Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ears pierced and MyPlate...blah blah blah

 Guess What?  My little girl got her ears pierced.  Her buddy, Edie got her ear's pierced last week.  Her Mom told me where they went and how gentle they were and that they were able to pierce both ears at the same time.  So we headed to there on Monday evening.  Unfortunately, there was only one person working when we were there so Ashley had to get her ears pierced separately. 

Ashley asked me not to share this on Facebook, because she wanted to be the one to tell her friends.  She's seen her friends at play practice and her best friend tonight.  She will still surprise some friends on Friday.  So if you are reading this and Ashley hasn't told you then shhhh! don't tell!

The part that scared me was they have the Mom clean them for the first time as they watch to see if you do it correctly.  They had put a dot on her ear in purple marker to mark where they would put the hole.  When I started to clean the ear, the marker started to run and I thought it was blood.  I was about to freak out then I realized what it actually was.

Her friend, Edie came along with us for moral support.  And they both had to have Cheetah paws.

I had a huge paragraph typed out and lost it!  Oh that makes me so angry!
Last time we went to the doctor she told us to look up the new food pyramid/my plate and get the kids involved in picking out good foods to eat. "They can cut pictures out of a magazine. It will be fun!", She said.  Does she even KNOW my family?  Makes me not even want to go back.  But I know she is right and I have been dreading this day since I spoke with her.
Today I looked up MyPlate and printed off all the information.
We will start small, but I NEED your prayers!
I am going to be hit with a lot of resistance!
Aussie hardly likes anything!  He does not like ANY fruits or vegetables!  And he barely likes any meat.  Ashley likes fruits, but not many vegetables and she despises dairy. (I'm right there with her on that!)  Mason is a good eater and I don't have to worry about him.  He will go with the flow!
Tonight I went to the grocery store.  Good grief it was expensive.  I'm hoping that it will last for 2 weeks, but I doubt it.  I know I'll need to get milk, fruits and meat for next week.
I'm asking for you to PLEASE pray for me as I try to implement something I'm not comfortable with myself.  Pray that Greg will be supportive and the kids will learn to like things they didn't know they liked.  Pray they will try things willingly and not make it so hard on me.  Pray that I can come up with a menu and stick with it.
OK I'm terribly exhausted.  I'm off to bed!

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