Friday, November 27, 2009


Today was NOT my day!

I went to Walmart at 4:30 this morning. It was PACKED full of people. I don’t mind that typically on Black Friday. However, I was quite stressed that they had everything on sale in odd places in the store. The cricut was in electronics, tvs were in crafts and toys, the princess Barbie was in automotive, the jackets were spread all over the store, etc. I went back and forth and found practically everything I wanted but not everything. I wanted to get to JoAnn’s at 6:00, but I waited in line for over 1 ½ hours!!! Right when I got up to the checkout, one of the cashiers had a problem. But she could not take care of it, she had to call my cashier to come help. So I waited and waited while other people just kept passing me at the other checkout line. OK finally my turn! She rings me up and my credit card is denied. It’s the end of the month and I have no money in the bank. I have absolutely no other way to get this stuff! So I have to leave it there and walk out. Later, I vaguely remembered replacing my Sam’s card. It was taking so long for them to get the card to me that I said, “don’t sign me up for the credit card, we don’t use credit cards anyway”. Hmmm…no wonder it was denied, I never re-set it up.

So I headed out of there empty handed trying so hard not to cry, but unsuccessful and went to JoAnn’s. Luckily they still had the $35 Christmas tree I wanted. I had a little bit of cash on me, so I bought the tree and some fabric.

Then I went with my friend to Target. One of the sales clerks was trying to get something off a top shelf for someone else. Well it fell! ON ME! A heavy box came tumbling down on my head and then the corner of the box hit my arm. I was quite shocked! It made me dizzy. This happened before noon and it still hurts.

Then I came home and had to vacuum the entire house because of the little flea problem we had. As I was vacuuming, the vacuum got stuck on my bedspread. I quickly turned it off, but somehow I tripped and fell. I twisted and caught myself, but now my hip hurts.

So I think I just need to go to bed!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Beverly Hills Stray

Well....I couldn't resist! Today I went to a friend's house and actually crafted. I made some Christmas tags and started my December daily. I have not had that much fun in a long long time. I miss getting together with my girlfriends!


On my way out, as I was loading my car, a little visitor decided to jump in my car. Apparently she has done this on many occasions. Last night she had jumped in another friend's car and my friend didn't know it until she came out to go home. She must have stayed in there for 7 hours.
Anyway this very sweet, affectionate kitty likes to get in places where it is warm. She tries to get in peoples houses, etc. My friend told me that she is a very loved stray. They had a stray cat in their neighborhood who was pregnant. Their neighbor cared for the stray while she was pregnant and while it gave birth. 2 kittens were given away, 1 kitten may have been stolen and this kitten was still around. She is about 6 months old. All the neighborhood children love her. One girl dressed her up in baby clothes and carried her around. However, no one was willing to put her inside the house and it is starting to get cold.
So I brought Tika (pronounced Tee-cah) formally named Princess home with me on a trial basis. (Yes she does look a lot like Kiki, but much skinnier!) My friend will ask her neighbor tomorrow just to make sure it was ok that I brought her home. Anyway, Tika stayed in the back of the car for the first half of the ride home and then she ventured up to the front seat. She climbed up on my chest and just cuddled me the rest of the way home.
When I got home I noticed that my dinner, I had in the front seat was missing it's chicken. She ate the entire piece of chicken! So that is what she was doing the first half of the trip in the back seat. When I told my friend about this, she told me she fed it a bunch of chicken this morning and some milk. LOL! That is how I have come to call her the Beverly Hills Stray. I hope she can come to love L.A. (lower Antioch) where she will be loved but fed CAT FOOD!
I worried about Kiki being mean to her. We had heard before, when we were thinking about getting another cat, that we should keep them separated for several days. Let one stay in the bathroom, while the other roams the house and they can sniff and talk to each other through the door. Then trade off. Well Kiki was a little nervous, her eyes were HUGE, she wagged her tail a bit and just stared at Tika. Tika stared at Kiki and this sweet little gentle kitty growled at my Kiki. Uh oh!
I put Tika in the bathroom. We got a stuffed animal dog bed and put it in there for her. She immediately cuddled up in it and purred!
I think she really likes it here already. I think she is just precious and I really hope it works out. And I hope Kiki and Tika will love each other and get along well.
I tried to love on Kiki after putting Tika away and Kiki was scared and scratched the living daylights out of me! She is warming back up to me, but I don't think she liked me cuddling with another cat!
We are not telling the kids that we are keeping her yet! There are too many possibilities that she might have to go back.
So tomorrow morning the kids will find out that we have a visitor.
We are telling them we are babysitting Tika for awhile until we know if we can keep her.
Here are a few cute pictures from earlier on in the day.

Alrighty, I must go to bed. Good night. Sweet dreams! Pray for us!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Birthday

November 11- My birthday. My Mom was coming into town so I spent the day cleaning the house. Ashley kept saying over and over, "But it's your birthday you shouldn't have to clean the house- let Daddy do it." Daddy has been extremely busy himself. It was a nice thought though- but I had to do it. I cleaned up until the very minute my Mom showed up at the door. "Everything has a place- and I was trying very hard to get everything in its place."


I turned 39. I suppose this is where I stop counting. I really would like to have one more baby, but Greg says this is the last year. He tried to make it the last year for at least the last 2 years. All along Greg said he wanted 3 children, I wanted at least 4. But since God likes him best (wink) I think he is going to get his way.

Ashley told Greg to pick up a cake for me on his way home from work. She wanted to make sure I knew it was HER idea. He came home and took her out to help pick out the cake.

They got a Dairy Queen cake- My favorite! Ashley helped pick it out. She picked chocolate because she knew I liked it. She does not like chocolate herself. I thought that was very sweet of her!
So she ate Skittles instead of cake.
I think there are a couple cherries missing on my cake. Hmmmm!

Aussie said we needed to have 39 candles on the cake. Mom said we might burn down the house. HA! I looked all over the house and couldn't find any candles.
So the boys pretended to be flames. They sang to me and I blew them out.

Greg served the yummilicious cake.

And we ate the cake. Some more civilized than others.

"OH Aussie- Did you finally realize you have a spoon?"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuesday, November 10

It was simply a gorgeous day November 10th. Dana wanted to get pictures of her boys and so we met them at a nearby park. We got there a little bit earlier so my kids took off doing their own things. It was so warm outside, we all could have been wearing shorts. I had already put away their short sleeve shirts and shorts for the winter. I rolled up their pants to let them "put their feet in the water."
But I think Aussie thought it meant time to go swimming.

It was hard to get them out once they got in. They miss swimming at the Y so much! Unfortunately, the outdoor pools are closed for the winter.
I brought a rake and Ashley started raking leaves...
to obviously jump in them.

When our friends got there, they had a good time jumping in the leaves and running all over the park. Unfortunately, my battery died and I didn't get anymore pictures. I'm hoping Dana got some of my kids in the leaves and under this beautiful tree that was there.
But I'll leave you with this sweet picture. It's amazing when I can get them all to smile!

Not quite well

Ashley insisted that she was feeling OK on Friday the 6th. She had been fever free for at least 24 hours. She REALLY wanted to go to co-op. So I took her. I wasn't planning on going myself because I didn't feel good. I had 2 people who volunteered to take over my class. But since I was feeling a little better, and with a little begging from my daughter I went. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have gone.

Ashley had a girl scout meeting. She knew if she was sick, she wouldn't be able to go. So I suppose she pretended to be well.

It was a beautiful day and Mason played in the leaves with some other boys.

Aussie played on the monkey bars, but when Kadence got there he hung out with her. The girl scouts were making plates for presents- they were supposed to be for their parents. The siblings were allowed to make a plate too. I really wanted Aussie to make a plate with Catlink on it. So I got him to draw that. Mason drew a Pokemon character and Ashley to drew Tigerlily. I think Kadence was a bit upset that he didn't make a plate for her. Sorry girlie! If I'm going to pay $7 for each plate- it's going to his Mama!
Ashley got really sick and we had to hurry home. She fell asleep at 6:00 and slept thru the night.
Sunday we went shopping! Oh how I love to shop! Saturday we bought the kids new shoes. They needed them. Aussie jumped up 2 1/2 sizes! The only thing he could wear were Crocs.
But Sunday we were on a mission to find Greg an interview outfit.
Check out Mr. GQ
Well we think he's handsome!
And I would hire him.

But before he got his groove on as Mr. GQ, he got his groovy on.
And now check out this cool dude!

He is not only cool but he is one happy chap!

Well Hmmmm...I thought I was actually going to go to bed early tonight. I guess that didn't happen. Goodnight!