Monday, June 18, 2012

Visiting Parents Day 5

It was a surprise to Dad that my brother John showed up from Colorado. It was the most hilarious thing ever!  John called my Dad on FaceTime a video chat for iphones from the driveway. Oh how I wish I had pictures to document this!  Anyway, he was chatting with my Dad and walked in the side door. All of us around were giggling as my Dad continued to look at his phone and talk. I think John even said, "Wow it sounds so clear as if I was right in the room with you." He was standing right next to my Dad and my Dad wouldn't look up!  So John pointed the phone at my Dad. That's when my Dad starts tapping his phone saying something is wrong I'm seeing a picture of myself.  We finally had to say, "Dad look up"!
And there he was was an awesome surprise!

Anyway, John brought his wife Beth, his son Caleb and his dog Rado. Took him 2 days of driving. Do I have pictures of them today? Uhh.....I got some later on. The pictures I got today were of my cute nephew Caleb.  I just love this little fella!!!
 I brought him some Usborne books from when I was a Rep.
 It took him a little while to warm up to me. I sure wish I could see him more often. Once a year is not enough!

And this is my FAVORITE picture of him!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Visiting Parents day 4

Thursday we went to Nature Realm.  It was really beautiful. I had two kids full of attitude, but only one was being a problem while we were here.

 I love this picture below where everyone is walking and Mason turns around and does a little jig. I got him in action.
 We had to walk over an extension bridge. I was happy until I found out I had to do it too. I tried to just fix my eyes on something, hold on to the rail for dear life and quickly walk across.  It felt like it took a half hour but I know it was only a minute or two.

 Both Mason and Ashley brought their Pokemon they won the day before.

I would have enjoyed it so much more if I had left one child at home.  There was a place there where you can sit and watch all kinds of birds come up to the bird feeders. That was my favorite part.  There were so many different birds. 

And for lunch Grampa  made his world famous hamburgers.  Chef Mason learned how to make them too.

We also went back to the playground.  This is where another certain someone had a meltdown. It was a hard day!  The boys raced through the playground as Greg filmed them and I sat with my telephoto lens snapping pictures.  I should have gotten Greg filming as that was quite a funny sight watching him run through the playground too.