Sunday, August 21, 2011

4th grade

I can hardly believe my babies are in 4th grade. Here are a few pictures of Ashley from today. The boys will get their picture taken tomorrow or the next day after I get their haircut. Not so sure how different they will look since they both insist on having long hair. But I insist on seeing their eyes!
Well this year I need to talk to their art teacher about changing her name. In co-op the kid's History teacher is Ms. Tammy and their Science teacher is another Ms. Tammy. And we will be starting another Science class tomorrow and her name is Ms. Tammy. I thought that was funny so I suppose I need to talk Ms. Joy into changing her name.

Last Monday we went on a "field trip". At least that is what we thought it would be. We went to the Murfreesboro historical Canonburgh. We were supposed to meet there to do some type of art museum filming. We thought they would be doing some type of art. The Canonburgh part was closed on Mondays but we were still allowed to look around a bit. I thought this building was interesting. We didn't get any history lesson since it was closed.
This duck waddled right up to me and pecked on my shoe. Thankfully I had tennis shoes on or that might have hurt.
So we waited around outside for an hour. The lady in charge came out and said, thanks for being patient, etc. etc. I asked her if I had time to run to McDonalds and get my kids drinks. She said, Oh yes that should be fine. She said if they are ready for them if it would be OK to go ahead and use them? I said sure and off I went literally across the street to get drinks. When I came back 5 minutes later the kids were walking out of the museum and were completely finished. Apparently, all they needed them to do was walk through this tiny art museum and look at the art on the walls. They filmed them and out the door they went.
Well that was a waste of our Monday!
But in the next 6 to 8 weeks the kids "may be" on TV.
They will at least be on YouTube. Oooh Aaah!