Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The ballet

I am so very sleepy, but I wanted to show you what I have been working on. I've made 10 tutus in the last week. We had a going away party for our music minister at church. This was the act that lightened the load so to speak.

5 pretty little girls

One (reluctant to get picture) young boy and 4 BIG Men! (2 of which are new elders in our church)
I actually got a video, but it is too big of a file to even play on my computer. So we are hoping to find some way to download it. If we do, I'll definitely share.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mod podge

The kids built a tent in the family room using this stage curtain as the entrance. Ashley looks a little crazed here trying to get on top in the picture.

My boys are now Tiger cub scouts. They joined with their best friends Dalton and Braxton.

They have been begging for at least a year to join. So I finally let them do it. I have already found out that it is not just them who joins but you also join as well. I feel like I had to write my name in blood on all those forms. And they are ALREADY selling popcorn! Good grief! They are tickled, but I am really dreading all the things I have to do! And dang those uniforms are expensive. The shirt alone (on sale) was $26 each. We will have to get things a little at a time. Next month is badges and belt. Maybe November will be hats.

I have been looking for skateboards at the thrift stores for my friend Dana. She is decorating her boys' room with skateboard stuff. Aussie found the perfect one, but unfortunately begged to keep it. It had the Monster's Inc. symbol on it! So he got to keep it for $1.50.

We have some miniature sunflowers growing in our front yard. The kids love them. I want to get the big ones for next year.

Now, guess what my precious daughter did. She made a dress for her best friend Abby. I drew the pattern on the material. She cut it out. She stepped on the sewing machine thingy as I guided the material through. She was going to make hers, but the sewing machine broke. She had already given the one to her friend and asked her to wear it the next day. So guess what this Mommy did? She didn't want to disappoint her daughter, so she stayed up to 3:30AM hand-sewing Ashley's dress.

She did an excellent job and they both wore it to Co-op on Friday.

After co-op we stopped at Krispy Kreme. They were so tickled to watch the doughnuts being made.

Ashley was a little nervous sitting on the tiny edge, hence the worried look on her face.

The State Fair part 1

Well I didn't know how fun a state fair could be! Last Tuesday we went to the state fair for a field trip.
We were able to get in free, but WOWZERS I had NO idea how expensive food and stuff was there. I mistakenly thought oh we will just get $1 hotdog for lunch. AY AY AY! I ended up spending $44 including the 2 ATM charges $2 from that bank for using it and $2 from my bank for using a different ATM.

Good thing we had an amazing time!

BP had some places set up where you could get your picture taken with different backgrounds. The kids enjoyed playing on the surfing one.

They also got to do some fun rock climbing on a moving wall. It was hard to get Aussie to move on to something else. He was good at it and didn't want to stop. The man had to finally pull him off.

All around one part of the fair were these funny cutouts where you put your face in for a picture. Mason was especially into it and wanted his picture in every single one.
Aussie wouldn't be caught dead in this one!

Alright, so I had to get in on this one! It is the image I use for myself on Facebook. I think it is so funny and accurately describes my everyday life. LOL!

Then we saw a cool dog show!

Every thing we did the kids would say this is my favorite. Then we would move onto something else and they would say that that was their favorite.
I was so happy that we had a pleasant day. Not much fighting or whining. Most of the time the kids were really enjoying themselves.
But this is where my battery in my camera died. Then I started taking pictures with my phone. I haven't edited those yet, so that will be part 2.