Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visiting parenting Day 3

Sorry to those who have dial up- this post is LOADED with pictures.
Wednesday, Mom took us to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.
The kids had a blast. I don't care for amusement parks myself. They make me nervous.  I don't like heights and I don't like "too" fast, which is most of the rides. So I took pictures and held all the stuff.

I don't know why the pictures don't import in order as I save them, but since there are so many of them I'm just going to go in the order they came on here.

Here is the big beautiful ferris wheel. I seriously don't think I would accept a million dollars to ride this! No way no how!  Greg, Mom and the kids are in a green one almost to the top.
 Now this was more my speed.  The carousel.  Actually, this was a fast carousel and I did ride it.
 Here's Greg on the normal merry go round.
 All the kids enjoyed the bumper cars.

 Ashley was really good at it!
 See those 3 little characters at the bottom right?  Yep those are my kiddos.
 They really enjoyed driving the antique cars.

 Here's a car just my Mom's size. :)
 This is silly, maybe I should rearrange the pictures.  Here they are in the ferris wheel car.
 I rode the fast carousel once and then I got off to take pictures.

 Go Mom Go!

 Aussie tried this climb the swinging ladder game.  It is much harder than it looks
 Well I was getting up the nerve to go on the cable car at the end of the day to get closer to the entrance of the park.  I waited in line and then started to panic when we got closer.  I let everyone else go and I walked it.
 This was one of the first rides they rode.  I want to say it is 144 feet high, but I don't really remember.  It's dang high is all I know!

 My brave girl wanted to ride the roller coasters.  I did NOT want her to ride the roller coasters!  Greg took her on the one that looked to be the best (not the craziest twists and turns).
There she goes! Up up up the hill.  As I'm crying and praying that she won't fall out.
And as I was crying sunblock was running down into my eyes as she is coming down down down the hill.
 But she made it down alive. And the ride was so jolty that she didn't want to go on another one. Thank goodness!
 Some of their favorite rides were the mattahorn and calypso.  All these twirly fast ones that I think I would get sick on.  Here is Mom (almost 69) riding this one.  And I tell her age because the whole time SHE was saying I'm almost 69 and I'm riding these rides! I can't wait to tell my girlfriends.


 Once they found a ride that they liked, they rode it over and over and over and over and over and over (you get the point) and over again!.
 These Pokemon animals were too much of a temptation for Ashley and Mason!
At the end of the day we came back and won 2 of them. I figure $12 for each of them was a pretty decent price. It was an easy game.  Greg played each kid and made sure they won. $3 for each play. The first time they win they get a monkey and the 2nd time they win they trade that in for a small Pokemon.  We made sure that Greg and Ashley or Mason were the ONLY people playing so they were guaranteed to win.

 This was the first ride they rode.  Mason screamed!
 Before we went into the park, Mason went over and sat on a bench. This bird was protecting her nest. She screamed at us to get away and she came down and attacked Mason on the head 3x.

 When I went over there, she dropped something on my head.  Thankfully it wasn't poop.  But there in the bushes I could see the little birdies.
 I don't know what Mason is doing with his face. He looks like a retard.
By the end of the day I was so exhausted!  And very glad to crawl into bed and sleep way more hours than I should have!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Visiting Parents Day 2

One of our favorite things to do here is to go on the boat! Greg and the kids called Nana from the boat to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Then we stopped for ice cream.

Greg and Dad hop out to get it for us.
It's a little tricky.  There is no dock there and they have to climb over this fence.
But everyone enjoys it!

Then when we came home Ashley, Mom and I played Rummikub.
Ashley is quite good at this game.  It really tickles us that she can keep up with us.  She even won one of the games tonight.

But now it's early to bed for us tonight.  We have to get up early tomorrow for our fun filled day we have planned!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Visiting Parents Day 1

We went to Beotler Park today. Mom and I walked around the park while Greg took the kids to the playground.  After not finding the walking path right away, Dad thought it was too hot so he napped in the car.

We came across this barn on our walk.  I think it is so peaceful.
 Mom and Dad
 Oh how beautiful!
 That's my Dad and me.
I didn't get any of the kids playing on the playground since I was walking the trail.  But I did get pictures of them when they went out in the paddle boat with Greg.

Aussie and Ashley jumped in.  They had a hard time getting back in the boat.  Mason wanted to but it started thundering so they came back in. I was a nervous wreck! Greg let them jump out a little too far from the dock for my preference!