Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wow! That's a lot of stuff!

OK I love this little furbaby! She is a Mommy's girl and she is quite spoiled. I make her chicken.  She gets so excited and she now asks for it. But she only gets it once a day, and sometimes she gets a little antsy and wants it more but I don't let her have it.
Poor baby- the kids dressed her up.
But she is perfect for our family! We basically agreed Aussie could get her because Izzy likes to antagonize Kiki.  So Izzy needed a younger kitten to play with. Kiki is set in her ways and wants to be left alone.  Izzy would run and jump on her and try to play and Kiki would flip out.  At first I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but it has really worked.  Lucky and Izzy play together and I no longer see Izzy attacking Kiki.  Kiki seems to be quite content.

The other day I caught Ashley playing with her dolls.  I was so excited to see her actually using the table that I made for her for Christmas.

This week has been a very creative week. Last Saturday, Brushfire was having their birthday celebration and we could come in and paint for "free". We still had to buy our pottery though. So while Aussie was at Chinese class I took Mason and Ashley. We were one of the first families that got there and we won a $15 gift certificate to use at a later date. I was a little bummed because I thought we could use it that day.  Anyway, Mason picked out this odd looking mug that has an opening at the bottom.  I suppose to put a tea bag there?  Well he was so excited about it. He knew just what he wanted and what he was going to do with it when he got it back.  He painted one of his favorite stuffed animals, Moosey onto it.  The opening is Moosey's mouth.  We got our pottery back today and Mason HAD to make Nana's chocolate chip cookies!
Moosey has a cookie in his mouth.  Mason has been talking about doing this ALL week long!

He even put the heart that was sewn on his stuffed animal from his Aunt Beth and Uncle John.

Ashley made a princess bank.
And I created 2 plates to add to my collection.  I'm trying to have a set of 6.  So now I have a big serving bowl, 4 small bowls and 2 plates.

And before you ask, yes I use them.
Ashley likes me to put her food in them and then she is surprised to see which one she got when the food is all gone.
Well today when we went to pick up our pottery, I almost made a HUGE mistake.  Usually Greg takes Aussie to Chinese, but he couldn't do it today so Ashley, Mason and I had to take him but we needed to hang out while he was in class. So I saw these little magnet sized pieces that were 3 for $7 that we could paint. We started drawing on them and all of a sudden I remembered that this was NOT a free painting day. We had already started, this was going to end up costing $7 plus $6 per person painting. OH CRUD! All of a sudden this tiny little project is going to cost $25. Mason agreed that I could paint his.  I asked Ashley if she would want to paint all 3, but she didn't feel comfortable painting mine. So she let me paint hers as well.  That saved $12. She designed it and I just painted exactly what she designed. Crisis averted! I suppose you will see them next week on my blog when we go to pick them up. (BTW Greg, Ashley wants this to be a surprise so don't tell her you know we went and painted something.)
Then Ashley had her audition for the 80's cabaret.  It is a camp that she will do next week and perform on Friday. The boys were not interested in this particular camp so it will just be Ash.  She auditioned to the song What About Love by Heart. The boys and I had to step out of the room, but from what I understand she did a fabulous job and Ms. Cori asked her if she would be willing to sing the whole song at the performance.
Then we came home and I finished up a project I started 2 weeks ago.  The 5th grade girls are decorating their room at church.  I asked Ashley how many girls there were and she remembered about 6 or 7 of them.  So I agreed to make these really big pillows for each girl thinking I would be making around 8.  I had bought fabric awhile ago at Walmart when it was $1/yard.  So I set out to make these big flower pillows.  I then told the teachers what I was doing and asked if I could have a list of the girls names because I was thinking about getting their names embroidered on them. FOURTEEN!
14 girls!
I had to buy a little more fabric that wasn't $1/yard.
And the embroidery...that is a huge long story that I won't go into.
Anyway, I was so excited.  I really wanted to get these to the girls the next day. But it didn't happen that way.  Fast forward 2 weeks, I've got the circles back and now I'm ready to sew them on the pillows. After about 7 pillows I learned something. It is TONS easier to sew the correct way with the sewing machine on the table.
Do you know how I sew?
It's weird!
 My MIL, Gayle doesn't know how I actually do it.
I sit on the floor, guide the fabric with one hand and push the pedal with the other hand. Hey it worked for me until this project, where I really needed both hands to guide it!
The pillows didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, some are really cute and others are kind of sad.  But here they are...all fourteen. (Actually 15 because I made one for Ashley to keep at home.)
Hmmmm....I just thought of a better picture. Let me see if I can do it.
Ashley is sleeping on hers tonight so it is not pictured.
And that would be about the extent of what I did today! Well that and made cookies and did laundry to boot!
Oh before I go, sorry I know this is getting long, but when you don't blog for months I guess it all comes out at once.
Ashley had to have a root canal. YUCK! But Nana made it a little bit nicer for her.  If she was brave she would send Ashley a check so she could get a new outfit at Justice.  Ashley was brave! And we got to go shopping. It was fun! Ashley is really getting into wanting girlier looking clothes. Here is what she picked.
 A peace necklace.

 a ruffled shirt, sparkly skirt and little black sweater.

 And she had enough leftover to get a little outfit for her doll, McKenna.

 She didn't get this lollypop, but she posed at the store. It's a pink moustache. :)
Two more small things.  Mason got a hand me down leather jacket.  What a cool dude!
And wanted you to meet Orangy. I don't know why they call him/her this! This is not our cat! I'm praying he is a boy.  This is a stray. We've been feeding him/her.  He won't let you get too close to him. He let me sit on a stool about a foot away from him while he ate some food on our porch.  He didn't use to let us get that close. Greg actually reached out and pet his tale the other day and boy did he get hissed at. Anyway, look at him, he is angry I'm taking his picture. I'm too close for his comfort.
Please say a little prayer that this is a boy because heavens knows we don't need a litter of kittens!