Monday, March 04, 2013

December Scrapbook & Calvinball

I'm FINALLY finished! Finished with what?  My December book!  And I absolutely love it!

However, this thing is MASSIVE!  I can't even tell you how many pages it has as I haven't counted them yet, but I will.

My friend Doris is playing a little game with some other bloggers and I thought I would play along. I won't win even when counting every page of this book, because some of these girls are big time scrappers!

Here are the rules (straight from Doris' blog post)

calvinball! are you in?

one more day!  are you in?
the rules:
1. the rules are subject to change at any time by anyone.
2. layouts = 1 point
3. the layout is the gold standard. all other projects are measured against the almighty layout.
4. smack talking is expected.
5. cheering on your teammates is also expected.
6. the reward is the huge feeling of accomplishment at the end of the month!

Anyway, I'll post this book in segments because I know it is huge!

Total in counting so far:
calvinscraps -18
calvinblogs - 1
calvinbonus -3
 +2.5 (+3 rounded) 1 point for each hour stayed up passed normal bedtime doing scrappy stuff.

+2 for Friday night same as above (using 2AM as normal bedtime)
+1 for eating cream cheese hamburger dip by the spoonful before bedtime last night.
-1 for the heart burn I got from eating that which caused me to stay up nearly all night.
-1 for almost throwing up and Greg running to get a trash bag in the middle of the night.
-1 (probably should be more) for missing church because had no sleep and stomach upset.
That brings me down to +3 points. I better get scrappin' & blogging! 

There really ought to be some kind of points involved for cleaning while doing Calvinball!  Seriously, I need some major credit for all the cleaning I've been doing!

Very tired tonight...I already turned off the pc once.  Then did dishes and turned it back on again. I've declared tomorrow cleaning day instead of a school day.  Pray that we all feel well and have energy to get some good work done.

Addendum:  Seriously, can I count? Obviously not at 3:30AM!  Usually 16,17 & 18 would follow 15 and not (12,13 & 14 again!) Geeesh!

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