Tuesday, March 05, 2013

December Done!

My kids are camping out in the family room tonight. I remember making forts and how fun I thought that was.
I finished photographing my December book:
I actually have 132 pages in the book not including the hidden journaling cards and hidden Christmas letters, but I'm only counting for 89 Calvinball.
I know it's a lot and you can decide whether you want to look at them all or not, but I thought I would post them anyway.
I would tell you about each page except that most of them have already been blogged.


Bonus points for photographing entire book and putting them into 16 photos total! Shoot! That is digital scrapbooking so I'm counting all 16!

+1 for cleaning the family room while taking breaks to edit my pictures.

+1 for going to a playdate and talking about my album.  I took it too, but unfortunately it didn't come out of the bag.

+1 for going to bed before 2, while visions of Calvinball dance in my head!

That brings my totals to:
calvinscraps -89

calvinblogs - 2

calvinbonus -22


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