Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swimming, Play and Party

Yesterday the kids went to Doris' place to swim. Brought my camera and only took 3 pictures. Sometimes I wonder why I bother bringing my camera.


Well the play the kids were in was a huge sucess!  So much in fact that they are having an encore performance Saturday and Sunday. Aussie is the jester.

Ashley is a tree named Willow- not necessarily a Willow tree.

 In the first cast Mason is Prince Ronald

And in the second cast he is Carl the doorbell. Anyway about it he is a BIG haute! Awards were given at the end of the play and he recieved the heart throbbery award.

 The play is based on the children's book The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.  The play is outstanding! The music is adorable and I will try to post a couple videos of the songs. I'll need to upload them to YouTube first.

Now I really really doubt Steena is reading this.  If you are Steena stop here, please don't read the present I have for your party- You can come back next week.

Now that that is said, Steena is having a party next Wednesday night.  I'm kind of excited about it.  It will be about 4-6 girls. Everyone is to bring a $5 gift. Then we will play a game of some sort or draw straws and whoever wins that is whose birthday we will celebrate.

I made my gift.  I'm so tickled about it.

They are felt puppets.

A squid

A sugar glider



Steena is extremely cold natured.  So the puppet is made with layers of clothing, long underwear, pants, shirt and sweater. I'm going to tease her that I didn't have enough fabric to give her a winter outfit.

Today, we went to another friend's house to swim. Maybe I can score 2 more playdates over the next two days.

I'm even more tired today than I was last night.  I didn't know what was going on, but when I mentioned it to Greg he told me for the last 2 nights my CPAP mask has been broken and I was up trying to fix it.  I can barely think straight and ready to go to bed.  I'll go to bed when Greg gets home which should be within the hour.


I'm pretty sleepy!

We had a pretty good day.  Went to Doris' to swim.

When I tell the kids we are going swimming, Ashley and Mason get everything they possibly need and puts it in the bag. Aussie on the other hand gets so side tracked. I'm sure I said it at least 5 times, "Go get your clothes you will wear after swimming and fill up your water bottle." He leaves his water bottle but I grab it and go out the door.  I drive out of the driveway and remember an important item of clothing I forgot.  So I run in the house and get it.  Starting to drive again, Aussie says, "I didn't bring my pants." REALLY?  After I told you a gazillion times?  We are going out to eat for dinner, so I send him back into the house to get his clothes.  After we swim we go back to Doris' place and everyone proceeds to get dressed into their normal clothes.  I of course wait until last for everyone to use the bathroom for changing.  Then Aussie tells me he left his clothes in the car. So I totally get all over him (lovingly), he gets inside and realizes he dropped his underwear along the way.  He has to go back out to the car to find it.  I'm just sitting there in awe of how absent minded he is even though very very smart.  THEN...

I go to get dressed.  Guess who forgot her underwear?

Well I was going to share some pictures with you (don't worry not about my underwear) but it took me too long to size them for web, etc. that I don't think I can possibly stay up any longer.  So I suppose I'll be blogging tomorrow with pictures!  Good night!