Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday Cake/ Day Off

Hmmmm...I thought I was going to go to bed early tonight, like 3 hours ago.  But yet I sit looking at the dirty dishes wanting to do anything else but them.  So...Ha! I'll blog.

Sunday was my birthday!  I had the best weekend!  I already blogged about scrapbooking but Sunday morning I was greeted with my birthday cake...
Thank you Greg for making breakfast and thank you Ashley for making it my birthday panCAKE!

We went to eat at Logan's, one of my favorite restaurants for lunch after church.

Then Greg hired a babysitter and took me to see the new James Bond movie, Starfall.
It was great! However, I was so tired I had to keep popping Listerine breath strips in my mouth to stay awake. We were going to see an earlier show, but our babysitter forgot.  So we still went out but much later.

Now I must not think about how much all of that cost.  Seriously it was fabulous, but was it worth as much as we spent? It makes me really nervous!

Anyway, let's talk about today. When I got up this morning I didn't intend to take the day off. But we did and it felt great! I needed a rest from the constant going this weekend. And hey, it IS a postal and bank holiday today.  I'm already prepared for tomorrow's school so we won't be taking off tomorrow too.

I did get a little scrapbooking in today. Just a little.  Here is the page I did:
The journaling says:
It was picture day; the wind was blowing like crazy. Just yesterday it was warm and today it turned chilly. The photographer’s, a friend of mine, SD card was misbehaving. She asked if I had one with me. I didn't  but I did have my camera with me (an older version Canon with a CF card). So with my camera body and her lens she took our pictures.  The great part about it is we got to keep my pictures for free!  I had to edit them, but I can do that.  Was this the perfect picture? Did she happen to catch all of us right at the right moment when the wind died down and everyone smiling? I "should" say yes. She did happen to catch us when the wind wasn't blowing, but one of us wasn't very happy when the shot was taken.  I had to switch a head.  Can you figure out which one? Should this be our Christmas card? That is of course if I send out cards this year. (Maybe to just family)

Here is a close up on the picture:

Then I had the kids write what they wanted for Christmas on these tags:

I'll probably decorate the page and tags a little more and journal on it in December but here is what the page looks like so far:

It's 2AM and the dishes are still there. :(

I guess I better go do them and then hop into bed!

Have a great day!

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great pages!