Thursday, September 30, 2010

free storage ran out

Well I have reached my "free" amount of storage on this blog account. To purchace more is only $5. I have done so, but now it should take up to 24 hours before I can post anymore pictures. I'm anxious to show you what pictures I've been taking with my new camera.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hoe Down on the Hill

Well Sunday evening we had something called The Hoedown on the Hill. Several of our church members are talented in different artistic ways. So this night many of our members sang or played in a band on our church parking lot. They sold catfish and hotdog dinners. Everyone brought their lawn chairs and just hung out and had a great time. And maybe Greg can't "sing" but he is talented in a completely different way. He certainly has the gift of entertaining. He was asked to MC the event.

I think this was the best picture I took all evening. Is she gorgeous or what?

It's really time consuming to move pictures around on this laptop. So these are a bit out of order. This is at the end of the event. The boots were killing Greg's feet.

Aussie plays around with JAM's props as Greg is getting dressed.

Imagine how excited I was to find this classy looking hat at Target the day of the hoedown. Totally worth the $2.50 I paid.

They got a guy from a nearby camp to come out and teach some line dancing. It was quite fun.

Aren't these boots classy? Aussie helped Greg pick out the outfit.
Here is Cam the guy who taught the line dancing.
What a cutie patootie! Yee Haw!

I don't have many of the pictures on here, but I really enjoyed taking pictures of the little bitty kids. They would all get up and dance. They were SO cute. I put my hat on a few of them and they were so tickled.


And this is a little teaser to the pictures I'll share tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The University of the South

Sorry I'm bombarding you with pictures, but this trip was just one of our faves so I have lots to share. After going to Point Park we started on our way back home. Years ago a friend had taken me to The University of the South in Sewanee, TN. It is a small college on top of Mount Eagle. The architecture is beautiful. When I was there with my friend we stumbled across this beautiful huge cross at the end of a street. At that time there were not any signs up, but today there are signs clearly marking the way. I remember it being remarkable. I wanted to see it again. So I decided to stop there on my way home. I thought I would look for the cross, take a few pictures and then be on our way home. Never did I imagine that my kids would LOVE it there. The first thing they saw was the playground. So I let them play awhile. It had a "fire" pole where they could slide down and they just loved that.

I think it is amazing how much my boys look alike when they are upside-down.

We stopped in a little campus store and bought drinks and batteries for the camera. And I asked where the cross was located not knowing there were signs up.
And I found it.

I love the picture below. I probably could have composed it better, but the sillouette of Aussie reading the marker is really cool.

Then we headed back to the playground and the bookstore again.
The kids wanted to play and play. So I let them.

We walked around the campus a bit. They wanted to go in this church.
I figured if the door was open we could go in.

Well I don't think we were supposed to be in there. The door was partly locked, but it opened anyway. So we walked in and I snapped a few pictures. The kids got scared thinking we would get in trouble.
So we left pretty quickly. Once we were out a few policemen walked by.

The kids played around and in the fountain. They put their hands in and made handprints along the benches.

Below is the campus dining hall.

And as we walked behind it, we found a lost dog.

Of course Aussie's first thought was if nobody claims him can we take him home.
The dog was wearing a collar with a phone number. So I called it and the person was just out looking for him. So she was very thankful we called. While we waited for her to come and get him, the kids played with him.

I decided we would eat dinner there and I would try to see the sunset at the cross. Unfortunately, dinner took a little too long and I missed it. But I still got some pretty pictures.

I would like to go back when the leaves have all changed colors and try to get the sunset again.

And this is one of my favorite shots from the whole day.
That concludes our field trip. But on Sunday, we had Hoedown on the Hill, where Greg MC'd it. Wait till you see him in his get up! And yesterday I got my new to me camera and I've been playing. So I still have lots more to share. But right now I'm off to bed. Aussie has an eye exam in the morning.