Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ashley my little designer

Ashley is in an upcoming play called Evertime. She is really good at staying in character. Anyway, when it was time to bring in possible costume clothing I quickly picked some things out. Her character is supposed to be in business attire black, grays or whites. They made it sound like they should kind of look like men in business attire. I picked out a solid white dress, one of the boy's suit jacket and tie. The director and costumer was pleased with how it looked, but Ashley was very uncomfortable. So they told me this and said, they really wanted her to be comfortable. So I asked Ashley what she wanted. She designed this outfit:
So being the best Mom that I could be I made it happen (overnight by the way). I made the jacket and bought the skirt and white shirt at a thrift store.
Ashley is thrilled!
She is so proud that she designed an outfit and is actually getting to wear it.
She said it didn't even look like a costume and she would like to wear it outside of the play someday.
The director and costumer think it is adorable.
I'm one proud Mama!
We had to leave the costume at the play, so I will not be able to get a picture of her in it until the first day of the play.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Cooking Day

Last Thursday, the kids had another cooking class. I would like to say it went well, but the boys were really acting up. It was a difficult menu and we (Ms. Helen and I) knew it would be time intensive. We had planned to have Steena come one time. She is a special friend to both of us and we thought it would be nice to invite her. So we thought of things that she might like. So Helen picked the menu. We made a cheese souffle. I have to say it was FABULOUS! Even though the kids didn't like it at all. We also had a fruit basket. Ms. Helen already carved out the watermelon and the kids cut up the fruit.
The hardest part was the cake that Ashley picked. She liked the way it looked, but I'm pretty sure she didn't know what it had in it or she wouldn't have picked it. It was a difficult cake to make. It had a peach filling, a marzipan layer, and fondant. We started the cake the week before and when we got there this week Helen already did all the layers and all we had to do was decorate it. Unfortunately, we didn't like the taste of it.

And since it was so close to the kids birthday Helen put in candles and we sang Happy Birthday to the kids. I just love those long candles!

The kids were really hungry after this cooking day. I don't think they liked anything. Mason and Ashley liked some of the fruit, especially the watermelon. But after how they acted, I decided we are only going to do this once a month, instead of weekly. The boys were just too antsy.

Happy Birthday Kiddos!

I'm on hold and I'm aggravated. It's bad enough when I call and am on hold forever, but when they call and it is not on my schedule it is super aggravating! I got a reminder call that Comcast is coming out to my house tomorrow. We made the appointment for Monday not tomorrow. I press 3 to "reschedule" my appointment and I have been on hold 15 minutes now. I'm sick of hearing, "Your call is important to us."

OK I've put the phone on speaker so that I can write this blog.

Yesterday, was my kids birthday. And they had a fun day! I made cupcakes to share at Aussie and Ashley's rehearsal.
Cori the director included Mason and had everyone sing, Happy Birthday to them.
The kids received money from Nana and Papa and they knew just what they wanted. If you know my kids you could probably guess what that might be. Hint: They've gotten one for every birthday since they were 3. Yep, we headed to Build A Bear after play practice.
Ashley got a Blizzard Ice Cream Bear. She named her Strawberry. She also got a little dog and named her Violet.
Aussie got the Champ Bear. He named her Sunny.
I love what Mason got! He got a dachshund and dressed him in a hot dog costume. And he named him Hot Dog. He also got a little dog to match and named him Chili.
It's really cute. The Build A Bear dogs have magnets in their mouths and the little dogs have a magnet on their scarves so that they can be held in the big dogs mouth.
While we were at the mall I used the bathroom there. The toilet kept flushing while I was using it- over and over and over at least 5 times and I wasn't on there for long. Anyway, even though I've never been to France, I was reminded of the "special" toilets they have there. I can't remember what they are called, but I'm sure it is similar to what I experienced. For the record, I didn't like it one bit!
After Build A Bear we went to Dairy Queen for a little cold treat.
I always say, "Mason I want to see your eyes." And this is what I get.

Greg stayed home from work yesterday to work on the kid's present from us. He worked all morning and then had to go to work for a meeting. Then when he came home I helped him finish it up. It's really a 2 person job, but he did great getting it as far as he did without any help.

And what could it be?
A trampoline.
I snapped a quick picture before we put up the net, but the trampoline does have a net. It is HUGE- much bigger than I thought it would be. It is 15'. Our neighbors must be a 12' or they have a bigger yard that makes it look smaller. I'm sure ours takes up over 1/4 of our back yard.
They love it!
I don't know why, but Ashley loves to wear long sleeves. It is stinkin' hot here! I don't know how she can stand it! But she does look pretty!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ALL of it under $1.00

I have tons of pictures from our vacation, but I just don't have the time to edit them and put them on my blog right now. It will have to wait until at least Monday.
I just learned of a kid's consignment sale that I want to participate in. So I need to be getting all those things together and tagging the items. I drop them off on Sunday afternoon.

But I do have time to brag just a little.
This is 2 Target trips:

1st trip:
2 Standard Pillows $2.50- used (2) Target $2.00 coupon.
Making them $.50 each
Sharpies on sale $1.00- used Target $1.00 coupon.
Making it FREE!
2 Packages of Papermate Pens $1.02 - used (2) Target $1.00 coupon.
Making them $.02 each
2 Scotch Tapes $1.00- used (2) Target $.50 coupon and (2) MFG $1.00 coupons.
Making them FREE with a $.50 profit each!
Total- Well TN tax is outrageous but it still came to a whopping
The check out girl got tickled when I said, "I guess I won't charge this. Or maybe I should I'd save another 5%."

My second Target trip consisted of 2 pillows, and 2 Papermate pens. That total came to $.19.

So everything above cost me under $1.00 at only $.42.

You are probably asking what is she going to do with those pillows? I actually need one more. But this is what I am planning to make.
Just sew 5 pillow cases together and stuff them with cheap pillows. I think Ashley will love it. I think the boys would like it too, but I can't justify buying 15 pillows. I feel like that would be cheating the system somehow. Well actually you can only print 2 coupons from each computer. So with 3 computers I would only be able to get 6 coupons anyway.

Then today I made my Publix run.
Splenda (B1G1 sale) $2.20- used $2.00 MFG coupon= $.20
3 Scotch Scissors $1.00- (2) $1.00 MFG coupon here and (1) $1.00 MFG coupon from Publix Smart Savings booklet.
(2) Paper Mate pens $.50- used Target $1.00 coupon
Making it FREE with a $.50 profit each.
(2) Bugles Choc with PB (Mmmmmm!) B1G1= $1.30 used (2) $.50 coupon in last Sunday's paper. Doubled making them $.30 each.
(2) Combat Ant baits $4.69- Used (2) Publix $3 coupons from Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer & (2) MFG $2 coupons from here ,making it FREE with $.31 profit each.
Oh and the penny item was the box of Publix Bran Flakes.
Grand Total with our outrageous tax...


Unbelievable Target AND Publix under $1.00 together!

Can you tell what the picture is below?
I did it! That is NO unread emails. I finally cleaned out my inbox over the last two days. What a good feeling it is to finally be caught up!