Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aussie's First Date

Today we met with a Kadence and her Mom and went to McDonald's for lunch and then to see Tangled at the $1.50 theatre. The movie was great!
Ashley and Mason put long pants on their heads and tied blankets to them making it look like they had looooong hair tonight. I got a few pictures but I haven't loaded them on my computer yet.
Mason got this cool looking chicken nugget that looked like an animal running, so he made sure I took a picture of it.

Anyway, I mentioned Kadence didn't I?
Today Aussie got to go on a date with Kadence. He brought her a belated Christmas present (because Mom ran out of money at Christmas time.) He was so excited. He wanted to make sure that the gift was in a box and wrapped nicely.Kadence loves lizards and Aussie gave her a Webkinz lizard.
You can almost hear her say "awwww" in the next picture.

She was ecstatic!

Precious young love!
During the movie when there was little love scene I looked over at Aussie and he was looking at Kadence with googly eyes! It really was sweet!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A drive through Cade's Cove

Well before the wedding on Thursday we went on a road trip through Cade's Cove. This was so amazingly beautiful! If we should be able to do this again someday, I want to make sure we pack a lunch and bring kites. The first part we went through at a leisurely pace, but when it was past lunch time we began to hurry through. Next time I also want to see the falls that is there. Driving through the mountains, we saw many deer and there were cabins that we could walk to and a mill. The mill is one of the last places we visited and it appears my pictures are backwards again.
Oh those eyes!
I managed to get some really good shots of Blade this week.

This was a running mill. It was making corn flour while we were there.
I don't know what it is, but of course if it can be climbed on my boy will climb it.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a summer home/cabin in the mountains?

I LOVE love Love this picture of Kristen! She looks like she is modeling in this picture.

The Church in the Valley (In Cade's Cove) My parents went to The Church in the Valley in Ohio for a time.
Friday morning we all met for breakfast and then parted for our homes. It was a really nice trip and I really hope we will be able to return someday.

Kevin and Tracie's Wedding

The day of the wedding. I think I'm working backwards here because the pictures of the reception are at the top. This is when they did the dollar dance. I gave each of my kids $1 to go dance with the bride or groom. Mason did great. He enjoyed dancing quite a bit. Ashley did great too. Kevin picked her up and swung her around.
I think you can probably tell by the look on his face how embarrassed Aussie was to dance with Tracie.
He told her, "My Mom said I had to come dance with you."

Before the dollar dance the boys were cuttin' a rug. They made up the mime dance.

Ashley and Karley

You know the kids tease Greg relentlessly about being bald. That evening he took the kids outside under the big moon and beautiful stars and read to them. However, the moon reflected off of Greg's head and the moths would "fly toward the light" and smack him in the head.
When we got back home the kids were teasing Greg as usual.
Greg said, "Alright the bald jokes are getting old."
Aussie said, "Well the moths smacking into your head because of the reflection is new."
Greg was defeated and said, "I guess your right."
Aussie did not want to wear the vest. He thought it was ugly. But Mason thought it looked great. We told Aussie he didn't have to wear it, but he chose to do it anyway. I'm glad he did.

Greg and his Mom

Presenting Kevin and Tracie Greene
They gave out gifts to their guests. The adults got a type of jelly and the kids got gummy bears or sour gummy worms. Can you guess which one Mason got?

The Brown Eyed Crew

The kids had a big time dancing!
And Ashley took this picture of us.

My beautiful trio!


Greg and his parents. Steve officiated (is that the right word?) the wedding.
Greg with his brother Kevin.

We drove through the mountains earlier in the day. I don't have any of those pictures edited.
So it probably won't be tomorrow when I post again.
I love the quiet of the night, but I think I ought to go to bed.
Strange I hit spell check and it wouldn't check the spelling. Sorry if there are any errors.