Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kids Vs. Zombies Christmas Day

I am in major Slow Moooooooooooooooooooooooootion!
Today, I would say was pretty successful!  I'm too tired to download and edit pictures, so this will be a quick update. (OK I had to add a few.)
I was tired before I even got started last night.  I decided to take a nap and get 2 hours or so of sleep and then get up and play Santa.  I intended to sleep until 1:30 but when Greg came to bed at midnight I couldn't go back to sleep.  I got up and got to work.
The house looked great except for a few dishes I didn't get to.

As I was going up the stairs at 4:59:55 to go to bed, Ashley's alarm went off at 5:00 AM. I barely reached the top of the stairs and she said, "Mommy?" The first one was up.  She woke up Mason and I saw no point in going to sleep right then.  They were excited opening their stockings and were so loud they woke up Aussie, who told them not to wake him up.
They woke Greg up at 7:30.
Everything seemed to be wonderful.  Everyone loved their gifts.  We had several WOW moments that I may go into later.
I went to sleep for 2 hours and then we went out to lunch.
Chinese of course!
I knew that I wouldn't hear it, but I was so hoping to hear some Chinese people singing Deck the Halls.  I always giggle at the part in A Christmas Story when this happens...
Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra!
Anyway, my fortune cookie had the funniest fortune in it for me today.  And it was even more meaningful later on in the day.  I had bought most of the toys at a super sale and got several things for  $1-$5.  So the kids had A LOT to open today then I got this fortune:
It is quality rather than quantity that matters.
Do a good job tomorrow.
OH OK...I'll do better tomorrow! HA!
After lunch  we went to see Greg's great uncle Woody, who lives nearby in an assisted living home. He seems to have gone downhill a lot since the last time we saw him, but I think he was genuinely happy to see people.
We came back home and started getting out and playing with many of the items I got from that sale. MANY of them don't work or are missing pieces.  We haven't gone through everything yet so I hope no more is in bad shape.  It is such a bummer. However, the kids got a lot of other great things that do work and they are happy with what they got.
I started a birthday cake for Jesus this morning and finished it up this evening.  After I carefully spelled out Happy Birthday Jesus on the cake the kids decorated it.
 No writing can be seen. (Oh well!)
We sang, or rather, I sang to Jesus and then we ate some cake. Oh yummy! Half of it had a raspberry center.  I knew the kids wouldn't like that so I left one half with just vanilla icing.

Now I sit here mesmorized, half awake half asleep.  I know I do not do well going to bed early early, so I am waiting for a decent hour to go to bed.  That hour I have decided is 10PM. Just one more hour to go.
I hope to update more tomorrow.
Good night and Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happenings this week

The days are going faster now.  The kids are too anxious!  They can't handle having presents under the tree. Everyday they ask if they can open a present.  It drives me nuts.  I love having presents under the tree! It is so beautiful.  But I have to weigh very carefully next year whether I want to be faced with this...

 or this...

 Today the kids get to open their presents from Gramma and Grampa, tomorrow from Nana and Papa, Monday their pajamas and a gift I want them to have for Christmas morning and then Tuesday is Christmas.  So let the unwrapping begin!

I'm prepared, I have everything wrapped and ready to be pulled out Christmas Eve.  Ashley really wants me to make her a stuffed animal of her own made-up character, so I may work on that this weekend.

Last Monday I took the kids to the roller skating rink. Ashley played a game and hit the jackpot twice and got a whole lot of tickets.

 Tuesday we went to our neighbors house and played.  We learned that they also like to play Rummykub!  And they have figured out that you can play with 2 sets to incorporate more people.  We haven't played with them yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

 Then Tuesday night I went to a dessert party. I made 2 desserts. Caramel pie

Peppermint ice cream cake

Both are so very yummy.  I had the best desserts there I think!

And I've also learned that it is easier to Photoshop paint off the table rather than to actually clean it. :)

Wednesday we went to see Monsters Inc. 3D.  

My phone camera is for the birds.  Movie tickets have gotten so expensive and 3D prices are astronomical.  We still had a great time.  Ashley made 3D glasses for her American Girl doll that she brought with her.

Thursday we had a nice day staying home and doing NOTHING but a little cleaning! It was really nice to relax!

Yesterday, we did a little shopping and had pizza at Angelos.  They were about to throw out the rest of their lunch pizza, but instead gave it to us!  YAY I didn't have to cook dinner either. 

And that catches you up to speed!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Lights!

Guess what I got to do last night?

 My friend Steena went with me to look at Christmas lights.  I think she was hesitant at first; but when we went into one wealthy neighborhood where most of the houses were decorated she genuinely liked it!  She wanted to make sure she knew where it was so she could bring back her niece. It's a little difficult getting pictures while driving.  You could tell several people were coming down this road just to look at the lights.

 I love this! Their driveway looks like ice.

 A dragon with a Santa hat?

 One of my faves.

Yesterday/today I stayed up late to wrap presents. I didn't get them all wrapped. I'll need to have another late night probably tonight. Then I think I can possibly get myself back onto a better sleeping schedule.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Mentors

I love Christmas! But even I am faced with negativity or anxiety over one thing or another.  I sometimes get disappointed when someone doesn't share my enthusiasm.  For example, I want to ride around one night and look at the Christmas lights.  But I want to go to the rich part of town because they tend to have some really cool decorations.  But my boys especially, would rather stay home and play on the computer or write/work on a theater company.  They would feel like they are trapped in the car with no way of getting out.

I remember one street I went down several years ago.  It was amazing!  Each house, one after another making their light show better than the house before.  Then you come to the end of street and the house on the end had one inflatable of the GRINCH with one light.  That had to be the funniest site I had seen all year.

Anyway, what do you do when you are surrounded by stress or negativity?  I hadn't really thought about it until today's writing prompt.  Who are your Merry Mentors?  Do I have any?  When thinking about it I came up with 2 people.  One is real and one is fictitious.  My "real" merry mentor would be my neighbor that I met just a couple months ago.  She exudes peace.  I told her this today and she laughed and said she didn't always feel peaceful all the time.  Granted I haven't been around her a whole lot, but she is such a calm, in control person and every time I've seen her I have learned something from her.  I really like her.

The other person that came to mind almost instantaneously would be Clark Griswold.
Seriously, when I think of him, a big smile comes across my face.  I secretly would like to have my entire house lit up with Christmas lights. And you know if they had those synchronizers back in the day this movie was filmed, Clark certainly would have been using it.  I wonder what songs he would choose. What do you think he would choose?

So this Christmas season if I am faced with anxiety, I will look to my friend for peace.  And when I'm faced with negativity I'll think about Chevy Chase.  I might have to rent that movie again.

I have more to write, but I promised myself an earlier bedtime tonight.  Catch ya later!

Crafting and Jesse Tree

One of our photo prompts this week was to take a picture of my table right now as it is.  Really?  You really want to see this messy thing?  Well I got to thinking about it and it certainly does show just what I've been up to for the past week. 

 What I really needed to take a picture of was my fingers after painting. Who knows I still might have the chance with all the crafts that I've been doing.
I think I mentioned Aussie painted his favorite flag on an ornament.  Here he is with his flag from Qatar.

 I finally finished the big craft project I wanted to start at the beginning of the month, but didn't get to start until this week.

At the end of last Christmas I was introduced to the Jesse tree.  This year I was reminded of it with even more people talking about it on Facebook.  Even though I'm late doing it this year I still wanted to make it.  It is a series of devotionals that start at the beginning of the Bible and go through the line of Jesse to the birth of Jesus.  Each story told has an ornament with a symbol that represents that story.  What I've found while making these ornaments is that not everybody who has written devotionals always use the same stories.  Most of them are the same but there are a few differences.  As well as many people use different symbols for different stories.  So that made it a little difficult in knowing what ornaments to make.

I decided that I would go with the Ann Voskamp devotionals which if you are interested you can find HERE.

Originally I wanted to make the tree and ornaments out of felt but when I found out how easy it was to make and paint salt dough ornaments I decided to go that route.  I found my inspiration through several sources on the internet and for some I made my own symbol for the stories.  Here are the ornaments I made:
On the back of each ornament it has the scripture we should read for that day.
This is what our tree will look like when we have read all the stories and all the ornaments are on our tree.

But while we are waiting for the next day I'll keep them in this bowl.
According to some you should start the devotionals at the end of November and finish on Christmas Day with the birth of Christ.  Some say to start on the first day of December.  I am obviously far behind, but I will go ahead and just start with day 19.  I plan to make this a tradition in my family and do this every year. (That is if the world doesn't end on Friday. LOL!)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Melting Snowman Cookies and Opryland

It says it is 72 degrees in here, but that has to be wrong.  I am freezing! I wish I was sitting by this fire place.
 Yesterday, Ashley's Girl Scout troop went to Opryland Hotel.  They are bridging from being Brownies into being Juniors.  We thought we would walk from across the street to save on parking.  I thought that we could take fewer cars and share the parking.  We all thought parking was $10 and I was willing to pay $5.  But when we got there the self parking was $20!  That is ridiculous!  So we parked across the street and walked.  It wasn't a bad walk and the weather wasn't too cold.  The only time it was hard on me was when I stopped to take a picture and everyone else kept walking, so I had to run to catch up.  I was out of breath when I caught up.

It was absolutely beautiful and I did get a few pictures.  Not as many as I would have liked and I would have liked to walk the hotel and see everything.  However, Ashley really wanted to get to a 2nd event so we had to leave early to get there.

 The nativity was gorgeous!
 It was really busy in the hotel.  And I felt like we were in everyone's way as the girls were performing their little ceremony.

 Each individually walked across a bridge taped a piece of the rainbow to some cardboard clouds and then Ms. Amy presented them with their new sash.

Then all of them walked together over a bridge with the rainbow. 
Ms. Jamie embroidered these bags for them.

 OK I need to hurry, I'm falling asleep!

 I made the cutest cookies tonight!  They are melting snowman cookies!  And they even taste good!

 Now I have a picture of Mason's hands.  I need to get one of Aussie next.

 Ashley has a friend over and they made some salt dough ornaments

OK sorry, I'm fading faster than I anticipated.  I need to go to bed.  I'll have to write more tomorrow.  Good night!