Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009!

Christmas was wonderful this year! I love to hear the kids first thing in the morning when they run downstairs to see what was brought.

We told the kids they could get into their stockings, but they were not to wake us up until 7AM.

Ashley was the first up around 7:25. She woke up the boys. They ran downstairs and within 5 minutes, Aussie was upstairs waking us up. He said, "Hurry get up it's Christmas. We LET you sleep in!"

I had a hard time getting up, but I did, and with a smile! I went to bed at 4:30AM, who knows when I actually went to sleep. I have a little stinker who thinks it is playtime at that time of night. recently, we have been closing the door so she wouldn't bother us, but I really wanted to hear the kids go downstairs.

So let's talk about Christmas Eve. The kids have gotten it in their heads that they are allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve.

So I let them open a present. I don't know who had more fun, them or me.

We got them Marshmallow guns.

Mason had an especially hard time shooting it. So I would take it "to see what was wrong" and shoot him with it. They all had fun shooting Daddy!

After opening the presents, the cake we baked had cooled down, so the kids helped decorate the Birthday cake for Jesus. This is our family tradition and I really love it! I think maybe they put as many sprinkles on the cake as how old Jesus would be if he were alive in person today. (Don't get all theological on me, I'm not quite sure how to write that.)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Thank you God for sending your precious son to be an example for us. And then to die on the cross for our sins! Because I did not live so many years ago, I don't really understand why it had to be done. But I do believe it happened and that he rose again and by doing this he has sacrificed himself, so that WE might have eternal life. He was the ultimate, perfect sacrifice. No other sacrifices need to be made. He died for OUR sins! And now by God's grace, we will be able to live with Him forever in his glorious kingdom.

And that is one reason we celebrate His birth. We know that it was probably not December 25th, but that is the day the world has set aside to celebrate it. And with our government trying to take God out of everything, so far this is one thing we can still hold onto. And that is why in our family we will continue to make our cake and cupcakes every year, so we can share God's love with others.

It was hard to get the kids to bed. They practically stay up as late as Greg does, but when they finally went down I went to work.

How is this for irony? I was too lazy to dig through the Christmas boxes to find the stockings, so I decided to make them some new ones. I didn't have time to sew their names on them before they were opened. But I have done that now and they are ready for next year.

As I was putting the presents around the tree, I realized I had a lot for one child and not the others. I KNEW that could not be right because a few days earlier I had written down everything everybody got and made sure that everyone had the SAME amount of presents to open. You know with kids it doesn't matter how much you spend on each person, it's how many presents each gets to open. Anyway, at 2:30AM I realized that I had put the unwrapped presents in an upstairs closet. UGH! I still had presents to wrap! A LOT of presents to wrap! I thought that I had already wrapped all the presents except the very few that we were testing out earlier in the day. So it took me another 2 hours to get everything wrapped and put under the tree. Greg woke up and came downstairs at 4:20 and asked me if I needed help, just as I was putting the last things into the stockings. I love him, but he is NO Santa Claus!

I found this animated deer in Florida at a thrift store while we were there. It had a doe partner but I could only afford one and even that one gave Greg shivers up his spine that I was purchasing it and where are we going to put it, etc. But I LOVE it! Absolutely LOVE it! Next year I will put it outside, but I didn't decorate outside this year so I just put the deer right on inside with our Christmas tree.

The kids had a blast opening presents. I noticed that Aussie didn't have any big presents, so I wrapped up a small present in several boxes. He kept opening boxes until he got to his small present. I wasn't sure if he would like that. I actually thought it would irritate him, but he surprised me. He thought it was pretty funny. And he really liked the gift inside. But I thought if I hadn't done that he would have complained that he didn't have any big presents. Oh the things I have to worry about!
Mason is such a happy boy! He enjoys just about anything given to him. He is always the peacemaker between Ashley and Aussie. He is just a really good boy!

And his eyes sparkle when he is happy.

Ashley got a "doll and me" doll, similar to the American Girl dolls but $100 cheaper. I wasn't sure she would like it. But she does like it, especially since her best friend called her and told her she got an American Girl doll for Christmas. I so hope that "brands" don't get in the way! I was able to get her and the doll 2 cute outfits that match.

Tika liked playing with the wrapping paper and the mini marshmallows leftover from last night.

Daddy got the video game that he really wanted, Plants Vs. Zombies. It's a funny game played on the PC. Greg keeps wanting me to try it, but it looks too stressful to me. Plus I don't need another thing to keep me busy. I've got enough on my plate.
The boys were quite pleased too.

One of Aussie's favorite gifts was a real bowling ball. I happen to find one at Goodwill for a couple of $. Unfortunately, no one in town engraves on bowling balls anymore. I will have to find one in Ohio or something when we go there next.

I think the theme this year was legos and Video games (which includes Sonic.) They all got some of their favorite stuffed Sonic characters.

Ashley got several tiger things. One thing I ordered online was this cute, cute tiger backpack. When I got it, I was quite disappointed because it is tiny! 12" tall and very slender. She likes it but I was disappointed.

And here is Ashley with her big present.

We waited until the last present was opened under the tree to pull out the family present from Gramma and Grampa. It was THE thing that everybody wanted... The Wii.

After opening presents we went to church for lunch. It was almost cancelled this year, because the family who hosts it wanted to take a break. A week before Christmas, someone stepped up and took over the role of hosting. I was very thankful!

There wasn't many people this year, probably because most people thought it was cancelled and made other plans. But it was still nice.

Ashley wore one of the outfits she got for Christmas.

And she brought her matching doll,
whom she calls Sarah.

So we left church and the little kids cried, "wii, wii, wii" all the way home. (Greg came up with that and I think it is funny!)

And here is a couple more pictures of Ashley with her Tiger.

I hope all of you had a nice Christmas too!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chinese Performance

This is Aussie's introduction. He says his name, how old he is and that he likes zebras.

Aussie's Chinese performance was a huge success!

His class performed a song about a fish. They did so well that they have been asked to perform it again sometime in January at another school. This time it might make it on the news. Ashley and Mason think it will make Aussie famous to be on TV.

Here are some pictures from that day.

Guess who is the fish?

They performed right before intermission. They had a hard time starting up again, because the fish was very popular with the kids. I had to drag him away.

Ashley and Mason had to try it on.

They look cute!

Looking at Greg in this shot.. is well.. just frightening!

It was a fun day and I'm really proud of my Aussie!