Vacation

Oh my goodness it must be Summer vacation!

I stayed at home today to try and get some stuff done around the house. I ended up doing a whole lot of everything and not getting anything completely done.

Anyway we have kept ourselves busy, busy, busy, with free bowling (except shoe rental for kids), free movies at the theatre, going to the zoo, and swimming at the Y. Who has time to blog?

Be prepared for some blurry pictures, I'm afraid my camera is dying.

The kids are really loving the bowling! We've been 3 times now and I think we will go tomorrow if I can get some stuff done around the house first.

Mason just got a spare. Way to go!

Ashley is super cute when she bowls. I taught them to follow through with their hand (not that they understand). Anyway, she throws her ball and then puts her arm up. It's really sweet.

Aussie has become pretty good. However-look at this picture. THIS is how he throws his ball. I've tried to teach him the right way or even a less scarier way, but he can't hold the ball with his fingers in the holes and he's doing a pretty good job knocking down the pins throwing it like a baseball. I cringe every time the ball hits the floor.

Dalton is allergic to the bowling alley. You think I'm funny? I'm serious. For some reason when he gets there he goes bonkers. They haven't stayed for a full game yet. But he sure is a cutie. Poor little fella though, he has a crush on Ashley, but Ashley has a crush on his brother, Braxton.

Braxton has got the form of bowling down. He does a pretty good job. I love to watch him. He watches that ball seriously and he might squat down with his arm out and follows through.

And here is Ashley flirting. She took Braxton's lucky hat away and put it on herself. Dana and I looked at each other, "UH oh TROUBLE!"

I didn't really like the kids doing this, but when I saw Dana's boys doing it, I knew it would make a good picture. (too bad I'm not getting very good shots!) That is where they keep the bowling balls.

I thought that Aussie had made this up but later learned that their friend Gabriel said it first. One of the days we ate lunch at the restaurant at the bowling alley. When we walked into the BAR and Grill. The kids started saying OH this is HEAVEN! Over and over and over again!!!!! This is Heaven! That's right a stage, a dance floor, gambling machines, darts, pool tables, nasty food and

let's not forget the bar with various kinds of alcohol. Aussie said, make sure to get a picture of the whole area back there with all those bottles. (the bar) BTW...apparently it's a family restaurant by day and over 21 by night.

Interesting! Not my idea of Heaven, but it sure made me laugh!

I got to bowl with Treyton once. I did pretty good too. I knocked 9 down, I don't remember if I picked it up or not. That would have been a funny picture though had someone gotten it.

And what is really cool, is they give the kids 4 free tokens to play the games in the arcade every time we go. It's really a cool place except for the bar and grill.

AND drum roll please......

I got my 2nd highest score yesterday. My highest score was 198- the day/game I broke my finger bowling. And yesterday I got a 192. Wooo hoo! A few days ago I was making a 78 or barely 100. Maybe I'm getting my groove back?

And here are just a few pictures of when we went to the zoo on members night. They got to ride the carousel and play on a jumpy maze race thingy.

Here is Mason and Aussie racing against each other.

Tomorrow should be interesting! Ashley is having a friend spend the night. I wonder how this will play out. I hope the boys leave the girls alone, but I'm not counting on it!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Aunt Chelle

I got a call from my brother! That could only mean 2 things:

1. He is coming to town and wants to spend the night with me tonight.


2. His wife is pregnant.

YAY! I'm going to be an Aunt again!

Congratulations John and Beth!!!!

I wish I could be closer!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

My poor baby girl!!!!!

Question: So what do these 3 pictures have in common?

Answer: One little girl who shouldn't have been playing on the outside railing!

Yesterday, while I was cleaning out the car in the driveway the kids were playing nearby.

Ashley climbed up on the railing and couldn't get down.

Aussie said to me Ashley needs help, in a tone much like he would say if she needed help with a craft.

Then Mason said, she needs help getting down. I get out of the car and look up to see Ashley on top of the railing and she says, "I'm OK Mom I got it."

I was mad. What was she doing up there?

I was on my way to help her when she lost her balance. Her legs still on the top rail, she grabbed a hold of the rail with her hands and did a flip much like the gymnast above. Except instead of being on the uneven bars, she was on the railing where her face went smashing into the rails.

It was horrible!

Blood was dripping everywhere. As bad as it was it could have been much worse if she wasn't hanging on. Her head could have hit the cement and couldn't have been much worse.

Greg wasn't home and I wasn't quite sure if I should take her to the emergency room or not. All I saw was blood, she could have had a broken nose or who knows what?

So I tell the kids to get in the car and I text Greg to call now! He was at a play. I feel terrible that he had to leave. I just thought I would meet him somewhere and we would decide if I need to take her in. As I was on the phone with him I saw a policeman at a gas station. I told Greg I was going to ask him. I pulled in and got the police man's attention and asked him to look at her. He said that I probably didn't need to take her in. He flashed his flashlight in her mouth and I could see the big cut up on her gums. She still had all of her teeth. He said that mouth injuries heal fast and they couldn't stitch her up there anyway. So I took her home and put ice on it.

The pictures shown here are from today (the next day). So she actually looks much better than the night before!

We were at church and Ashley was looking at a book of World Animals. She saw this mandrill and pointed to it and then pointed to herself. {{{PITIFUL!!!}}} It's sad but true, I think there is a bit of a resemblance. Poor baby girl!!!!


I had to apologize to the kids today for saying a bad word last night over and over again when this happened. I told them I had already asked God to forgive me and I hoped they would forgive me too. And of course they did!

Ashley said that yesterday was the worst day ever for her. The beginning of the day was fun, but after knocking off 14 ticks off of her before we even got home and pulling out 6, she may be right. (That story for another day.)

Please pray that she heals quickly!