Thursday, February 28, 2013

Science Museum and Super Cup II

Ashley was in another play recently.  It was absolutely amazing.  The story was about cancer and the children really pulled off this serious play.  On the last day of the performance "Bean" asked if Ashley could spend the night.  

They had a great time and ended the sleepover with an American Girl runway show.

Saturday the kids went to the Science museum for Engineer's Day.  For the most part they had to stay at their table and show everyone their robot for Lego League.  But when it was over they got to explore the museum a bit.

Aussie wanted to try this age progressive machine.  Unfortunately, something went wrong and his didn't turn out.  But the other two did it as well and the results were quite strange!

Ashley age 10
Take a look at the following pictures for the aging results.  I suppose we can look back later to see just how realistic it is.
Mason was super freaked out by his.
Mason age 10
I suppose the machine tells you not to smile because everyone who did it was not smiling.
 I personally enjoyed the solar system area.
I had to get a picture of Aussie by Saturn his favorite planet.
And I had to get Mason, my musical wonder, in the big guitar.
And of course I had to get Ashley with the super cool electricity ball.
This week has been crazy!  I've been having cold to the bone spells.  I had blood drawn to see what was going on figuring that it was either the onset of menopause or my thyroid messed up.  Well the blood results found everything to be normal.  So he decided to treat for an imaginary infection.  Well I did notice that some lumps under my armpit had re-appeared and I think that also went into his decision to put me on an antibiotic.  So I started the antibiotic over the weekend.  Sunday night/Monday morning I got sick. REAL SICK!  Most of it made it into a trash bag, that Greg graciously took out. I felt too sick to take care of the kids.  Greg went to work but came home at lunchtime to fix lunch for the kids and work from home. I was proud of myself though, because the kids actually did their schoolwork and came and checked on me before Greg got home. (Well at least they got most of it done- I found out today that some of that stuff didn't get done.)

Tuesday I was still weak.  But then I had a NEW problem.  UGH! UGH! UGH!  What sometimes comes with an antibiotic? A not so nice yeast infection! OUCH!  After getting medicine in me it has stopped hurting today.

I wasn't sure I was going to be ready to play today.  I had plans and wasn't ready to concede.  This morning I felt pretty good.  When I really started getting around and trying to get things into the car I got a little dizzy, but it went away quickly. 

So luckily I felt pretty good the rest of the day.  The kids and I went over to Doris's house.  The kids had a Nerf gun war.  Doris missed having her appetizers on Super Bowl Sunday, so today we had our 2nd anual Super Cup Day.  We made all kinds of appetizers.  I basically picked up most of the things I brought because I didn't think I could make anything homemade.  I didn't feel like going to the store until it was time to actually go to her house.  I meant to take pictures of the food but I didn't.  We had a cream cheese hamburger/sausage dip with tortilla chips, pizza pieces, fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese, Chick Fil A chicken nuggets, chicken wings, piggies in blankets, Sister Schubert rolls, and coctail weenies.

The kids played war for a good long time and Doris and I scrapbooked.  I don't get to work on my book very often, but I'm getting close to finishing my December book.  One important decision was made with it.  It is so large that I decided to stop at Christmas and not go to the end of December, which would include our vacation to Florida.  That would add SEVERAL more pages.  So I will have to scrapbook those into a separate book.

I so desperately wanted to work on my book tonight.  I need to print a few pictures.  So when I got home I attempted to print some pictures. Unfortunately, my printer is broken.  BooHoo! Not only could I not work on my book but now I'm going to have to buy another printer. Urgh!

It's so bizzarre.  I am not tired AT ALL and it is 2:16AM. How does that happen?  I suppose I need to force myself to go to bed.

Friday, February 01, 2013

It's a Snow Day!

Seriously I have no business blogging right now.  I am SO BUSY!  It's a really good busy though! I'm the photographer for the play Ashley is in.  The show is amazing and I'll have to explain it later because I am in the throws of editing, editing and even more editing!
But I wanted to stop just for a minute and blog about this morning.
I suppose I should start with last night and the fact for 2 nights in a row I stayed up until 5:30AM. (One due to tornadoes and the other due to editing pictures)
I was downright TIRED!
Anyway, last night it started to snow- REALLY BIG beautiful flakes! The ground was covered with snow within minutes. Usually, I LOVE my kids to go to tutorial. It means I get a little break without kids for a few hours. But being so very tired I wished for a snow day.
I REALLY wished for a snow day.  I got online and signed up for texts for school closings.  Our tutorial follows a  certain county, so if the county closes their schools then we do too.  I got a confirmation email that said I successfully signed up.  But I continued to look online for school closings which there were none at 1:30AM.  I was quite surprised because in Tennessee they close at the threat of a single snowflake.  Here we actually had snow on the ground and NOTHING was being reported!  So I actually watched the news.  I mean HEY I'm desperate!  I want to sleep in!  The news reported that the snow would not stick so there would be no school closings.  I was bummed.
I woke up to this:

A little frustrated that I didn't get a text saying our county had closed, I got everyone up and ready for school.  Either my alarm didn't come on or it did come on and I turned it off, either way I woke up having to leave in 15 minutes.  No time to check emails, Facebook, websites, TV or anything else.  We were rushing to get our stuff together and out the door.  I didn't receive a text so I assumed we still had school.

I was getting more aggravated by the minute.  My car doors were frozen shut.  We were able to get the driver door open.  So the kids climbed on my seat with their wet feet to get into the car.  The windshield wipers were frozen and wouldn't work. Last Friday they delayed school for 2 hours because of just a threat of snow and all it did was rain.  So for them not to close today just got on my nerves.

On our way to school we pass an elementary school.  I looked over and there was not a car in sight.  So I thought I would pull over and look up on my phone school closings.  We didn't get very far when I found out school was actually closed today.

But WHY didn't I get the text?  I got a confirmation email!  Upon investigation I found out the reason I didn't get the text.  !Ay Caramba! I put Greg's cell number when I signed up.  DUH!  It would help if I put MY phone number! Geeeeee!  Anyway, Greg got the text and assumed I forwarded it to him to let him know we would be at home.  It is corrected!  I went and changed the number, so hopefully next time I'll know before I even roll out of bed!

Ashley and Mason played out in the icy snow.  They attempted to jump on the trampoline.
They bundled up:
But didn't stay out there too long!  It was COLD!
I didn't go back to bed, but I did have time to edit more pictures and relax at home a bit.
They had another performance tonight and just when I thought I had all the pictures I needed, I got some super awesome shots tonight!  So I'll be up super late again tonight.  But I just might be done this time!