Monday, March 22, 2010

More pictures from the other day

Well I was having a VERY frustrating problem, it seems to have stopped, so I'm wondering if I should go to bed. A technician is supposed to be calling back, however it has been WAY OVER the allotted 15 minutes he was supposed to call in. But since the problem has apparantly stopped, should I go to bed or should I call them back? It's 2:20 AM- I think I am going to risk it and go to bed.

Here are some of the other pictures I took from the other day. "St. Patrick's Day" I won't take the time right now to put them in order or even tell the story. Basically, we took Steena to the park, since she has been cooped up for way too long. She has a broken leg and so does Flat Stanley. So I wheeled them around the park.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St, Patrick's Day

Just a very quick update to say Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We took Steena to the park and wheeled her around. Of course we took Flat Stanley also to see the Parthenon. We picnicked and had a great time.
I have more pictures to share but I'll have to share them tomorrow as I'm pretty tired right now.
Then we came home and have accepted a new family member into our home. Her name is Sally, she is 6 years old. Her owner is in her 70's. She loves her very, very much, but she tripped over her and broke her wrist. They've known for a long time it was time for her to go but she just couldn't bare it. After she tripped, that was the last straw. So when her daughter heard that my children were grieving over the loss of Tika; she asked if we might like to take on a very friendly cat. We weren't sure if it was actually going to happen as she asked us several weeks ago. Then yesterday she called from Atlanta (where her Mom lives) and asked us again. So she brought Sally to us. Sally seems to be friendly but she is not so sure about Kiki. Kiki is doing better this time around than when she was getting used to Tika. But Sally has never been around another cat and it is Sally who is doing all the hissing.
Sally is a tortoise cat. Much like calico, most tortoise cats are female. Tortoise cats have very little if any white on them.
Sally is the name she was given by the other family, I don't think we can change it now. However we might try something that rhymes like Ally or Cally and see if that works.

Yes- I suppose we are becoming a real cat rescue shelter.
I don't really mind.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Flat Stanley plays some more

Friday morning, Flat Stanley went to co-op. He got to hang out with the 3rd and 4th grade class and He got to hear about 4 different people who live in 4 different countries. Then after co-op Flat Stanley decided to play some more. He really enjoyed riding on the scooter.He took a ride with Mason.
And he took a ride with Ashley.

Then they went to the neighbor's trampoline.

Unfortunately, Flat Stanley had an accident. He decided to sit down on the swing and didn't realize it was wet. Ink went everywhere and his little leg ripped. He needs to go to the lamination doctor. So he has been resting over the past 2 days. He is really looking forward to getting out on Tuesday. He is going to get to see the Parthenon. Then he will be sent to Ohio for the 2nd part of his trip.

Thrifty piano and clothes

Well this is the $12.50 piano I bought.
We haven't been able to get it tuned yet, but someday we will.
I bought it at a thrift store. It was marked $199, I guess for a long time.
They finally said they wanted to get it out of the store and put $25 on it.
And then it happened to be 1/2 price day. So that's how I got my $12.50 piano. And this is my beautiful daughter!
I got this outfit at a consignment sale for $6.00. I think it is adorable.

Well I think SHE is adorable!

I'm addicted to second hand stores!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flat Stanley Arrives

Today was such a beautiful, beautiful day! We ran some errands this morning and then I let the kids play outside. They rode their bikes and played with silly string.
We have a guest in our house. He came yesterday and will be here for a week or two. His name is Flat Stanley. Today he joined in the fun. First he took a ride around with Ashley on her bike.
He also got in on the silly string. But unlike some in the family who could dish it out but not take it. Flat Stanley took his turn in stride. I think it will be a fun two weeks!