Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Splash Park

Oh how fun! We went to splash park in Smyrna today. It's free and it is a bunch of sprinklers. It was pretty crowded but we managed to have fun.

Even I joined in on the fun. I picked up Aussie and stood under the buckets that poured water in my clothes and all. It was great!
Then we went to the playground in Smyrna and had a picnic. This playground is wonderful but you know what the kids did? I'll give you one guess.
Yes they were spread out on rocks and picnic tables, etc. So I asked them all to move over here in front of the awesome playground to take this picture.
Pitiful isn't it?
Nana and Papa got the kids these cute outfits. Too bad it was so bright when we took this picture.Ashley loves her Karley.

Pre birthday with cousins

Greg's parents are here to visit and they brought 3 of the kid's cousins and a puppy. Since they won't be here on their actual birthday we celebrated my kids' birthday last night.
They got DSi s. They were so surprised!
All the cousins
My beautiful Ashley
I was borrowing Greg's work camera and I kept putting my hand in front of the flash.
The lighting was great outside and I had 6 cans of silly string I imagined the awesome pictures I would get, especially with this awesome camera. However, things didn't go as planned. Some of the kids didn't like getting sprayed and the camera's battery was dying so it wasn't taking the shots very fast. I got a few pictures though.
I love this picture of Blade. I had to clean up a little bit of pizza off his face with Photoshop though.
You can imagine with this many kids in varying ages there will be small fights and disagreements. They have been getting on each others nerves. They've been going to bed late. And someone is sure to be left out at any given time. But I think overall they are having fun together.

This is Meggie. She is cute and playful. She wants to play with Kiki but Kiki just looks at her like she's nuts.

Yesterday we all went to the movie theatre and saw Madagascar II. It was a cute movie. I love that in the Summer several of the movie theatres have free movies for kids. We saw Madagascar I last week.
Today I think I will take the kids to a sprinkler park. We haven't been there in years and it is free and fun. I hope to have good pictures.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


The kids got haircuts. What really tickled me is that Ashley sketched a picture to show how she wanted her haircut and showed the beautician.I'm not sure it looks like it, but it is cute.
Aussie is very picky about his hair. I have grown to like it. I do love his individuality!Mason has been pretty nervous about getting his haircut. I don't blame him, he has been cut but 3 different beauticians. It surprises me that HE is the one who gets cut, because he is more still than the other two when it comes to getting haircuts. Two of those people were very inexperienced and now there is no way I will let someone that inexperienced cut my kids' hair. Today was a success though and I think we will return to her in the future.