Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday presents

And this would be why I haven't blog in a very long time....

I have been creating presents for my kids for their birthday.

This is the blanket I made for Mason. This is Link from Windwaker Zelda game. He has many favorites, but this is the one he told Ashley was his favorite character right now.

This is the blanket I created for Aussie. He made up this character called Cat Link and I copied it from one of his drawings.
This is the planet Saturn. One day Aussie said out of the blue, I wish I had a stuffed Saturn. So I tried my best. It was tremendously hard to make. The ball part was easy, it was the rings that put me over the edge. I broke 5 needles on my sewing machine creating these projects.

This is a Tiger pillow that I created for Ashley, hoping that it would satiate her desire for a tiger blanket. She has been begging for a tiger blanket every 5 minutes for days.And here is the tiger blanket that I FINALLY finished tonight. The sewing on it is absolutely terrible. I had the worst time sewing it. The fabric would slide and move on me. The tension on the sewing machine, I could never get right and it would leave big messes of string on the underside. I think she will love it, I just hope it stays together!
I still have a few things to make. I need to paint the sheilds and possibly make swords. I want to create a few other sewing projects, but I just may not have the time.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Just when things are looking up....
That would be the exhaust pipe on Greg's car.
Driving home tonight I heard a bonk and metal dragging on the ground. I thought maybe I had a flat tire and I was hearing the rim. I pulled over immediately into the liquor store parking lot. For some reason that seems to be the place I stop when I have a problem. LOL. (Last time was when there was terrible traffic and I had to pee so bad for miles and that was the first place I came to.) I got out and looked and didn't see anything. I got back in the car and drove a couple inches and knew something was wrong. I called Greg, got out of the car again and this time looked under the car. Yep- that big pipe fell down. Greg came to the rescue. He brought wire, got under the car and wired it into place. Of course, that is just a temporary fix. So we dropped it off at the car repair place. I have to get up early and take him to work and that is why I'm going to bed early (ha ha ha) 1:30AM instead of 2:00AM.
OK so now I'm being silly.... Do you know that song...The rythym is gonna get you by Gloria Estefan?
I'm singing The devil is tryin' to get you, the devil is tryin' to get you tonight! Away Away! Away Away! Go away go away!
OK off to bed now.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Well recently I've been down a bit, but I think I'm back now. I hate, hate, hate money issues. Everything is breaking and there is just not enough moolah to fix everything. But Greg and I sat down and carefully went over our plan for this month. At first I wasn't allowed to buy the kids birthday presents. That had me more depressed than anything. Now don't get me wrong- they wouldn't be going without. We plan to go to Disney World for their Birthday. That's a pretty awesome present. Everyone gets in FREE on their birthday this year, which makes it really nice when you have multiples. So we would only have to pay for the 2 of us. However, travelling is not cheap, hence the strict budget. But is was SO NICE to have Greg sit down with me and go over the budget. Both of us are on a plan and on the same page- that is such a relief! And by working together we have been able to get our Y membership back and have enough money to buy presents.

Thank you!!!!!

And I need to give a HUGE Thank you to my in-laws who helped us purchase a dryer. And it is a nice one too. I am so excited when the little chime goes off and the clothes are actually dry THE FIRST TIME!!!!! Our other dryer was taking at least 3 times to go through and I wouldn't hear when it went off so many times wet clothes would just sit in the dryer. I LOVE this one! Thank you guys so much!!!!! I did all of my laundry in one day, and even folded and put them away. That is HUGE!!!!
---Catchin' You Up!---

Many good things are going on so I need to catch you up...

My little peanut pulled out her tooth July 4th. She did it! Aussie has had one as loose as hers for weeks and he won't let anyone touch it. She was so excited. She kept going around the house and saying "CHEESE". meaning take my picture, take my picture.

She said, "I wonder if the tooth fairy will bring THREE dollars this time." I said, "I don't think so." And she said, "Oh yah it's not the threeth fairy it's the TWOth fairy."

Many people told me my kids will despise me dressing them a like- not that I cared I did it anyway. But now Mason and Aussie WANT to look alike. And it needs to be EXACT. Aussie even said, "Did you get us the same underwear?"

Sunday Aussie had a fit because it wasn't exact. I had everyone wearing orange, but it wasn't the SAME shirt.

---MY Project---

So I was given a budget of $50 to purchase materials to make the kids something for their birthday. They LOVE blankets. They have several, but they play with them. So I planned to make them blankets with special characters on them. I loaded up with coupons for JoAnn's and was hoping to get everything I needed on sale, etc. I started adding up how much material I would need and all the different colors and I didn't think I could stay within that budget. So I went to a local thrift store. I got just about everything I need for $36. YAY!!!!

Have you ever purchased anything where you were actually embarrassed to put it in your cart? Well I did. Check out this bed spread.... There was even curtains to match, but I only needed the yellow fabric from the bed spread.

Tonight I started making a Saturn plush toy for Aussie. I have a very strange son! One day he said he really wished he had a one. So I thought this fabric was perfect. I saw a bag of fiber fill for $1.50, but I also saw a pillow for $.50. So I thought hey, I'll buy the pillow and pull out the stuffing.

I will try just about any craft, sometimes they work out and sometimes they don't. The stuffing....Oh boy! Little teeny tiny balls! Not only are the teeny tiny little balls EVERYWHERE, sticking to my legs, my arms, the floor, my clothes, everything, the ball I started for Saturn looks like a yellow tomato and not a circle. Good thing I have a lot more fabric. It is too small anyway. So here is hoping I make it right tomorrow. This time I'll get the right stuffing!
I'll keep you updated on the process.