Friday, November 26, 2010


Boy am I tired but I'm running on little bit of adrenaline right now.
Went to bed at 3:30 AM last night. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get myself to go to bed. Then I woke up at 8:15 and dragged myself out of bed to go to Walgreens. I wanted to get a newspaper and get some of their awesome deals today. They had most of their toys 1/2 price.

When I got home around 10:15 I checked my receipts and found 2 errors. So I knew I would need to go back. I wanted to double check when the luncheon was at church. I couldn't find my bulletin so I decided to check the church website. Greg had just left to go on a walk. I had remembered 1:00 in my head but when I got online it said 11:30. It was 11:15! I told the kids to hurry and get dressed. We rushed out of the house at 11:30 just knowing we were going to be late. Anyway, when we were almost there I found the bulletin and it did say 1:00! The website was wrong and we got there an hour early.

It was still nice. I didn't get any pictures. Being rushed like that no one was dressed for pictures. There was about 30 of us there and it was really nice! Then we went to Dana's house for dessert!

When we got there I taught Dana some couponing tricks. We left and went to Walgreen's and The men and the kids stayed home to play. I found some really nice knock-off Lego sets for only $10!!! And I was able to get something I had already bought for cheaper there. So I'll be doing a little returning this week.

Then we came home and I went out again at 9:30 for the 12:01 Walmart sale. I loved how laid back it was there. We were able to get the stuff in our carts way before midnight and just wait around until the sale started. There was a high priced item that I really really wanted to get and I wasn't sure if it was on sale. I asked 3 people who said it "probably" was on sale. When I got up to the check out it was not on sale. But the manager gave it to me anyway!!!!! I got it for 1/2 price! YES!

So when I got home I heard little pitter patter feet running up the steps. I could not believe at nearly 1:00 my children would be awake. Greg was asleep and Aussie met me at the door. That little stinker. Then he started asking all kinds of questions, "Did you get what you wanted to get? How much did you save?, etc."

Well I wanted to go to CVS tomorrow to get some of their great deals, but I have no more money left. So I think I'll go to bed and sleep in!

I think I'm done with all of my Christmas shopping. I just need to get one more thing for sure and I think I'll get that closer to Christmas.

Good night! And Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cupcakes and such!

Even though I realize I haven't put pictures on here from our last field trip to Chattanooga, I think this will be the last post for tonight. I am beginning to get tired.
This morning I was awakened by Aussie. The conversation went something like this:
"Mom, I promise I won't tell! Ummmm...I was looking around on your blog and I saw....well...I promise I won't tell. "
I thanked him for not telling and then I asked, "But isn't it cool?"
He said, "Yes it sure is!"
{Insert big smile!!!}
It looks as though I haven't shared the finished product here on my blog. Sometimes I get confused at what I've shared here and what I've shared on Facebook. I like to have it here on my blog because it is more like a book of memories.
So here is Sara standing next to the painted table I made.Then I created these muffins.They look good enough to eat.

I started to make doughnuts, but it was actually harder than I thought it would be and I decided I really didn't need to do that.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am excited that our church for the first time will host a Thanksgiving lunch. Then we will go to Dana's house for dessert. I made a YUMMY peppermint dessert and Mason made cupcakes.

Actually on my birthday

What a crazy fellow Mason is! On my birthday we quickly ate dinner at Panera, where I or Greg shot these pictures.

Sometimes she can be such an angel.

Happy Birthday to me! I get to get my picture taken with me kids, with no complaints.

Then we dropped the kids off at Dana's house and Greg and I went to see the movie Inception. Wow! It was good but had to think on it a bit. It was mind boggling!
Thank you Dana for watching my kids for me so we could get out on a date!!!

kid models

A few weeks ago my kids had to come with me to my photography class because Greg was doing something and couldn't watch the kids.Well the model didn't show up so they asked if one of my kids could do it. I thought Ashley would be the easiest to work with so I volunteered her.
She very quickly got annoyed. Can you tell? LOL!

She hung around for a little while but then guess what?
The one who hates to get his picture taken BEGGED to be the model.

And he was a ham!

It was quite hard to keep him still!

Then right before class ended I tried to snap a couple of Mason. He didn't really want to co-operate and I couldn't pose him just right.

I love my kids!

Somewhere out there

A week or two ago we went to see Seusical put on by the Nashville Children's Theatre. It was fabulous!!!! We all really enjoyed it! Then a few days later the Cat in the Hat showed up at Chick-Fil-A for family night. The actor is Jeff Boyat. And I believe, correct me if I'm wrong Greg, he will be acting in Greg's next production play he is putting on at Lipscomb in February.Then a few days ago we had a beautiful moon! I almost called my Mom to look up at it where she was. Do you remember The American Tale? I couldn't help but sing the song that was sung when they were looking up at the moon? Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight.

Well here it is as a reminder:

Only a little boy David

On Sunday Greg and the kids did a skit about David and Goliath. Aussie was David.
Here he is trying on King Saul's armor. Ashley and Mason were peasants who told the narrator "Greg" about Goliath and how big and scary he was.

A friend of ours, Will Lasley played King Saul. And Greg also played Goliath.

I think everyone really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ashley has started taking volleyball lessons.
She is the smallest on the team. She was really discouraged at first because she couldn't make a point when just about everyone else had. But today she did great. And everytime she hit the ball whether it went anywhere or not, the whole team stopped and cheered for her. I think that kind of embarrassed her. Last week I took a few pictures and got a whole lot of blurry. I took a few more pictures this week and got a lot better shots, but just wished I would have snapped fast enough to get the ball in the picture.

The boys chose not to participate, once they saw how fun it was they wanted to join too. But it was too late. Then yesterday I got an email in the morning telling me about a boys team that was starting up that day and better yet it was FREE! So I took the boys yesterday and they had a great time!

Warning- Many blog posts coming tonight!

This is a warning! I've just realized I have tons of pictures I haven't shared. What have I been doing? Who knows, but it hasn't been updating my blog. So here is one of several updates that I will create tonight.
So let's start here. I talked about Harvest Sunday in a previous blog post. Here are a few pictures from that day. We sat up close that Sunday so each of the kids could carry up their bag of groceries.
Bags covered the stage! It was a wonderful sight!

Dear God, Please bless each and every person that receives these bags. May it be a great meal that they wouldn't normally have. Please let this food physically nourish them but may it also spiritually nourish them. Please let them know they are loved!

In Jesus name, Amen.